Inuyasha (2000) s01e56 Episode Script

Episode 56

I'm Kagome Higurashi, a ninth grader.
My family are caretakers of a very old, historic shrine and I've led a very normal life.
But on my fifteenth birthday, I was dragged into the civil war period by a demon who suddenly appeared from the old shrine well.
Here, countless demons wishing to increase their power search for the Sacred Jewel.
This is where I met a half-demon named Inuyasha.
Inuyasha wants the Sacred Jewel to become a full-fledged demon Ever since, we've traveled together from place to place in search of Sacred Jewel Shards which are scattered throughout the country.
We've fought many demons in our search for the Sacred Jewel Shards, but we've also made friends along the way.
Shippo is a very cute fox demon child.
He always tries so hard and helps us with his fox magic.
Miroku is a monk.
His Wind Tunnel, inflicted on his palm by Naraku's curse, has the power to suck anything into it.
He's a dependable person, but Sango is the last survivor of a tribe of demon slayers.
Her mission is to destroy Naraku to avenge her tribe and so, she has been traveling with us.
The worst one is that Naraku! Without sullying his hands, he resorts to dirty tricks and sets sneaky traps A despicable beast! He's been steadily collecting the Shikon Jewel Shards, growing more and more powerful.
But we'll pool our strength together, and someday, we'll get rid of him! We'll seek out Naraku's castle and destroy him! Our journey continues! I'm so sorry to trouble you.
But I felt this sudden pain.
Don't mention it.
It's all part of a monk's duty.
Not again.
Yup, again.
How do you feel now? Thank you very much.
I feel much better.
But you shouldn't overexert yourself.
No, I'm fine now.
Really? Well, I'm glad then.
By the way Yes? Will you bear my child? Not again.
Yup, again.
I'll be off.
Take care.
Miroku Why do you always come on to pretty girls? It's just that I cannot ignore a girl in distress.
Hah! Anyway, we must hurry.
You're the one who kept us waiting! Thank you! Oh! Say, how about taking a short break? That sounds nice.
- Huh? - What? What's the matter, Miroku? My travel funds my money is gone.
What?! I'm sure I had it this morning.
It must've been that woman at the roadside! She was a pickpocket! What? No wonder she didn't go bonkers when you stroked her butt! What have I done?! C'mon! Let's go! Say! Where's Miroku? What happened to him? He was lagging behind a while ago.
Maybe he's depressed after getting robbed.
I'll go check.
Hmm What is it? No.
Ho I see.
We're all worried sick and we don't know what to do.
Well, there's no need to worry any longer.
What are you doing, Monk? Huh? Well nothing yet.
The men who went into the mountain haven't returned? We're sure they've been captured by demons.
Please help us! Saving people for free again? Come on, Inuyasha! Please! Please help us! Please save my husband! You have a husband, too? Yes.
I guess it's very lonely without your husband.
Oh please, Monk, lend us your power.
All right.
We shall go and free your men.
Thank you so much! Got that, Inuyasha? Well, I'm the one that has to deliver the finishing blow.
Now then, let us go.
Please be very careful.
According to rumors, the demon is a beautiful woman.
I shall go alone.
But why did Miroku go off by himself? He probably wants to be alone with the beautiful demon.
He never learns, does he? Sango, are you following him? Of course! Leave that womanizing monk and he'll be the one who gets bewitched.
Come on, Kirara! Say, Inuyasha.
Huh? I've been thinking I'm willing to bet that Sango has feelings for Miroku.
Huh? What're you saying? Haven't you noticed?! Huh? I sorta had an inkling.
Huh? You're so dense! Well You've seen how Sango gets upset when Miroku strokes her buns.
Listen Women are creatures that cherish mood.
What's "mood"? Huh? Err well Anyway, Sango likes Miroku! I wonder about that.
Hey! What're you sighing for? Nothing.
Do you get it? We're going to destroy a demon! I know.
According to the villagers, long ago, defeated soldiers escaped deep into this mountain.
And there was a princess among them.
But all the men who protected her died.
And eventually, the princess also died.
Oh? And her bitterness turned her into a demon? That's about it.
Hmm I guess that's how women are.
Huh? Well women certainly are persistent, prone to jealousy and bursts of anger, and hatred I've known so many like that.
You're so experienced.
However, even I don't know what kind of demon is created from the bitterness of a princess who dies a lonely death.
l just have to see with my own eyes.
Still, why decide to go alone? Well I have my reasons.
Can you see it, Sango? Huh? It's the entrance to the other side.
Furthermore, this barrier seems easy to enter, but difficult to exit.
Put it on.
It may prove helpful.
Let us go! Yes! Miroku! Easy to enter? You must've been kidding! Such strong resistance! Miroku! Miroku! Sango! Where are you, Sango? We've been separated.
A mansion? Who is there? Why are you here so deep in this mountain? A demon this girl? Well, whatever the reason, come to the house.
Miroku! Where are you?! Miroku! Demons?! People Old men all of them! Umm Old man Ehh? Say, old man! I ain't an old man! Y-You are old.
I ain't old! I ain't old either.
Ain't one either.
I ain't an old man! Ain't old! Ain't an old man! You're all not old? Miroku's the problem.
I wonder how he feels about Sango? Any woman will do for him.
But I think Sango is a special case.
Well, he does try to feel up Sango's butt often enough.
C'mon! I don't mean it like that! I'm tired of all this talk.
Huh? You're the men who disappeared from the village? What happened? It was like a dream I was lost and in trouble when the most beautiful princess appeared She brought me to a magnificent villa and I had such a grand time.
Grand time? It was grand Yeah It sure was grand.
Then when we snapped out of it, we were like this.
The demon sucked the life spirit, the youth, out of the men.
You survived the war? Yes And my vassals have all died.
I am alone and very lonely.
How tragic.
Monk Huh? I am unable to leave this place.
Will you spend at least the night with me? Is that your wish? Monk Please look into my eyes.
Anyway, when the princess gazed at you with those eyes I was mesmerized and nothing mattered anymore.
Kirara, you stay close to these people.
Cripes! That womanizing monk will fall right into her trap! Princess! Oh Monk! Miroku! Stay alive until I get there! Miroku! Why that! Wake up, you lecherous monk! A woman's voice?! Princess! Damn! Where are you?! You will not interfere! It cannot see me? All right! Wait, Sango! Miroku! Weren't you bewitched? Don't speak! If you remain quiet, it won't know where you are.
I see! It's the power of the beads that Miroku gave me.
But why isn't he destroying the demon? The true form of the demon is a female coyote.
Become part of my power! Miroku! Stay away! I wanted to take care of this quietly, but Princess! You'll have to endure a bit of pain.
Princess? Please bear it! A princess inside the demon? Princess! Princess! Damn monk! I shall show no mercy now! Princess! Give back the princess! Sango! Okay! Hiraikotsu! Why you! Where are you?! Where?! There you are! My power The demon power l gathered Miroku What's the meaning of this? I was very rough.
Monk You were alone for so long.
It must've been lonely.
Yes, because I was so weak-hearted, I fell victim to a demon.
You'll be all right now.
I'll take you to the village.
Thank you very much.
She disappeared.
That is her soul.
She died all alone.
Rather than bitterness it was loneliness that kept her from finding peace in death.
The demon coyote stole the princess' body and soul, then impersonated her to lure men and sucked out their youth to gain strength.
I've placed the princess' ashes in this grave.
If you offer prayers, I'm sure she will watch over the village.
Thank you so much! You brought our men back home to us! It was like a beautiful dream I'll say.
Miroku? Yes? Did something happen in that mountain? Sango has seemed awfully depressed since coming back.
Well I don't know what it could be.
I feel like such a fool.
Sango What's the matter? Miroku, you really didn't need me there.
No such thing! You're the one who destroyed the demon.
Only because you helped me.
No, I relied on your help.
Because I believed in your strength.
You're imagining things! Sango wouldn't fall in love with that lecher! Why not? Look at that mood! So what is "mood" anyway? Sango, you came because you were worried for my safety, right? Well that's of course, I was worried! When it comes to women, you don't discriminate.
I was sure you'd get into trouble.
Forgive me.
l just couldn't ignore a woman who might be grieving.
I'm not jealous or anything! That's what you call "mood.
" Mood! More than any woman Your concern for me makes me happiest.
Hey! What're you saying?! Oh no! What'll I do?! Go for it, Sango! Sango? That hand Why not touch my shoulders or somewhere more Don't you know anything else! Well She seemed to be silently begging me to touch her.
Miroku Rather than women themselves, you need to brush up on knowing women's feelings.
See? Didn't I tell you that you're all wrong? See? Boy, such a fool! Better fix it.
What?! Going back home again? Do you like "tests" that much, Kagome? Well, it can't be helped.
I have things I need to do.
What is this creepy-looking fruit? A fruit with a human face from Togenkyo?! Are you kidding?! Using humans to make anti-aging potions?! And you call yourself a sage?! Next on Inuyasha: "Fateful Night in Togenkyo, Part l" Damn! The moon is disappearing!