Inuyasha (2000) s01e57 Episode Script

Episode 57

I know this one! This one, too! I can solve them so easily! Hmm going at it, I see.
Well, well! Good work, Higurashi! Perfect score! Wow! Great! Getting into high school is a cinch! Congratulations, Kagome! Congratulations! Thank you! Thank you, everyone! This is not a dream! This is NOT a dream! It was a dream, after all.
What?! Going back home again? You don't have to yell.
Do you know how much trouble that is? I know! I know, but I have an important exam! "Exam"? What's that? An examination another word for test.
Not another"test"!! Please! Three days! I really need to review.
Things are so complicated for Kagome.
It'd be easier if she just stayed here all the time.
Three days? Do you like"test" that much? Are you kidding?! Sorry, but I'd like three days or so to go back to my village.
Back to your village?! You mean to the Demon Slayer's village? Yes I want to repair my Hiraikotsu.
I've used it an awful lot.
Dang it! Only three days then! Yes! That means I can go, right? Sorry about this.
I'll return to Kaede's in three days.
Let's go, Kirara! Oh well, I guess we get to take it easy for a while.
Hey, Miroku When Sango's here, you can't take it easy? Yes Err I didn't mean it like that! Inuyasha agreed so readily.
What're you looking at? Oh, nothing.
Then, let's go! Hey! Wait up! T-This should be safe enough Where are you going? Help me! After I made you an apprentice Sneaking away from training! You were suffering from exposure and hunger.
Then you were forced to fight in the war, but you didn't want to die like a worm.
You were the very one who said that to me! F-Forgive me! You were sick of the world! That's why I agreed to bring you here to Togenkyo to train to become a sage! Forget about becoming a sage! I've had enough of this frightening place! Such a fool! Such a heavy fog.
T-This is! What is this? What a creepy-looking fruit! That's a human-faced fruit! Human-faced fruit? What is that? Using humans as nourishment, a demon tree bears Ninmenka, fruits with human faces.
The Tree of the Human-faced Fruit? Yes.
But so many of them must mean that the tree is extremely large.
Hah! This is the Warring Age! If there's a battle, there's no shortage of dead bodies forfertilizer.
However Would there be a battle so deep in the mountains? You're right.
Okay then! Let's go investigate.
Huh? Weren't you going home? I'd be too worried to study.
And besides, the test is in three days.
Forget about taking a break.
Hey! Wait! Don't just ignore me! Stop dawdling! I'm in a hurry! Let's take care of this business quickly.
Dang! The demon tree is probably up there.
Above this cliff? Huh? Is that it? That's! I've never seen such a colossal human-faced fruit tree.
And this demonic aura Which means its consumed quite a lot of humans.
Awright! Inuyasha! What're you doing?! What else? I'm gonna chop down that tree! We'll go, too! Wait! The sun would set if I had to haul each of you up this cliff, too! But! Inuyasha intends to deal with it before the sun sets.
Huh? It's the first of the lunar month.
Lunar month? The night of the new moon! The night that Inuyasha loses his powers and becomes a mortal.
That's why Inuyasha was Damn! No Fruit of Longevity yet! Eating this is becoming boring.
Are you the one who planted this demon tree?! Humph what do you want? Damn I don't pick up any demonic scent from him, but he reeks of dead men.
What do you want with me? I ain't gonna waste time talking to you! But I'm gonna chop down that creepy tree! Stay away, otherwise Otherwise? I'll chop you up as well! Why that flabby punk! Tetsusaiga doesn't work on him! Then I'll go with the Wind Scar! My Wind Scar doesn't! Hah! Demon, huh? Fool! I don't know where you're from, but did you think you could defeat a sage? A sage?! Yes I am the Sage of Togenkyo- Tokajin! The gourd is getting bigger! Wrong! You're shrinking's all.
W-What?! My Tetsusaiga is! Damn! It's no illusion! Are you r-really a sage?! Stop making me repeat myself! If you're truly a sage, why'd you stoop to this?! Wanna go in? W-What?! This demon will make nice fertilizer.
Hang in there, Shippo! Just a bit more.
Shippo, I'm impressed.
You're quite strong, after all.
I'd forgotten all about it That tonight was a new moon.
When the sun sets, Inuyasha will turn human.
K-Kagome! Huh?! Sorry! Hang on! Huh? It seems like someone lives here.
T-That's What is it? A man! There are others! W-What IS this?! I dunno.
Do they live here? What are they? The Sacred Jewel Shards are growing! The box garden is getting bigger, too! That's not it We're shrinking! Where are we? They are the tiny men who were walking around earlier.
Which means We're in the box garden.
What?! What'll we do? Will we end up living here?! We must find a way out! I'm worried about Inuyasha.
And the Jewel Shards, too.
You're right.
But how?! I don't understand the situation.
For starters, let's talk to the men here.
Excuse me What are you all doing here? This isn't the real world.
Do you realize that? Please are you listening?! Don't interfere! We're in the midst of training.
Training? We are training in here to become sages.
Training to become sages? When we become as strong as sages, we'll be released from here and Master Tokajin will give us the Fruit of Longevity.
Tokajin? Is he the villain who put you in here? Master Tokajin rescued us from hunger and war! He is our saviour! Don't speak ill of him! Hmm no matter how I look at it, it's just a rusty, old sword.
But I know the sword transformed when that young kid hurled it.
Oh well That's right I dropped Tetsusaiga.
Being unable to transform into a demon shows how weak I've gotten.
But damn! What a place this is! Huh?! My robe of the fire-rat! I can't waste time in here! I guess I'll just have to claw my way out.
Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer! What?! I merely scratched it! Damn! If only I had Tetsusaiga, this would be a piece of cake! That punk! I'll teach 'im when I get outta here! Damn! Damn! My claws No! My power is disappearing! Huh?! What's that? Sacred Jewel Shards! Two of them! With just one shard, my body can deflect a sword! With this many, my body will be a metal armor! Damn! It's rising! If I don't' figure something out, I'll melt! Damn! What'll I do?! You can become a sage doing that? Well Mastering Sagery requires physical strength, but I believe spiritual prowess is critical.
You there You don't seem to be from the region.
Samurai? You seem to be different from the others here.
No I'm just like them.
I was among the vanquished and escaped into the valley, then was captured by Tokajin.
Aren't you going to train to become a sage? No Once you master even a tiny bit of Sagery, you become fodder for the Tree of the Human-faced Fruit.
Huh? I saw him Tokajin talking to the Tree! Tree of Human-faced Fruit! Isn't it time yet? When will you bear the Fruit of Longevity.
Not for a long while.
I need lots and lots more souls of sages! But There aren't that many sages.
Silence! You just do as I say! All right! But Tree, you are a nuisance! W- What?! I'll just remove this, so you can't talk! H- Hey! Stop! I'll wear it for you.
Don't worry, I'll bring you sage souls without fail.
Who's there?! Another vanquished soldier? Train hard, then come back! That's probably a Sacred Jewel Shard.
It's slight, but I definitely sense the presence of the Jewel.
But what an awful sage! I have heard that unless a man renounces the world and becomes a hermit, one cannot become a sage.
That's why these men cannot become sages.
Poormen They're training, only to end up as nourishment for the demon tree.
Those men turn deaf ears to me! Shall we talk to them, too? No, it'll serve no purpose.
There's no way out.
So it's useless.
No! There must be a way! There has to be a way out! Inuyasha please be well.
Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn! I can feel pain now.
That's why I hate being mortal! How can I get out of here?! My sheathe! Is calling Tetsusaiga! Tetsusaiga is close by! All right, I may be saved yet! Come! Tetsusaiga! I guess I'll go back.
Huh?! W-What?! That rusty sword! That's it, that's it! Good job! Now! What? I hope you're prepared to die! You're that demon kid! Of course! This is payback time! Oww, that hurt.
A Jewel Shard! Why you! You won't get away! Hey you Where'd you get that?! Couldn't possibly be! Kid! You're the one who'd better be ready to die! C-Come! The power of the Jewel Shard Perfect! How How can we get out of here? By now, Inuyasha is probably Kagome, it's no good.
There's no exit! No matter where we go, there are walls.
That can't be! It's useless.
It's either become a sage and get fed to the Tree of the Human-faced Fruit.
Or stay here and die.
Those are the only two choices.
That's! This is a place without dreams or hope! Oh if this is a dream, let me awaken! I can't stand this nightmare any longer! This is a dream just a dream! Shippo, pinch me! Owwee! It's not a dream! Inuyasha, it's the new moon and you've turned into a mortal.
There's no way you can beat that sage with creepy powers! Huh? You're sacrificing your life to save mine? Stupid! No, Inuyasha! Next on Inuyasha: "Fateful Night in Togenkyo, Part II" Daybreak! Hurry!