Inuyasha (2000) s01e41 Episode Script

Episode 41

Naraku Fifty years ago, in order to steal the Sacred Jewel Naraku tricked Inuyasha and Kikyo to battle each other.
Die, Inuyasha! Now he is gathering the Sacred Jewel fragments and his evil power is growing steadily.
Miroku has been cursed by Naraku with a Wind Tunnel in his right hand.
Wind Tunnel! One day, the Wind Tunnel will devour Miroku himself.
He must destroy Naraku before that happens.
Sango's father and fellow monster slayers were killed before her very eyes.
Naraku had resorted to the dirty trick - of using her brother Kohaku.
- Kohaku! He never dirties his hands a despicable coward! Someday, we'll get him! So you're saying that this Kagura was born from Naraku? I'm saying it's a possibility.
But Naraku is a man.
How can a man give birth to a woman? Naraku became one from a host of various monsters.
What if one of them became separated from him? I see She didn't know enough about us to be Naraku in disguise.
In any case, regardless of how a woman looks if she's basically made from Naraku, I'm not interested.
It's not like you're going to go out with her.
Miroku, get ahold of yourself! Fool! I can easily create wind! Take that! The Wind Scar! A woman with the same scent as Naraku.
For sure, she had a spider-shaped burn scar on her back the same as Naraku.
But it's strange.
For a woman, this Kagura was somewhat strong.
If he can create someone like that Uh-huh Why didn't he do it earlier? That's just it.
It's not that he didn't choose not to do it He couldn't do it, until now.
Does that mean Naraku has gotten new powers? Kagura, because you took Tetsusaiga's blows I was able to see the power of his sword.
Go now.
Once more.
Already your older sister, Kanna, has been dispatched.
Damn! Where'd that bitch go? She resisted the Young Lord of the Keeper of the Oil.
When you find that Koharu, beat her soundly! Yes, my lord! Oh what'll I do? Oh, who's that? - We found her! - There's Koharu! W-who are you?! That's my line.
You look like ordinary humans.
She's not Koharu! How pretty Bring her back.
Yes, sir! Come with us! If you resist, you'll get it! Oh no she's in danger! Wait! So you're their leader?! Young Lord! F-forgive us! Young Lord hang on! Huh?! The Young Lord's face is changed! What's with them?! Err Um You're the one they were after? Y-yes.
Sango? What's the matter? Master Miroku! It is you, Master Miroku! Master Miroku! Master Miroku! How I've longed to see you! Huh? Have we met before? I'm Koharu! Koharu? Oh that girl! It's been three years, Master Miroku! Oh you've changed so much! My goodness how nice to see you! Is she Miroku's friend? Seems closer than just a friend.
I agree.
Ilost my parents and siblings in the war.
The Keeper of the Oil took me in, but worked me night and day.
It was hard workand I was hungry.
I cried every single day.
Then Here, go on and eat.
Only Miroku who was in the village to perform an exorcism was kind to me.
You're Koharu, right? How old are you? Eleven! I see.
Listen, Koharu.
Will you bear my child? W-why're you pulling away from me? Miroku! How could you say such a thing to a child! You animal! I was so happy! Take responsibility! Yes But I didn't lay a hand on Koharu.
I hope not! She was still a child.
Back then, Master Miroku left the village right away.
I believed that he would come back for me.
I trusted him.
Recently though, the Young Lord of the Keeper of the Oil started looking at me strangely.
Last night, he tried to force himself on me.
And you escaped? Yes! I beat him up with the firewood and when he stopped moving l-I see Master Miroku, please take me! Koharu! I have nowhere to go! Besides, I'm an adult now.
I can bear your child.
She's younger than I am.
Girls of the Feudal Era are amazing.
Hope you understand, Miroku we can't take that girl.
Yes Still, we can't just abandon her.
Yes Until I find someplace safe for her to stay, I cannot leave.
I'll say after all, you even asked her to bear your child.
No I ask that of every girl I meet.
You never asked me.
I'm sorry, Sango! Will you Don't say another word! Master Miroku is your first love? Yes! I've never forgotten him for a moment! I knew we'd meet again That thought helped me get through even the toughest times.
First love, huh? I'm so fortunate.
I can die in peace! Oh, such a poor child.
Headman, do you think she can stay in this village? Of course! Leave it to me, Lord Monk.
I promise not to be a burden! So please! No! It's very dangerous to stay with us.
Just forget it and stay here.
It's better this way.
Yes, yes! Koharu I just spoke to the headman.
Master Miroku Koharu, come with me.
Master Miroku, we just met again.
And to be parted so soon Please understand, Koharu.
When it comes time to battle I'm not sure whether I'll be able to protect you.
The demon I seek is that formidable.
It's hard for me to say goodbye, too.
Is he trying to convince her? Seems more like he's seducing her.
Cripes, he's so touchy-feely! He's only making her more attached.
What? I may be imagining it, Sango but you've been awfully prickly.
You're imagining it! S-sango Master Miroku, please stay with me for one night, at least.
You heard Koharu.
Please stay the night.
No the longer we stay, the harder it will be on Koharu.
What's wrong with staying one more night with her? Koharu is new to this village.
I can't If reason gives way to passion and Koharu gets with child Koharu will be burdened for the rest of her life with my memory.
Reason gives way to passion? What does that mean, Miroku? Well You don't have to explain! Shippo is still a child! Crying I just can't stand tears.
Inuyasha Listen! We'll be leaving the village after dawn.
But remember, no tears tomorrow! Got that? Yes! Hmm ? Master Miroku, how is the bath water? Just right.
I'll do my very best and prepare the finest meal for you! Hmm I'm looking forward to it.
The stewed vegetables are delicious! Isn't it? How cute of Koharu.
She outdid herself to please Miroku with her cooking.
Inuyasha? We're surrounded.
Huh? The meal Koharu painstakingly prepared will go cold.
Hmm but it's strange.
I don't smell any demons.
In any case, let's go and check.
Kill them! Don't let them leave the village! Beat them to death! What's with these guys? Are they from the village? Are they being mind-controlled? Kill them! Why you! Inuyasha, they're mortals! I already know that! What's going on anyway?! So many of them.
I'd better go, too.
It's terrible! What's the matter, Koharu? A demon appeared and the headman and the others! What's this?! Headman! A demon did this? Koharu! What kind of demon was it? Well I just got a glimpse of it But why? Inuyasha didn't catch any scent of demon.
Is that it? Disappeared! Hiraikotsu! Sango! Shippo! Sango, are you all right? Kagome This girl is the demon? Koharu, what's the matter? I want your soul.
Inuyasha, hold back! The villagers are being controlled! Do not hurt them! I know that!! Still it'll never end like this! You guys are so dense.
Why don't you just kill them all? So that they'll never get up again.
Kagura! Not you again! Ha! I guess if you could kill them, you'd already have done it.
So you were the one controlling the villagers! Yes, it was me.
Humans without souls are as good as dead.
Without souls? Why around now, even that Kagome is having her soul sucked out.
What?! Does that mean there's another demon?! Now then, unsheathe that Tetsusaiga, Inuyasha.
This time it won't end like the last time.
Kagome What's the matter, Inuyasha? Got cold feet? Miroku, go back to Kagome and the others.
Inuyasha, what about you? Isn't it obvious? I'm gonna get rid of this wench! Dance of the Wind Swords! Go, Miroku! All right! It's too late! Thanks, Kirara! Koharu! Koharu, brace up! Koharu! Master Miroku, I was so scared! Don't be afraid.
You're okay now.
Hey! What're you doing to Kagome?! With his evil power increased, Naraku has created Kagura then Kanna, both of them are his offsprings.
In his palm glows a Sacred Jewel fragment that Kikyo has taken away from me! Why is it in Naraku's possession? Inuyasha unsheathes the Tetsusaiga in the wind created by Kagura! With Miroku's Wind Tunnel and my sacred arrow we shall finally destroy Naraku! Next on Inuyasha: "The Wind Scar Fails" Look forward to it!