Inuyasha (2000) s01e62 Episode Script

Episode 62

Iron-reaver, Soul-stealer! Inuyasha Inuyasha! Now do you understand?! Anything you do is useless.
Just lie quietly and become fodder! l just don't use Tetsusaiga, right? l just need one arm to deal with that disgusting demon! Hold your tongue! Blades of Blood! Don't get too cocky! Kagome! Kagome! Why you! Do not forget, Inuyasha.
I hold Kagome's life in my hand! Damn! What'm I gonna do?! What?! Kagome Are you in pain? I'm okay I'm okay, so Miroku.
We must help Inuyasha.
Otherwise, Kagome won't be able to hang on.
No Whether Inuyasha wins or loses, Tsubaki intends to kill Kagome.
But! Yes The only way is to break Tsubaki's curse.
Either we destroy Tsubaki, or we destroy her messenger demon spirit, Shikikami.
Before Kagome fell ill, she said she was bitten by something.
Yes, that was probably the messenger demon of the Dark Priestess.
It had to have been that snake.
Please help, Sango! Miroku! Hiraikotsu! Hah! Sutra exorcisms? Useless tricks! Fool! My curse cannot be broken! Shucks! Miroku! So stubborn If you resist me, Kagome's suffering will be prolonged.
Or, it's so easy to do Shall I send Kagome to the netherworld now? Kagome! Kagome! Hang on! Kagome! Kagome! Sango, I know.
I'll wake up in a minute.
Please wait.
What's this sound? So noisy Kagome Kagome Kagome! Huh? Someone's calling.
Who was that? Kagome! Wake up or you'll be late for school.
How long're you going to stay in bed? Where's Sango? Inuyasha? And Miroku Why am I back in this world? What're you mumbling about? Hurry and come down.
Don't you want breakfast? 'Morning, Sis.
Can't you at least say a morning greeting? 'Morning.
Say, when did I come back here? Here? Did you go somewhere? What're you saying? The otherworld Remember When I enter that old hidden well, I enter the civil war era where there are oodles of demons.
You went into that well? I've come and gone so many times already! Inuyasha came here, too.
Inuyasha? What is that? Have you forgotten Inuyasha?! Gramps, are you all right? Remember, the one that has dog ears.
Are YOU all right? Sis, maybe you should stay home from school today.
She's still half asleep.
Everyone This is! Sis, you'll be late.
What's going on?! Has everything been a dream?! What's the matter, Kagome? You look so depressed.
Well Have a problem? Like boyfriend trouble? Boyfriend? That's right! You remember my boyfriend, don't you? Of course! Yes! It wasn't a dream, after all! It's Hojo in Group B, right? No! Remember the jealous, rough, spoiled one Who's that? You were two-timing Hojo? N-No! Kagome, you sure go for it.
I don't understand, but I've suddenly been thrust back into my old life.
Higurashi! Yes! Read the next part.
Yes! Err What's wrong? I'm sorry.
Entrance exams are coming up soon.
Pay attention! Entrance exams Yes, I'm supposed to study for exams.
That's my real life.
That was my hope.
But Higurashi! Hojo! Here! I heard you were feeling down.
It's good for your health.
Step on it.
Uh-huh Something's different.
Like this is not right.
I want lots of children.
Oh stop! Grandma, buy me a sacred jewel keyholder.
The Sacred Jewel! Now then, the origin of the Sacred Jewel is said Let's go, Grandma! All right.
Oh, you're leaving? Buyo something's wrong with me.
So many things are going round and round in my head.
I feel like I was supposed to do something.
All the things I should remember are getting so mixed up.
I just have this feeling that what I'm doing now is wrong.
But what am I supposed to do? This pain that I feel sometimes I'm getting used to it.
And I don't worry about it much.
Who Who am I? And why am I here? What am I doing? Why am I so anxious? Why am I uncertain? What's wrong, Kagome? I'm sorry I'm sorry, Hojo! Kagome! All right! Next up! So, you've finally come.
Want to try? Huh? Isn't that why you're here? That target.
Aim well.
Your line is good.
Hit the mark! You have much to learn.
Your concentration is lacking.
Umm Who Who are you? Huh? Who are YOU? I Are you me? As it is, you'll end up killing Inuyasha yet again.
Inuyasha?! Kagome! Hang on, Kagome! Damn! l-Inuyasha! W-Wait! I must get out of this world! Wait, I said! Who are you? Now isn't the time This world is your world.
You have decided who you are.
So answer.
Who are you? Kagome Inuyasha Inuyasha! What!! You! Why can you still move?! Hey you! You're lacking in concentration! Humph! You've managed to endure my curse.
Well, I guess being Kikyo's reincarnation wasn't a lie, after all.
Although, if you were the REAL Kikyo, that arrow wouldn't have missed.
So you're just an imitation Kikyo.
You! Who are you? I AM Kagome! No one else! Silly fool! Rushing to your death.
Kagome! Kagome! Kagome! Kagome won't last like this! Kagome! Hang on for just a bit longer.
I can.
Kagome! I've had enough of you two! I'll never let her kill you! You're in the way, creep! Iron-reaver, Soul-stealer! This is it, Tsubaki! Well done, Inuyasha! All right! Too bad about that, Tsubaki.
You're so naïve.
Do you think the curse has been broken? What?! The curse still holds! She's not recovering even though the Shikikami has been destroyed.
Kagome will die.
And, so will you all.
She still had more demons inside her! Damn it to hell! Kirara! Stay by Kagome! Hiraikotsu! Shikikami! It couldn't be Damn! These demons were a diversion! Realized it only now! Too late! Shikikami! Bite off that woman's head and get the Sacred Jewel shards from her! Kagome! Damn! I won't make it! F-Forget it! I I I I I I won't lose to you! What?! She threw back Shikikami! She reversed the curse to me! Just like Kikyo did Just like that last time! Why must I be done in by that young twit? The Shikon Jewel is beginning to purify! The shards are out! Why you! She's getting away! Not from me! Hold it, you! W-What! Damn! She got away.
Kagome! Inu yasha You're gonna let it go The Sacred Jewel shard? I'll get it back right away.
Besides Besides? I must give the Dark Priestess a chance for revenge.
You're so kind.
My powers have waned.
No thanks to them the demons have all died.
I was so close! But as long as I have a Sacred Jewel this large I'll be able to increase my powers immensely.
Next time, I'll get you You shall pay, Inuyasha and Kagome! Kagome must be so tired.
Can't be helped.
She fought the spell for so long.
Hey! Inuyasha! Kagome! Sorry, Kagome.
All because you're with me It's all right.
I want to stay with you.
Is that true, Kagome? Does the Dark Priestess Tsubaki still possess the Sacred Jewel? That's no fun.
Who are they?! Tsubaki's helpers? But the Red Priestess and the White Priestess Looks so auspicious! What?! I'm tricking Kagome and Miroku and the others? That's a lie! Next on Inuyasha: "The Red and White Priestesses" I have to shape up!