Inuyasha (2000) s01e61 Episode Script

Episode 61

Master! Master! Tsubaki, the Dark Priestess.
A priestess on the dark side specializing in curses.
Tsubaki who desires eternal youth agrees to lend Naraku her skills of malediction in exchange for the Sacred Jewel.
Using her messenger demon, Shikigami, she places a curse on me and takes control of my body.
The Shikon Jewel Shards have entered my body.
Kagome! G-get away What can I do?! Suffer Inuyasha.
Get away! Inuyasha! How interesting.
How does it feel, Inuyasha? To, once again, have the woman you love aim an arrow at you.
Inuyasha! K- Kikyo Why you! Just like the time Kikyo shot and killed you you can re-experience that moment 50 years ago, this time, through Kagome's hands.
Feel the pain to the fullest, Inuyasha! Damn! This is such a strong barrier.
Does that mean the Dark Priestess is inside? After coming all this way Miroku, can't we break the barrier? Kirara, go! I hate to admit it, but this barrier is too much for me.
Miroku, look! This is I can feel it This miasma full of evil.
Kikyo! What is she doing here? They are Inuyasha's friends.
What does that mean? What's going on inside? She went inside! Choose whichever you like, Inuyasha! Will you be killed by Kagome? Or will you run and save yourself? But if you run, Kagome will die From the curse of the Dark Priestess.
Please! Run! Kagome! You fool! As if I'd leave you and run! Kill Inuyasha! Inuyasha seems to have chosen death at the hands of the woman.
Naraku You are truly evil.
To make the reincarnation of Kikyo kill the man she loves yet again.
Kikyo?! You are? Kikyo appeared.
Kikyo? Don't underestimate the power of that priestess.
Are you sure that Tsubaki can manage? Let her.
There's time after we see what she's up to.
Kagome Kagome! Inu yasha Are you all right? Uh-huh The voice in my head is gone.
Kagome Take me! I can sense it! The presence of the Sacred Jewel! Kagome! Kagome! Don't try to get up! The voice stopped.
So this is my chance.
You're going to look for it? The Dark Priestess is dangerous! The curse isn't lifted yet.
I'll protect Kagome! Inuyasha! Will Kagome be all right? She seems to be in such pain.
She will be okay.
Kagome is a strong girl.
Besides, Inuyasha is with her.
Let us wait until they return safely.
Kagome, hang in there! She's desperately enduring the pain.
Inuyasha, do not let Kagome die! You must find a way to break the curse and save Kagome! Inuyasha I'm sorry.
You didn't shoot that arrow! Don't worry about it! Damn! The enemy is so close! Even while we waste time here, the Dark Priestess's curse is doing its evil.
If it lasts much longer, Kagome won't be able to endure it.
It may be difficult to break through this barrier, but it's better than doing nothing! Let's go, Miroku! Yes! Kirara! What's going on? This girl, Kagome Isn't she your reincarnation, Kikyo? Tsubaki So you've put a curse on Kagome.
It's useless with the power that you have.
Humph! Don't take me lightly, Kikyo.
I'm not the same person you defeated last time.
I don't even need to be told that.
A glance at you tells me everything.
Tsubaki, you sold your soul to a demon in exchange for youth.
For youth AND beauty.
Ahh this youth and beauty.
Someday, I shall lose them.
Is that the fate of one who is not a God? No If I can get a hold of the Sacred Jewel that Kikyo guards This beauty will be eternal.
Me? A human? You can become one! You are, after all, half-human.
In the hands of evil, the Sacred Jewel increases the power of evil.
But if it is used to make you human, the Jewel will be purified and eventually, disintegrate.
At that time, Kikyo What'll happen to you? I am the guardian of the Jewel.
If there is no Jewel, I become an ordinary woman.
I can defeat Kikyo now while she is infatuated with a half-demon! Arise, my Shikigami! Kill Kikyo and steal the Sacred Jewel! Now go! That day, fifty years ago Kikyo, you reversed the curse unto me! My face My face! I wasn't able to steal the Sacred Jewel from you.
But I linked up with demons, and gained eternal youth and beauty.
As well as demon power! How foolish! You should talk! How can you appear here looking exactly the same as before? Kikyo You! Dead souls? That body is neither mortal nor demon.
It's a fake.
Kikyo You are using dead souls, yet you dare lecture me? l just came here to ascertain the cause of the miasma.
I care not what happens to you.
It's coming closer.
Huh? What?! Inuyasha, why didn't you run away? I already told you! I wouldn't leave you! One wrong move And it would've ended up like the time with Kikyo.
Even if that did happen, I wouldn't have run! I'm gonna stay by you! So don't bring it up again! Inuyasha! Kagome! Inside that barrier is the enemy! The Sacred Jewel is being purified! Is this the work of that woman Kagome?! I told you, Tsubaki.
A curse by the likes of you won't work on Kagome.
Be quiet! You are to blame for appearing when unwanted! This barrier! This barrier! The barrier is broken! My barrier That's! Inuyasha! That Kagome! She missed! Kikyo! What are you doing?! What did you just say?! You tried to have Inuyasha killed by Kagome's arrow?! Humph! What's the matter, Kikyo? Some unpleasant memories maybe? Yes, I made Kagome shoot the arrow.
Kikyo In just the same way that you killed Inuyasha back then.
Huh?! Tsubaki I have no intention of interfering with whatever you do to Kagome.
However, if you ever harm Inuyasha I will personally kill you.
Why you! As if I would fear you! Heed my words.
It is no idle threat.
Inuyasha! Kagome! So you're here, too? Inside is the Sacred Jewel.
As well as the one who put the curse on me and manipulated me.
Are you the Dark Priestess? I am known as Tsubaki.
Are you Inuyasha Kikyo's lover? W-What! Tsubaki, where is Kikyo? I know she was in here! Kikyo? I saw her, too! I saw Kikyo coming here.
Humph! That woman! Inuyasha, she came to beg for your life.
Kikyo still has feelings for Inuyasha She borrows her body from dead souls She cannot come to terms with death because of her love for a man.
Miroku! Sango! Watch over Kagome! Are you all right, Kagome? Yes Hey you! You seem to know an awful lot about us.
On top of which, you used a dirty curse to manipulate Kagome to make her kill me.
I'll bet the one pulling the strings is Naraku! And what of it? Then, I won't stand for it! I'll kill you! Tetsusai! If you draw your sword, Kagome will die! Huh?! Fool! My curse has not been broken yet! As long as the Sacred Jewel is in my hand, Kagome's life is mine to control! Why that! Kagome! The evil is back.
That young twit She can't even thwart the Jewel's powers.
So silly.
The purification of the Jewel the breaking of the barrier It was all because Kikyo interfered and distracted my concentration on the curse.
A curse by the likes of you won't work on Kagome.
That Kikyo thinks quite highly of Kagome You dirty, conniving! I will do anything in order to possess the Sacred Jewel whole.
Inuyasha you will die first! That's! That woman! She harbors demons inside her body! Do not draw your sword, Inuyasha! If you do, I will curse Kagome to death! Fight miserably and be killed by my demons! It's so maddening! I must do something about this curse! Inuyasha is totally helpless like this! What can we do?! Do it! Kill her! Kagome! Kill him! Oh, demons within me! Iron-reaver Soul-stealer! Inuyasha Without your sword, you can do nothing! Let yourself become fodder for my demons! Inuyasha! Why you! It's so maddening.
I must do something about this curse! Who are you? Huh? What happened? Why am I back in the present? Where's Sango? And Miroku? Are you me? I'm As it is, you'll end up killing Inuyasha again.
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