Inuyasha (2000) s01e73 Episode Script

Episode 73

So you've brought her.
K-Kagome I did it! I win.
Banzai! - Banzai! - Wrong one You're really good, Kagome.
Miroku, I'm disappointed in you.
These karuta cards are so fascinating.
They're not karuta.
We call it trumps.
(playing cards) Torampu? Trumps.
Cut out the racket! Can't you play quietly? Say Inuyasha, come and join us.
Not interested! Why's he so angry? He's in a bad mood.
Inuyasha! Sulking won't make Tetsusaiga any stronger.
Shaddup! I'm not! Naraku's barrier Until he's able to break the barrier, we can't even touch Naraku.
Wind Scar! The Wind Scar had no effect.
I told you I continue to grow stronger.
It's a problem, all right.
Hah! No need to worry.
I'll take care of it! What'll you do? Have you any ideas? Knew it! You haven't got a clue! Shouldn't have gotten my hopes up.
Hey you guys! Leave it to me.
Huh? Inuyasha! Old Myoga I know how to handle Naraku's barrier.
You know something? I hurried over just to tell you.
Tell me! And I'll let you suck all the blood you want outta Kagome.
Why me?! This is no time for jokes, Inuyasha.
You must go immediately to the nest of the Demon Bats.
Demon Bats? Near a village on the western shores is the nest of the Demon Bat Tribe.
The nest is protected by an impenetrable barrier and no one is able to destroy them.
The guardianship of the barrier is passed down from generation to generation.
You must kill this guardian demon.
To put it plainly, kill the demon guardian who has the power to put up this barrier and let Tetsusaiga absorb its blood.
By killing a strong opponent, Tetsusaiga will synergize his power? And make Tetsusaiga stronger? Exactly.
Now then.
Kagome, your blood Awright then, let's go! Demon-hunting, huh? If that's all it takes to make Tetsusaiga stronger, I'll kill a hundred, even a thousand of 'em! You lied to us! You said if you gave your daughter to them, Our village wouldn't be attacked! Well?! More villagers have been killed! That's not what you promised! Why'd they attack us?! She's probably one of them one of those Demon Bats! Yeah! Show no mercy! Let her have it! H-Huh? W-Who're you?! You mentioned Demon Bats just now.
Tell me where their nest is.
Are you all right? How dare you attack a woman like that!? As if we would know where the nest is! Ask that woman! She's a rotten bitch who calls herself human, but bore the child of a Demon Bat! The child of a demon? Why do you want to know where the nest is? Well I'm gonna destroy them.
Huh? Wait a minute, Inuyasha.
You said you gave your child to the Demon Bats.
What does that mean? The Demon Bats have always lived in this region.
They prey on humans and animals and suck out their blood they're frightening demons.
But Tsukuyomaru My daughter's father, Tsukuyomaru, was different.
He did not kill humans.
And after Shiori was born, I don't know if he convinced the other Demon Bats, but they stopped attacking Our village.
Yes, Our village was at peace.
Was? Tsukuyomaru died.
And there was no one to stop them.
Aghh! The Demon Bats! Soon after, Tsukuyomaru's father, Taigokumaru, who is Shiori's grandfather, came to see me.
If I handed Shiori over to him, he promised to leave our village alone.
Taigokumaru and Tsukuyomaru were guardians of the barrier, a duty passed down from generation to generation.
And Shiori, as Tsukuyomaru's daughter, was needed to carry on the work.
Why did it have to be Shiori? If this Taigokumaru had the guardian power Power wanes.
And once one passes on his duty, he loses the power.
In other words, Shiori is the only one remaining who has the power to protect the barrier? Hah! Hah! Demon child! Half-demon! Half-demon! I'm home, Mommy.
Shiori! How'd you get those scratches on your face? It's nothing.
I just fell.
What's the matter? I just fell, I said.
I'm so sorry! I agonized over this, but in the end, I gave up my Shiori to Taigokumaru.
So you've brought her.
As I promised.
In return, never attack Our village again! Yes, I give you my word.
Now Shiori, go.
I changed my mind.
I'm afraid of Grandfather.
Please go, Shiori! For the sake of the village! Mommy! Forgive me.
You'll be happier over there.
Pardon my asking, but Shiori is half-demon, right? Would a half-demon child have such powers? From the looks of it, you are also a half-demon.
Then you understand that just because you're half a demon doesn't mean you're accepted by the demon world, nor does it mean you're embraced by humans.
Well, Inuyasha? I wonder.
Shiori had ample power to fulfill her duties.
That's why I thought it was for her good to go to them.
And if that would save the village, I thought But the Demon Bats went against their word.
- Take me there.
- Huh? Take me to that old man, whatever his name is.
Then we'll go, too.
No! I'll be fine alone.
But! I'm the one who has business with 'im.
Penny for your thoughts? I was thinking back Old Myoga! Why'd you follow me?! And why not? I won't be in the way.
I told you not to come! Go back! Don't say that.
This way.
Let us go, Inuyasha! Do as you please! Eat.
Huh? I cannot have you starving to death.
That cave over yonder.
Where it glows.
Huh? Mommy! Shiori! Myoga You sure about this? The way to make Tetsusaiga stronger? Yes You must kill that girl.
Shiori! Shiori! Mommy! I wondered what the ruckus was.
It seems we have visitors.
Is he the one? Taigokumaru.
You tricked me! Hmm? What are you talking about? You promised to leave the village alone in return for Shiori! Yet You really believed it? As if a demon would really keep a promise to a human! Then return Shiori to me! Mommy I will not.
Shiori will be the guardian of the barrier for the rest of her life.
She inherited the duty from her late father, Tsukuyomaru, and she is doing a fine job.
It's hard to believe that she has a human for a mother.
Hey lady, I think the only way to get your daughter back is through force.
Force? Can you? That cocky, old bat He's standing in front of Shiori.
If I attack now, I can get him without hurting Shiori.
Wind Scar! What?! He repelled my Wind Scar! Oh dear! The barrier of the Demon Bat is to be feared! Rumor was right about it being impenetrable! Just who are you, kid?! It doesn't matter who I am! Give Shiori back! I see So the mortals sent you.
Well, you can die here! I won't miss this time.
Why you! Stop! Please stop, Grandfather! Please don't hurt Mommy.
I'll work hard.
So please Please don't hurt Mommy! Did you hear that? This child has far more sense than you! Why you! Cut it out! Let me ask.
Do you think Shiori will be happy back in the village? Huh? I know it all.
The villagers ostracized her because Shiori is a half-demon.
And because they valued their lives more, they didn't hesitate for a second and offered Shiori to me.
How can I return my dear granddaughter to such selfish villagers.
It didn't work? I'll resign myself to this.
But What Taigokumaru said was true.
This village didn't accept me or Shiori.
Maybe she's better off there.
Hah! You're so naïve.
Huh? Demons never accept half-demons.
Even if they're blood kin.
I'm a fine demon.
And I accept you, Inuyasha! Me, too! Isn't it only 'cuz I protect you! Anyway, as long as Inuyasha cannot break the barrier, nothing can be done.
And didn't we come here because of that? Hah! I know that! Kill a half-demon who guards a strong barrier and let Tetsusaiga absorb his blood.
Then Tetsusaiga would grow in power and be able to break through Naraku's barrier.
But No way can Inuyasha kill the half-demon.
She's just a little girl.
Mommy I want to see you.
If only Father were alive Why did he have to die? I guess she misses her mother.
If this keeps up, there's no telling when she'll ask to go back to the village.
Then I will make them disappear Your village and your mother! Huh? Half-demon? Mother What is a half-demon? Inuyasha Huh?! It's you, Kagome.
Thinking about Shiori? Not only that.
You're so kind, Inuyasha.
Stupid! I'm not! It must've been hard for you I probably couldn't imagine the hardship But you know, Inuyasha? I No, not only me But even Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Myoga I know.
Good boy! Oww! Don't treat me like a dog! Huh?! What's the matter? Huh? That's! A whole colony of Demon Bats! I'll work hard as the guardian of the barrier, so please spare Mommy and the villagers.
Little Shiori- So young, yet so diligent! But unless Inuyasha kills this innocent child, Tetsusaiga can't increase its power! How can Inuyasha do such a thing? Wait! There's just one way! Next on Inuyasha: "The Red Tetsusaiga Breaks the Barrier!" Inuyasha's concern transforms Tetsusaiga!