Inuyasha (2000) s01e64 Episode Script

Episode 64

Come on out, Tsubaki! It IS that Tsubaki, after all.
Which Tsubaki? A priestess, 50 years ago, just like my sister, Kikyo.
Sister, who is that priestess? That is Tsubaki.
I never imagined she would turn to the Dark side.
Who cares about the past?! Where is she now?! What's the matter, Kagome? Way inside I sense the Sacred Jewel.
All right! But this area is What's the matter, Kaede? Stories have been passed down, that in this area a demon was sealed away.
A demon? That's! So it's appeared! Move, you! Hiraikotsu! You've come to? You are! Calm down! I don't intend to hurt you.
Just Just? Listen Will you bear my child? Well? Will you bear my child? Will just anyone do?! No, it's not that.
Oh, you're conscious.
You appeared, Demon! Stay away! You're mistaken! Shippo has taken care of you all this time.
This demon? I was ordered by Kagome and the others, not to touch you.
So Shippo has been taking care of you.
Maybe it was unnecessary.
He's not a bad demon? I never hurt humans.
Really? It can't be helped that priestesses like yourselves would consider all demons bad.
However What's the matter? - So cute!!! - What?! Tail! A tail! Ears, ears! M-Miroku! Hey, Miroku! Please help me! Just put up with it in order to prove that you're not a bad demon.
I'm so envious! However Why do you go after Priestess Tsubaki? Yes, isn't that Inuyasha a bad demon? Tsubaki tried to curse Kagome to death.
- Impossible! - That can't be! I don't know what Tsubaki has told you.
However, she is a dark priestess now, who curses people.
Hah! Some enemy! Yes, that Shikigami was not all that powerful.
Does that mean Tsubaki's power is weakening? But she has the Sacred Jewel.
She probably can't use it properly.
Let's go! Here? Uh-huh.
What is this pagoda? The place where you'll die.
Why, you Kagura! So Naraku and Tsubaki are in cahoots! Naraku's with her, huh? Couldn't be better! I'll kill you both along with Tsubaki! Not so fast.
Your fight's not with me.
l just came to witness your deaths.
No problem! This one's just another puppet! Inuyasha! Hah! I guess he can fight a little.
Then take this! Dance of Blades! I guess you're not just a witness! Hiraikotsu! Just to keep from getting bored.
Fujin! Inuyasha! Dance of the Dragon! Go my blades! Why, you! Here goes! Take this! Wind Scar! Next, it's your turn! Hold it! Tsubaki's first! Damn! Inuyasha, I sense the Sacred Jewel! There was a barrier here to keep something sealed within.
But the seal has been broken.
You mean the Shikikami earlier? A seal this strong isn't necessary for a Shikikami like that.
We'll find out inside! C'mon! Tsubaki is a Dark Priestess? I can't believe such a thing! You belong to the same shrine as Tsubaki, so I don't blame you for not believing.
So why not go and see for yourself? Let's hurry! Hang on tight.
He's having so much fun with this! Kirara, let's go! Open, oh demon gates! Come forth, oh golden god! You dared to seal me within! You shall not be forgiven! Never! I will give you power! I have the power of the Sacred Jewel here! Now, do you not desire this power? Give it to me! Give it! Give it to me! Demon! Demon power! This is amazing! So there you are, Tsubaki! It is you! I have been waiting.
We want the Sacred Jewel back.
Sacred Jewel? I see This is amazing! The Sacred Power is in Tsubaki's right eye.
Right eye? I never imagined it would be this powerful! If only this Jewel had become mine fifty years ago! Fifty years, you say? Tsubaki! What happened between you and Kikyo fifty years ago? Kikyo? You say Kikyo? Aghhh! It's all Kikyo's fault! That cold, smug priestess! Don't you say anything against Kikyo! Silence! Inuyasha! Inuyasha! So what's after the demon? Just what are you harboring in that right eye? Overflowing I'm overflowing with demon power! It's coursing throughout my body! Demon? What happened to the pagoda? Impossible! The forbidden pagoda gates can't be open! Forbidden? But who? What's that?! It's! Inuyasha! This is the power of the Sacred Jewel! This is the power of the demon! What's the matter? Does my power make you speechless? The seal has been broken! That's Tsubaki! She couldn't have broken the seal! With this power, I shall have eternal life! Stay back! This power is amazing! Inuyasha! Why, you! Damn! It countered Tetsusaiga's thrust! It won't work! It won't work! Don't act so smug! Take my Wind Scar! Why, you! My Wind Scar didn't work! You fool! Inuyasha! That leaves my Wind Tunnel! Why, that! You may be Kikyo's reincarnation, but you're nothing much.
Kikyo was just a priestess who wasted the power of the Sacred Jewel! What are you saying?! I, Tsubaki, am the perfect match for the Sacred Jewel.
Sister, what is that? The Sacred Jewel.
I have been entrusted with the duty to keep the Jewel clean and pure.
Fifty years have passed.
And at last, the power of the Sacred Jewel is mine! Why, you! You won't get your way! Hiraikotsu! More! Even more! The Sacred Jewel can take on even more power! There are countless demons who desire the power of this Jewel! I will devour them all and I will grasp power and eternal life! She intends to use the power of the Sacred Jewel to consume the power of demons.
I won't let her! Half-demon, you will also become mine! What?! Inuyasha, aren't you the one? Who made Kikyo lose her heart? Why, you! The half-demon that Kikyo could not have I shall devour whole! Now then, give up your heart to the Sacred Jewel! This power Why, half-demon! Why do you not give yourself up to the Power? Because you make the Sacred Jewel filthy! Which Kikyo never did! How dare you! Inuyasha! I gave up everything in order to posses the Sacred Jewel! Wait, Tsubaki! Wait! No, Master! I am not satisfied! Why did you entrust the Sacred Jewel to Kikyo and not me?! Well Why can't it be me? Tsubaki! I, Tsubaki, will not take second place to Kikyo! Know the wrath of my power! This is bad! Inuyasha! You're too easy! That miasma will be your downfall! Take this! Backlash Wave! The demon!? The demon is disappearing! Why?! Not yet! As long as I possess the Sacred Jewel! My Sacred Jewel! You won't get away! Why, you! Hold it! So long.
Damn! Damn it! My youth is being sucked out of me.
I can't hang on to my youth! She aged so suddenly.
Tsubaki has lost the demon powers as well as the power of the Sacred Jewel.
She has no choice but to go back to her original form.
Oh, where did I go wrong? Was it that half-demon? Or that Kagome? Or was it because I accepted Naraku's offer? Where did I? Tsubaki! I will not take second place to Kikyo! I should have the Sacred Jewel, not Kikyo! I, Tsubaki! I, Tsubaki, am the ultimate priestess! It's the end of the Dark Priestess.
Tsubaki Please forgive us for our errors.
Don't worry about it.
It wasn't your fault.
So then Take care, Shippo.
You, too.
It turns out that we were victims of Naraku's treachery.
Who? Tsubaki as well as us.
And the Sacred Jewel is still in Naraku's hands.
I'll get it back without fail! Yes, you're right, Inuyasha.
I'm so tired.
Shall we return? What's the matter, Inuyasha? It's nothing.
Just my imagination.
Tsubaki was so obsessed with the Sacred Jewel But there was no way she would win Obsessed Who am I to talk? What's the matter, Myoga? You usually try to avoid us, but today, you've actually come to us! Miroku is attacking Sango! What's going on?! Even Inuyasha is acting funny! Could this be the curse of the giant centipede? Next on Inuyasha: "Farewell Days of My Youth!" Whose youth anyway?