Inuyasha (2000) s01e72 Episode Script

Episode 72

All right! I'm off! Okay! Hurry back! And don't forget the ninja treats.
Did you see Inuyasha? Inuyasha left on Kirara early in the morning.
I think he went quite far.
Uh-huh there's one place I can think of.
Where? The only one who knows Tetsusaiga's true power is the one who forged it.
You mean, Old Totosai? He really intends to break through Naraku's barrier.
To that old man's place? Totosai! You would know a way to break through any barrier however strong it is.
However strong, huh? It's not like there isn't a way Or that there is a way.
Which is it?! I have to get stronger when Naraku's out of commission! Oh, it itches! That's right.
I haven't bathed in a week.
Totosai! I doubt he's gonna tell me so easily.
I have to be patient and coax it outta him.
Please! Oh it itches! My back, too.
Totosai! I know it's difficult! But I need you to teach me how to break the barrier! Boy, I need I need a bath! Isn't there some way I can train?! A bath in order to get a bath ready Oh, I have to get the water.
Get water? But that's so hard.
To haul enough water from the river at the bottom of the valley to fill the tub.
Then cut all the wood out back into firewood.
Such humbug.
Getting a bath for one as old as I is such a chore.
Cutting wood? Is that training? Training? Master! Huh?! Oh, you're here again.
Master, I will not go away today.
Who's this fox demon? Wrong! I'm a Lynx Demon.
I've asked Master Totosai to train me.
Train? I want Master Totosai to train me so I can break the barrier.
Err I'm itchy.
I can use them.
Ahem! You two I want you to fetch some water and cut some wood.
I knew it! That's special training! You know nothing! Fetching water builds up essential muscles.
And cutting wood improves your fighting posture.
And heating the bath water builds up your lungs.
Every task has a meaning.
Pa told me that's been the tradition on the continent for four thousand years.
I see! So you're willing to teach me how to break the barrier! No, l just wanted to Take a bath Why didn't you say so earlier? Totosai, I guess you need strength to learn this special technique, huh? All right, then.
I'll stay and train.
Wait a minute! I've been staying in that hut over yonder for ten days! I'm the senior apprentice! Senior apprentice? Don't you know? In the human world, there's an apprenticeship system! The one who came first is the senior apprentice.
Don't dawdle and follow me! What?! Hurry! Junior apprentice! Hah! Ridiculous! Hurry and follow me! Shaddup! I'm coming! They're under the wrong impression But I think I'm going to get my bath.
I left without saying a word to Kagome and the others.
It's gonna take more time than I expected.
Hey Meow! That's impossible for you.
I'm not "Meow"! I'm Bunza! Okay then, Bunza.
Don't overdo it.
Shut up! I'm gonna train harder than you, and have the Master teach me the method first! What's with you? Why do you need to learn the method so badly? Cripes! Hey lemme go! I said lemme go, Junior! This isn't training! Lemme go! Just lemme go! Are you listening?! I said don't overdo it! But I must learn the technique! Watch out, fool! You rest! That's not training.
Damn! You're such a handful! You're burning up! What? You haven't even eaten? S-Sorry And you've stayed here in this hut for ten days? No wonder you got sick.
I m-must train and learn the technique to break the barrier.
First, get well.
I'll bring you something good to eat later.
Why? Why are you so kind? Well there's a kid about your age among my companions.
What's the matter, Shippo? I think I caught a cold.
Maybe someone's gossiping about you.
This is great for building up the lungs.
Hmm such a nice bath! Hey! Tell me if there's any other way to train! I'll do anything if it's to master the technique.
Train? Hey, you! Huh? Is it true that you're making Inuyasha train? Well, actually I wanted to take a bath.
When one is old, fetching water is so difficult.
When I mentioned it, before I knew it, he decided it was training! He's the one who jumped to the wrong conclusions.
I've never seen Inuyasha looking so earnest.
If he learns the truth, I fear what will happen! What?! All you wanted was bath water?! How frightening! It's making me shiver with fear! Oh I'm getting chicken skin.
Huh? I came to wash your back.
If you're cold, I'd better burn more wood.
Here, have mine.
You sure? You're sick.
Don't question! Sorry.
Why do you want to train? Well, you don't have to talk if you don't feel like it.
A demon named Nanafushi took over the mountain where we, the Lynx Demon tribe, lived.
And he built a barrier around it.
We weren't able to go into the mountain, couldn't gather food our entire lives were disrupted.
According to Pa, who's the tribe leader, only Totosai can make a weapon that would break the barrier.
And Totosai would know a special technique.
But Totosai is an old eccentric, who refuses to teach just anyone.
The members of the tribe are beginning to turn their backs on Pa.
I I'm so mad! I want everyone to recognize Pa as their leader once more! For Pa's sake, I must learn and master the technique! That's! Torako! Is that you, Torako? Why've you come here? What?! Huh? What's wrong, Bunza? Pa went to get Nanafushi! He went inside the barrier to take back the mountain even if he doesn't know the technique! Bunza! Pa! Pa! Huh? I sensed something just now Huh? Sensed something? Hey! Did Bunza come this way? Huh? Oh, that may've been Bunza just now.
Which way'd he go? Atta way.
That Bunza! I'm not itchy at all.
Is it this way, Torako? There! Bunza! Bunza! Inuyasha? We'll go together! I'll help.
I refuse! Why? He's my Pa! I'll rescue him myself.
It's got nothing to do with you.
You're under no obligation to help.
Cut it out! Didn't you say we were brother apprentices?! The senior apprentice and the junior.
Isn't that connection enough to help? Well, ain't it?! Pa! Wait! Your Pa's inside the barrier! Huh? You're right! But how'd he get inside the barrier? Nanafushi opened the barrier so he could kill Pa! Pa knew it was a trap! Still, in order to save the others He chose to fight as the leader of the Lynx tribe! Wait! I'll go.
He's my father! It's a son's duty to save his father! Then I'm coming along as your junior! That okay, senior? Yeah Brother.
Your father's okay.
We made it in time to save him.
Hey! Don't be hasty! It didn't work! It didn't work at all.
I'm no good! No such thing.
Your attack has Nanafushi scared.
It's him! He's coming! Quit hiding and come on out! Awright perfect.
Taking up the safe spot all for yourself.
You've got some nerve! Wow! It was a short time, but I'll see what my training with Totosai yields.
My training with you.
Although it was for just a day.
But I'll put it all into this sword! Do it, Brother! Gotcha! Wind Scar! You did it! Oh-oh-oh! Why, you! Not giving up? That's fun.
Take this! Amazing! It it was Master Totosai's training, after all.
I guess! I kinda feel like I'm stronger than before.
Keep up with your training! Yeah! You too.
You've saved your Pa.
Now train to become the leader of your tribe! We'll meet again, won't we? Yeah! Come see us Brother! Oh, Inuyasha? Where've you been? Well just out.
But listen, your training worked.
I'm stronger.
Huh? Sorry I made you do those things.
Those things? Hmm It's hard to say But you mistakenly thought that you would become stronger.
And if you had gone in search of Naraku's barrier, you may've been in grave danger And so, that's So what? Well, there's no way you've gotten stronger T-Then the training?! l just wanted to take a bath.
Huh? Yes, yes! You jumped to conclusions yet again.
You see, I haven't bathed in a while Eek! What?! There's no technique to break Naraku's barrier? Well, it's not as though there isn't And it's not as though there is He's so useless! I was just going to tell him! He's so rash! What do you mean? Well, he had labored hard and persevered.
I thought I'd teach him the method to become stronger to enable him to break the barrier.
Is it THAT method? Uh-huh.
Can you tell Inuyasha about it? All right.
Still Be thankful you ended up with just one lump on your head.
I was away a whole night without telling them.
I guess everyone's worried.
Hey! I'm back.
Sorry I worried you.
Ninja food is always so delicious! This flavor, we just can't duplicate it.
Where's mine?! You weren't here, so I ate them.
What?! That's mine! Inuyasha! Sit! Cripes! I brought you special treats.
It's your fault for not being here! Why, you! Can't you be more concerned?! You're so hopeless.
I'll share just a little.
Shaddup! It controls the seas and hunts down humans and demons.
That's the Demon Bat? Yes and if he destroys it, Tetsusaiga will gain the power to break the barrier.
But there's a problem.
A half-demon, one just like Master Inuyasha, protects the barrier.
But she's a girl so I don't know if Inuyasha can willingly kill her.
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