Inuyasha (2000) s01e63 Episode Script

Episode 63

Why was I beaten? I won't lose to you! What?! Did I err somewhere? No, I've made no mistakes.
As long as I have this Sacred Jewel I will be able to start over and over again! Who's there?! Where do you think you are? If you are human, be gone! If you are a demon, we will slay you! Stand back! I am Priestess Tsubaki.
At one time, I trained at this shrine.
How nostalgic.
Nothing has changed much since those days.
My name is Momiji.
I am Botan.
Only you two protect this shrine now? We were Master's last disciples.
I see.
Priestess Tsubaki, you said you were Master's disciple, too.
Please pardon my rudeness, but how old are you? You look so young.
I am much older than you, of course.
But this is a result of my training.
Is there a skill to keep one young? If you continue your training, it will become possible.
It's not easy, though.
Priestess Tsubaki, why did you return to this shrine? I am being pursued by a demon.
Huh?! A demon? Now then, what shall I do with these two? Kill them off immediately? We will assist, Priestess Tsubaki! You are our sister disciple! Hmm I see After that time I was under a curse placed by the Dark Priestess Tsubaki.
Hey Feel all right? Yes, I'm okay.
Kagome? Kagome? Kagome! Kagome! Look! I'm all right! The sorceress who placed the curse is named Tsubaki.
Fifty years ago, she was a priestess equal in status to my sister, Kikyo.
Why did she turn into an evil priestess? I do not know.
Perhaps, the name is just a coincidence.
What's the matter? I sense the presence of the Sacred Jewel Shard.
Are you sure, Kagome? Yes, I feel it very distinctly.
It was a huge Shard.
And? Which way is it? That way.
We have no choice but to go.
Yes, in order to get the Sacred Jewel back, we must not miss this opportunity.
What, Kaede?! You mean to follow us? The enemy is a Dark Shrine Maiden! Isn't it better if I, a shrine maiden, came along? Are you a shrine MAIDEN even when you're old? Kagome! Inuyasha, sit! Arghh! Impudent fellow! Let us go! Let's go, Kirara! Hey, Inuyasha.
Why you! That way! Oh! Hey! Don't forget me! You learn quickly, Tsubaki.
Really, Master? Yes.
Humph! Sixty years have passed.
It's only natural that my teacher is dead.
Priestess Tsubaki! Special charms unique to this shrine would keep out any demons.
Where could they be? Please leave that to us, Priestess Tsubaki.
Even if we cannot slay them, we can at least hamper them.
Can you? The enemy is a terrible, evil demon.
- We have trained hard and long, too.
- It is our duty to fight demons.
Then I shall leave it to you.
Give me as much time as possible.
Yes! How's this, Momiji? I think this will do fine, Botan.
It's our first time.
All the more reason for just doing it! Yes! It's all part of training and experience, right? Onward! To slay the demon! You must never open these doors.
This is the forbidden Pagoda of Many Treasures.
Forbidden, huh? Why you! Naraku wants the Sacred Jewel back.
This belongs to me! Didn't he promise to give it to you, only IF you fulfilled his wish? I will fulfill his wish! By using this Sacred Jewel.
That Kagome and Inuyasha I'll kill them all! How? You lost to them once already.
There is power here.
Power that I can harvest with this Sacred Jewel.
Doesn't sound very hopeful at all.
Shall I tell you something very interesting? What is it? The ultimate way to use the Sacred Jewel.
Huh? Over there! What's the matter, Kirara? That's! What is it?! A barrier.
A barrier we put up to prevent demons from entering.
Is it Tsubaki's doing? I sense the Sacred Jewel beyond this barrier.
Damn! I'll tear apart this stupid barrier! Oww! What IS this?! Huh? Hey, this isn't the time to be playing.
It's a barrier against demons.
Just leave the barrier to Kaede and myself.
Uh-huh! So you appeared, Demon! We have been waiting for you! Are you Inuyasha, the demon who seeks to destroy Priestess Tsubaki? What?! Are you Tsubaki's cronies? Priestess Tsubaki is a sister disciple! It's only natural to be her ally! So you're Dark Priestesses, too? I won't spare you either, then.
D-Dark Priestesses?! How dare you insult us! So you aren't Dark Priestesses? Don't be ridiculous, Demon! I am Momiji! And I am Botan! We are priestesses who have trained hard in the art of slaying demons! Do not even mention us in the same breath as the Dark Priestess! They seem to be on the side of justice.
Aren't they Tsubaki's helpers? Now, now you two.
Just wait a minute.
Silence! From your appearance, you seem to be a monk! And you are demon slayer! And you - Look at those strange clothes! - But she seems to have power.
You must be a priestess! Well, I guess you could say that.
So why do you side with such demons?! You think I'm a demon, too? We haven't done anyone any harm! Huh?! What?! Oh, Momiji isn't he so cute? Uh-huh cute.
And so is that one.
What'll we do? What'll we do? What'll we do? They don't seem to be bad.
We have to convince them somehow.
Hello there, you two! We get it! Demon! You've disguised your appearance! By changing your disgusting looks, you may have deceived the rest of them.
But not us! We will not be fooled by what we see! Is it Is it my fault?! Stop acting so scared, Shippo! If they insist on interfering, we have to use force! Wait, Inuyasha! Let's try talking to them some more.
Let's go, Botan! Leave it to me, Momiji! Now now Miroku! - Why you! - When'd you! I will explain why we're with those demons.
It all started with the existence of the Sacred Jewel.
The demons coveted its power.
Why you! You've sold your soul to the demon! My hand My hand is possessed by the demon.
You're possessed by something else! What're you thinking?! Going off course like that! Err sorry about that.
l just Is Tsubaki over yonder? We will not let you pass! Go! What is this? Paper spirits, Shikikami.
It's a spell in which paper dolls are given souls which they control.
They're very weak.
We can't take them seriously, can we? I agree.
You're not bad, all of you.
That was just a red herring.
In order to get strands of your hair.
Huh?! They didn't! What is it, Kaede? You intend to transfer our bodies into those Shikikami.
Very clever, Demon! I am a priestess! Transfer our bodies? But whose? I don't know.
Whoever it is, I'll smash them apart! W-What is that? It can't be! I think it can.
Inuyasha!? I'm not like that! T-Then is that? It is.
It is! But Isn't that you, Kagome? No! I don't look like that! Pretty elaborate ceremony, huh? Is the seal that strong? This one is to open the door.
There are even stronger seals further in.
Botan, we did good! And they look cute, Momiji! Well? Are you shocked? It's not only shape and form.
Even the power has been transferred totally intact! It doesn't look like me! It's nothing like me! Go! Blasted tricks! Iron-reaver, Soul-stealer! Iron-reaver Soul-stealer! Don't get in the way, Kagome! Stop calling that THING my name! Damn! I know! If that Shikikami is supposed to be Inuyasha Sit! Kagome! What're you doing?! Sorry! Not all of the powers of the host seems to be transferable.
It's still just a fake! Although, I'm a bit jealous.
What's with that sword?! I'm coming! Kagome! Do something about that Kagome! Don't call it my name, I said! And why don't YOU do something about that Inuyasha!? That ain't me! Oh dear, I guess it can't be helped.
We'll take care of it.
Still I feel a bit hesitant.
Miroku, can you take care of"Kagome"? Don't call it Kagome! No, I'll take care of"Inuyasha.
" That's not me! I can fight "Inuyasha" without reservations.
What does that mean?! Well, just that Move! You guys! I'll get rid of them with my Wind Scar! On guard! M-My body! Well, Demon? We'll seal your movements! Shippo! Oh no! That cute little one is in pain, too! It can't be helped.
It's a demon, too.
Enough, you two! That demon is still moving! Go! We're going.
If you get in our way, we'll get rid of you, too! Hey! Stop already! We haven't done anything bad! Monk, let us subdue those two maidens first.
I guess we have no choice.
Do not interfere with us! Why you! Enough already! If you don't cut it out! Stubborn demon! We won't lose either! You there! Watch out! I'm free! Why you! Take that! No! How's that? They've just fainted.
Their lives aren't in danger.
And they don't seem to be hurt Owwee! What'll we do with these two? When they come to, will they attack us again? Tsubaki tricked them or sweet-talked them.
In any case, I think they'd understand if we explain it thoroughly.
And who's gonna take on such a silly task! Naturally, me! Huh? I will take them both in and explain in detail.
Shippo, will you stay with Miroku? Me? But what am I to do? All you have to do is keep an eye on Miroku.
Besides, it'll be easy for you to convince them that you're not a bad demon.
I must be strong and alert! Kirara, you stay, too.
Do as you please! I'm going after Tsubaki! Hey, Inuyasha! Wait until I bring down the barrier.
It will open soon.
Just what's inside there anyway? A demon.
lost many of his men and it was all he could do to seal it in the Pagoda This demon.
There's such a frightening demon inside? Generation after generation has taken turns making sure the door remained sealed.
Tsubaki, in time, you will be given this duty.
Yes, Master! You must never open it.
It is the forbidden Pagoda! The demon sealed inside this forbidden Pagoda is enormously strong.
However You intend to use the Sacred Jewel to make him heed your orders? Yes.
I'll use it! I don't intend it all to end yet! I can see something! I feel the Sacred Jewel just ahead! Is Tsubaki there?! W-What is this?! Inuyasha! Even the gate has a barrier! He's so reckless! Come on out, Tsubaki! Why? Why did I lose to Kikyo? What is that Pagoda? Did Tsubaki escape into that? What am I lacking?! That's Kagura! So Naraku and Tsubaki are in cahoots, after all! Oh demon! If you desire the Sacred Jewel, you must obey me! Next on Inuyasha: "The Forbidden Pagoda and the Giant Demon!" I will attain eternity!