Inuyasha (2000) s01e74 Episode Script

Episode 74

A whole colony of Demon Bats! They're the Demon Bats! They're heading for the village! Huh?! Hey you guys! What're you gawking at! Let's go! Help! The village Don't grieve over them, Shiori.
They're the ones who harassed you and your mother.
Don't worry.
If you protect me with the barrier, I will spare your mother's life.
No need to hold back.
Annihilate the entire village! Hold it! Iron-reaver, Soul-stealer! You old bastard! You won't get away with this! Hah! You're an eyesore, kid! Why you! Inuyasha! Attaway, Miroku! Let 'em have it! Keep it up! Inuyasha! You're late! Where were you dawdling! How many of 'em are there anyway? There's no end to this! I'll get the small fry! Hiraikotsu! The barrier! It turned back the Hiraikotsu! This isn't good.
As long as Shiori is around, I cannot use my Wind Tunnel.
What's the matter? Can't make a move? Damn! Isn't there some way to separate Shiori from Taigokumaru? If there is, please do it! Huh? Please! Do something about them! We'll all be killed! The villagers! Hah! I don't need to be asked to kill Taigokumaru! But that's only after I get Shiori back.
That's crazy! Besides, Shiori is on their side! You want me to kill her, too? l-It can't be helped.
Shiori is a demon's child, after all.
How cruel! Shiori was given up by her mother to the Demon Bats to save your village! So selfish! Miroku, doesn't Inuyasha despise people like them? Well, he's been through the same experience.
Did you hear, Shiori? What do you want? Huh? Even if you return to a village like this, no good may come of it.
Do you still want to return? He came earlier to the nest today with Mommy.
If you still want to return home, I will help you! Help? You brat! You think you can defeat me, Taigokumaru?! Hah! Brat, you're also a half-demon! You reek with the smell of a half-demon! Shaddup! So what of it? You're thinking of your own situation and feeling sorry for Shiori.
Hah! Not likely! I hate old rotten bats like you, is all! Half-demon? He's the same as me.
Shiori! Make up your mind! Do you want to stay or return home? I want to go home.
To Mommy.
But Huh? Mommy Shiori! Huh?! Mommy! You understand, don't you, Shiori? Unless you continue to protect me by guarding the barrier, your mother will die.
I don't know.
I don't know what to do! Brat! Don't confuse Shiori! Shiori! Just protect yourself! You brat! Is that the power of the barrier? Good work, Shiori! That's what you must do.
If just a part of Taigokumaru's body goes outside the barrier, I thought I'd have a chance.
But doesn't Shiori have the power to adjust the size of the barrier? Watch out, everyone! Get away! The village H-Help! I have no use for this village any longer.
Get rid of all of them.
Taigokumaru! Stop this now! Missus This village was peaceful when your son, Tsukuyomaru, was alive.
Because Tsukuyomaru protected us! He wished a happy life for Shiori and me, so he prevented attacks on our village.
Please! Please honor Tsukuyomaru's wish! Honor his wish?! How absurd! Tsukuyomaru was my son, but he was a fool! Falling in love with a mortal only hastened his death! What do you mean? Just as you said, Tsukuyomaru swore he would protect this village.
And if he could not, he threatened to abandon his duties as guardian of the barrier and leave the tribe! Even his heart had been stolen by a mortal woman! That's why That's why? Why what? You didn't?! Kill your own flesh and blood? Exactly.
I sent Tsukuyomaru to the netherworld.
Huh?! As long as I had Shiori, he was of no use.
Missus! Hang on! Taigokumaru, you're unforgivable! I'll kill you! Just try it.
However, as you can see, Shiori doesn't have the power to control the barrier.
And if somehow, your sword breaks through the barrier, Shiori will die with me.
Why you! Are you confident of success, Inuyasha? Can he kill just Taigokumaru without hurting Shiori? Shiori cannot control the barrier.
Even if Inuyasha can break through the barrier killing Taigokumaru will also kill Shiori! What's the matter, brat? How will you kill me? Shaddup, old bat! I'm no teasing up anymore! Oh? You eased up on me earlier? Then let me see your true power! Take this! Backlash Wave! Right now, there's a crack in the barrier from the old bat's ghostly aura.
The spiral of my Backlash Wave should go through it and reach that bastard! The ghostly aura from that brat's sword is twisting into my ghostly aura and coming towards me! Now go through and blast that bat's head off! Huh? The barrier's bending! How's that? Huh? It's back to normal.
Taigokumaru isn't hurt! Damn! I was a second too late! Good work, Shiori! That's how you do it.
Get out.
Huh? I avenge my father! Why you, Shiori! You, a half-demon, dare do this to me! I never suspected she had such power Even I, Taigokumaru, could not control the barrier! - She's falling! - Shiori! Shiori! Hah! Even if my granddaughter is a half-demon, I would never let mortals have her! Watch out! Shiori's mother! Die! Mommy! Say your prayers, old bat! Damn! He did it! Backlash Wave! It's over.
Hey! There! Shiori! Mommy! Shiori, I'm so sorry.
I made you go through so much.
Mommy! Now then Nothing more to do here.
Let's go, all! What are you saying?! Old Myoga, you're still here? Have you forgotten the purpose of your coming here?! You needed to kill the demon who protected the barrier, and allow Tetsusaiga to absorb the blood to make it even stronger! Huh? You came here to kill Shiori?! Err Well, at first.
Don't worry.
I'm not such a jerk that I'd kill a child! Especially, when she's such a young innocent girl.
And she's also a half-demon.
I'll find someone else who puts up an even stronger barrier and kill him instead.
Inuyasha! You were never like this before! Hah! What does that mean? Well, I He means you've matured.
Well, we'll be off.
See ya! Wait! Shiori? Here Huh? Break that sphere? Yes, I want you to break it.
This blood crystal is the precious heirloom passed down to each guardian of the Demon Bat barrier.
It's from this crystal that we obtain the power to put up a powerful barrier.
And it stores within itself, the power of each generation of guardians, like my grandfather's and my father's.
So if you break this crystal, I think you'll be able to strengthen your sword.
We couldn't have asked for anything better! Inuyasha, go ahead and break it! Yeah! The faster we break that sphere, the better.
Huh? The sphere is releasing vapors.
Let it go! Huh?! Mommy, your hands! The sphere put up a barrier! I guess it won't let me break it so easily.
Now that makes it even more interesting! Huh?! Are you all right, Inuyasha? Damn it! Shiori, as if I'd let you go! That's Grandfather's voice! Just releasing the sphere won't break your bond with the Demon Bats! Even you, with a human mother a half-demon! Taigokumaru! Grandfather! I'll kill you here and now! You old bat! Inuyasha! Shiori! Come to hell with the rest of us! W-What?! It got repelled! Shiori! Why you Shiori! The old bat's power is weakening! Now's my chance! Let Shiori free! Huh? The sphere is shattering! Finally, it's over.
W-What? My blade is turning red! Tetsusaiga absorbed the sphere's power! Which means the sword has increased its power! Shiori! Thank you.
You're the one who saved me, right? You weakened the old bat's power.
I didn't do that.
Someone's gentle arms embraced my mommy and me, and protected us.
That was Tsukuyomaru.
Your father's hands.
Your father probably wished for your freedom, too.
Huh? Nothing.
Heh! Hey, let's go! I'm hungry! Me, too! Shall we go? Inuyasha also wanted to rescue Shiori.
He probably forgot all about making Tetsusaiga stronger.
That's why the spirit of Shiori's father lent Inuyasha a hand.
What is Inuyasha thinking about? How unusual for Inuyasha to contemplate about something.
Hey! But those two will probably go through hard times still.
Hah! Don't worry about them.
Can't be a half-demon if you're afraid of hard times.
Well, we do have a fine example right here among us.
Hopefully, Shiori doesn't turn out as warped.
You guys're! Now that's more like the Inuyasha I know! Whaddya mean?! Inuyasha deep in thought just isn't Inuyasha! He's right.
Don't do something you're not used to.
What?! I'll drop ya both! What're you saying?! We're just concerned about you! Yes, we are, Inuyasha! Don't take me for a fool! You're all going to fall! Inuyasha didn't say a word when he left Shiori.
Not even a "Do your best" or "Hang in there.
" Even though there were many things he could say.
Inuyasha chose silence to encourage her.
I'm sure she got his meaning.
What's the matter, Kagome? Good boy! Hey, don't treat me like a dog! Good boy! Hey Shippo! You get on my nerves! Enough, already.
Cripes! I never should a come along! Demon-cat siblings, each named for one of the four seasons the Panther-Demon Tribe appears from the West.
Their aim-Sacred Jewel shards and Inuyasha's life! Who cares about them! It all started fifty years ago, when Lord Sesshomaru meddled in the great war.
Isn't that around the time Inuyasha was sealed to the tree? Next on Inuyasha: "The Plot of the Panther Devas" This is gonna be fun! I'll let 'em have it!