Inuyasha (2000) s01e71 Episode Script

Episode 71

Isn't there a way to destroy him?! Why, that! I'm getting used to this body! Inuyasha! Above you! Inuyasha! What's the matter, Inuyasha? Can't move? Shaddup! Why, you! Inuyasha! This time, I'll shred you into bits! Inuyasha! Now come.
Why, you! Don't act too cocky! Wind Scar! Damn not dead yet? This will never end.
Huh? What's that? A spider.
He's transforming again.
What's his body made of, anyway? Naraku is basically a collection of demons bonded into one by Onigumo the bandit.
If Muso was created from Naraku's flesh Then at that same time, several of those demons were released? Is he different from us? Is he something special? Even to Naraku? But why is Muso able to regenerate? Is he immortal? Why, you! I told you it's useless.
You bastard! I can't watch! Isn't there anything we can do?! Inuyasha is getting tired.
Which is to be expected from using the Wind Scar so many times.
He's also withstood Muso's vicious attacks.
If this continues Look at you, Inuyasha! Had enough already? Inuyasha, use the Backlash Wave! Use the Backlash Wave to blow him to bits! Shaddup! If I thought it'd work, I'd've used it long ago! What? You can't use it? The Backlash Wave utilizes the enemy's ghostly aura.
Muso doesn't have that, so it's useless.
Wind Scar is the answer! Inuyasha! Miroku! Use Wind Scar one more time to blow Muso away! No need to tell me that! Wind Scar! Well?! Damn! Not again! Even if I keep at it, this is hopeless! Inuyasha! Muso's tentacles accumulate towards the spider marks.
What marks? Look you can see the spider scar.
Muso gathers his parts towards that scar to regenerate.
That scar was pulsating.
Most probably, that is where his heart is.
I get it.
It's worth a try to aim for that.
It's useless, Inuyasha.
You're starting to breathe pretty hard.
The track of the Wind Scar that leads to Muso I'll use it to make sure it strikes straight on Die! into his heart! Go! Fujin! Kagura! Did it work? No.
Kagura used her Fujin to divert my Wind Scar from striking Muso's heart.
But now it's clear at least.
Muso's weakness is his heart.
Damn! And he's not gonna hide it either.
After'em, Miroku! Sango, protect Kagome and the others.
Understood! Don't worry.
I'll protect them! Why would the Bandit Onigumo come alive now? I don't think Muso is just another one of Naraku's creations.
I agree.
Muso has Onigumo's heart.
But don't you think it's strange? Huh? Why would Naraku let Muso Naraku tried to get rid of Onigumo's heart because it still has feelings for Kikyo.
Then he would try to destroy Kikyo's dead spirit.
For Naraku, Onigumo was a liability.
Isn't that why he cast Onigumo out of his body? Yet Naraku is using Kagura and the toxic wasps to protect Muso.
What's going on? He's created others before, then cast them out after using them.
Does it mean that Naraku still needs Onigumo? Damn that Inuyasha! I almost killed him, too.
Where am I anyway? Onigumo No, I should call you Muso.
Imagine confronting each other like this.
You're Naraku? Are you Naraku?! Did you enjoy the outside world after fifty years' absence? Fifty years? Did you say fifty years?! Muso, come back inside me once more.
You've gotta be joking.
Don't think I want you inside me any longer than necessary.
However, you were released too early.
Too early?! How dare you say that after keeping me locked up for fifty years! It must have felt like a second to you.
I remember now! You're the one who killed Kikyo fifty years ago! Your perverted greed lured the demons.
And those demons which devoured your flesh wanted to kill Kikyo.
Wasn't that you!? That was not me.
I am Naraku.
You should know that.
Shut up! All I wanted was to make Kikyo mine! Damn! Kikyo was resurrected.
Looking exactly the same as before.
What? Although, she's not exactly the same.
Kikyo is alive? Want her? Where is she? Where is Kikyo?! I cannot grant your wish.
Come back, Muso.
As if I would! This time, I'll make Kikyo mine! Give it up.
You persistent bastard! Just leave me alone! I cannot.
Muso is trying to escape from Naraku's clutches? Is he planning to defy Naraku? I get it! Naraku doesn't control Muso's life! So that's the difference between him and me.
You will return to my body.
What's going on, Naraku?! Inuyasha You have no use for Onigumo's human heart.
So you dug him out of your flesh and cast him out! So why're you trying to take him back? I thought Muso would be able to kill you, but I was wrong.
That's why I'm taking him back.
That's all.
I don't think so.
Something very precious got mixed in and was released with Muso.
Otherwise, you wouldn't try to take back Onigumo's heart which you purposely threw out.
Oh? Inuyasha, you actually use that brain of yours sometimes? What will you do? I can destroy Muso anytime.
I'll take care of you first! Is he serious? Damn! Why, you! Die! What're you doing, Kagura? Go after Muso.
Don't let him get away.
Muso and I were both created from Naraku's flesh.
I act according to Naraku's wishes.
But Muso is escaping That guy! On guard! Inuyasha! You're late! W-Why is Naraku here?! He's trying to take Muso back.
I'll bet releasing Muso made you weak, huh? Isn't that so, Naraku?! Die! Don't underestimate me, Inuyasha.
You're nothing Muso! It can't be! He killed Naraku?! He did it! He killed Naraku! Fool! You didn't think I'd let you go! My arm's being absorbed! You saved me trouble, Muso.
I need you.
Why, you! My body won't listen to me! Lemme go! Lemme go! Is that my fate, too? If I defy him? Damn! Lemme see Kikyo! Kikyo! Kikyo! Kikyo! Kikyo! Kikyo! This bitterness This greed.
You must give it up, Muso.
Kikyo is just like you.
Made of clay and bones.
And her soul just a phantom of the past.
He absorbed Muso! I need Onigumo as a link for my body.
Your guess was quite accurate.
Link? Then let me ask you.
Once more, you've swallowed Onigumo's heart.
Does that make you a half-demon? Why ask me that? Awhile back, the barrier around your castle weakened.
Inuyasha, Koga Anyone with a keen scent could find it.
That wasn't on purpose.
What is Miroku trying to find out? I see, Priest.
You think that even I, Naraku, have periods of weakness? Like all half-demons.
I know that your powers had weakened that time.
W-What?! But when that occurs is a half-demon's deepest secret.
Inuyasha, what about you? What?! Do you, like other half-demons, lose your powers and hide in fear of your enemies during such times? W-Why, you! Judging from what Naraku just said, Kagura hasn't told him that Inuyasha's night of weakness is during the new moon.
Monk As you surmised, I have periods when I cannot move.
However, I can choose my time, by my own will.
What?! As if you can do such a thing! You, borne from a human and a demon, and I, Naraku, are vastly different.
Don't you agree, Kagura? Naraku's appearance that time It looked like he was reconstructing his body.
During that time, I experiment.
And what is strong, I make stronger.
And what is weak, I cast out and become even stronger.
He can reconstruct his own body? You! No mistake, I am a half-demon right now.
But I don't lose my powers and cower in fear like some other pitiful half-demons! Hah! Well, you sure rambled on and on.
I'll make you shut up now! Die! W-What?! A barrier? It won't hold me back! Wind Scar! The Wind Scar doesn't work.
Naraku's barriers haven't been as strong as this! I told you.
I continue to grow in power.
Get back, Inuyasha! A miasma! Damn! It seems Naraku was speaking the truth.
I turn into a weak human on the night of the new moon.
But Naraku's different? Yes If Naraku is able to reconstruct himself and get stronger This is very bad.
Huh? What an eerie wind.
Naraku You don't have to tell me.
Um, Kikyo Don't worry.
It's nothing.
What?! Naraku's barrier withstood the Wind Scar? Hah! It's certain that Naraku is becoming stronger.
On top of that, he's a half-demon, but he's different from Inuyasha who loses his powers during the new moon.
Instead, Naraku says he can choose his day.
So we can't tell when Naraku's powers will be weakened? Yes.
If we only knew when Naraku was powerless I thought we'd be able to defeat him.
Hah! Why's everyone so serious? We know that Naraku does have a night of weakness.
l just have to get stronger than him, is all.
Just leave it to me! Inuyasha? Sometimes, you're very positive.
Sometimes?! Does he think he's always positive? I dunno.
Oh, no.
I forgot my things! Things? By the well.
I have to go get them.
Wow! What's the matter? It's so beautiful! Nothing special about stars.
In the other dimension, you never see it this pretty.
Really? I know.
I am Kikyo, and yet not Kikyo.
That's why I resisted.
Yet, why? Why does my heart yearn so much? Inuyasha Which does my heart wish for? Listen, listen, Shippo! Inuyasha headed out alone to see Old Totosai! Totosai is the one who forged Tetsusaiga! Inuyasha wants to learn a technique to break through Naraku's barrier.
Huh?! Inuyasha's a fool! It won't be so easy! I know.
Old Totosai he'll make it impossible for Inuyasha! Next on Inuyasha: "Totosai's Rigid Training! What?! Inuyasha has a fellow trainee who's his superior?!