Inuyasha (2000) s01e75 Episode Script

Episode 75

Where is this? The spot where a giant demon known as Ryukotsusei was sealed.
But To destroy it totally without leaving a trace of it Lord Sesshomaru, is this really the work of Inuyasha? But I don't know just how he did it.
Hmm Imagine that Inuyasha defeating Ryukotsusei.
It took everything in your father's power to put Ryukotsusei under seal.
And that Inuyasha Oh, don't leave me, Lord Sesshomaru! Huh? What's the matter, Koga? Don't you smell it, guys? Smell? Do I smell cats? They don't come from around here.
Why've they come? Who cares? - Hey Koga! - You gonna just let 'em go? Got that right.
It'll be more trouble if we get involved.
Well, yeah I guess it's none of our business.
W-Wha! Huh?! It couldn't be them! She's late! She really is late.
It's been three days already! Where are you going, Inuyasha?! Isn't it obvious? I'm gonna go get Kagome! There! I'm home, Gramps! Welcome home.
Oh, it's you, Inuyasha! Welcome! Where's Kagome? Still at school, I think.
She should be home soon.
See you! Bye-bye! Take that! And that! I'm home! She's home! Yo! Hey! What're you doing here? What's wrong? I just came for you.
You didn't have to.
I had ta! How long're you planning to stay here?! I was back there for so long! Give me a break! Get ready and let's go! Huh?! Right now? Why don't you eat dinner first? We can eat when we get back.
We're having steak tonight.
S-Steak? I see Inuyasha went for her? That's a good thing.
We need Kagome back.
I wish I could visit Kagome's home once.
Mister! Huh? Please help me, Mister! It's old Raccoon Dog! Oh, Hachi! What're you doing in these parts? Well I had no choice, but to hide in human territory.
It's them, from the west.
Can you talk sense? Cats! Cats? The cat goblins are killing every demon in sight and searching for Sacred Jewel shards.
What?! I didn't want to get caught, so I escaped all the way here.
Just who are these goblins? I told you! Cats! Not just any cat or cat goblin! It's not getting any clearer.
We just better get away first! Miroku? Huh? I understand there's a priestess in this village.
Heee! Isn't this where the priestess lives? You have business with me? Huh? Aghh?! No, you're not her! Someone much younger, wearing something skimpier.
Could she mean Kagome? Mister! Mister! Miroku! Miroku! What's the matter? Cats! The smell of cats! Huh? It's them! The cat goblins from the West! Cat goblins? Hah! We're Panther-Demons.
Don't just lump us with common cats! What do demons want here? We want the Sacred Jewel shards.
Hand them over! That we cannot do! Besides, we don't have any shards here! Hmm So where is this priestess? We don't have to answer that.
Go! Retreat! I guess the priestess isn't here right now.
We'll be back.
Huh? Did they run away? They'll be back.
Good thing Kagome had gone back home.
It may be better if she stays away a bit longer.
But Inuyasha went to get her.
Take this and take that! That's enough teasing of the cat.
I'm just playing with it.
Buyo doesn't think so.
That's why she scratched you.
A cat's wrath is frightening.
Whaddya mean? They say a cat's curse lasts seven generations.
A cat's vengeance runs deep.
Hah! Who cares if a cat curses me! Take this! And that! Hey! What are you doing, Inuyasha?! Sit! Dinnertime! Why not spend the night? Inuyasha, you can sleep with me! And? The Sacred Jewel shards are kept by some strange priestess.
But she wasn't there.
And some fellas interfered.
Can you come with me? Go with her, Shunran.
But what about you, Sis? I know where he is, so I'll go see him.
You sure about going alone? Leave it to me.
You give Karan a hand.
All right.
We'll meet next at the entrance to the valley.
Kagome, here.
You okay? Kagome! So you've returned.
You could've stayed away longer.
What's with the long faces?! Did something happen? If anything, it's about to start.
Can you make more sense?! Cats.
Cats! Cats? Huh? Jaken, keep at it! No! To the right! To the left! In front of you! Back? Front? In front! Over there! Got it! Did you see me?! - Amazing, Jaken! - Say it more! - Such a great one! - That I am! Toran, huh? It's been a long time, Sesshomaru.
So you're still alive? What a way to greet someone.
I intend to settle things this time.
We settled things a long time ago.
But if you insist, it won't be like fifty years ago.
You're still as boorish as ever.
However, I agree that it won't be like fifty years ago.
Our master is waiting for you.
Master? Yes, our Commander-in-Chief.
Your old man is dead and gone, but our master is going to be resurrected.
At long last.
Ressurected for what? To attack the lands in the east once again.
And I guess you could call it revenge.
Against you and your kind.
Then this time I'll squeeze the breath out of him permanently.
I'm glad to that hear that you're willing to fight.
Hold it Don't be so hasty.
Not here.
Come to our castle.
And you can bring all the help you need.
Lord Sesshomaru! Look! So many! Don't leave me! Lord Sesshomaru! Look! Jaken! Yes, my lord? The Panther-Demon Tribe has appeared.
Huh?! Not them again?! Rin.
Yes? Wait here with Aun.
All right, I will.
Huh? Please wait, Lord Sesshomaru! Don't forget to come back for me! Promise! Cat goblins?! I remember! Something like this happened fifty years ago, too.
Fifty years ago? Cats attacked from the West.
Never heard of that.
Are you sure about this? Inuyasha Maybe this incident occurred while you were under the seal? Huh? Well then, there's no way I'd know.
I never heard of such a thing either.
That's 'cuz you're just a kid! That's rude! What happened at that time? I took off while I could.
You would! I returned after I heard later that the cats had gone.
And sure enough, the cats were all gone.
Why? Well I don't know anything more I see You ARE strangely dressed for a priestess.
A cat! Cat! Cat?! Shut up, you raccoon dog! I'm a fox! Whaddya want? We have no business with you.
We want that priestess with the Sacred Jewel shards.
If you want the shards, you'll have to go through me! Humph! A half-demon! So what of it? Are you Inuyasha? Huh? You know her? I don't know her! You're Inuyasha? Sesshomaru's kid brother? Huh? Well I don't think of 'im as much of a brother.
I'll take on Inuyasha.
Shuran, you handle that priest and Demon Slayer.
Gotcha! Why you! I'm your opponent! But I won't kill you here.
Now Come at me! W-Why you! Sango! What Huh? Huh?! Kagome! You're! She has the Sacred Jewel shards, all right.
K-Kagome! Hmm She seems pretty dear to you.
Let Kagome go! Then come to our castle and get her.
We'll be waiting, Inuyasha.
Hold it! Why you! Get outta my way! Dammit! I'm going, too! Let's follow, too, Miroku.
What about Kirara? She's all right.
She's just unconscious.
Miroku! I'll be on my way You're coming, too! Where?! Where'd they go? Calm down, Inuyasha.
It reeks with the smell of the cats.
That's for sure.
- Attaway! - Inuyasha! Where's Kagome? I'll get her back without fail! This way! Lord Sesshomaru doesn't intend to take them on alone? No That's much too dangerous.
Even Lord Sesshomaru couldn't What? Isn't that? Lord Sesshomaru! I, Royakan, will assist you once again.
Not necessary.
Lord Sesshomaru! W-Wait for me! Royakan.
Yes? Leave before you die.
L-Lord Sesshomaru it's an offer of help.
You must accept his help! Not necessary.
Then at least get Inuyasha this time Jaken Yes? Only you need accompany me.
Huh? Huh? Lord Sesshomaru I shall follow you to the ends of the earth! Lord Sesshomaru! Huh? But this means I may end up dying Huh? Isn't that Koga? Huh? Hey, mutt! Where's Kagome? None of your business! I've been picking up the foul scent of cats lately.
But today, I catch a bit of Kagome's scent, too! So what? You mutt! Don't you dare tell me that Kagome's been kidnapped by cats! Why you - ! She was captured? What were you doing?! Shaddup! They used some dirty tricks! - Koga! - Where are you?! Can't waste any time! Wait! Hey! Koga! Damn that Koga! But even one more ally is better for us.
He's right.
Besides, Koga goes crazy when it concerns Kagome.
And he's strong.
Shaddup! Don't rely on him! I'm gonna save Kagome myself! Let go! Let go! Let ME go! We got it, Sis.
My Sacred Jewel shards! Give them back! Who's the girl? Seems like it's Inuyasha's wench.
Inuyasha? The younger son of the dog? Yup! He's alive! Were we ever shocked! She seemed like good bait, so we brought her along.
Hey you! Just what do you want with Inuyasha?! He's gonna die.
What about you, Sis? I don't need bait for him.
He's sure to come.
Who are these people? Just what are they scheming? - Kagome! - Huh?! Koga! I'll save you in a minute.
Hey Wolf Boy! We never invited you here.
You're not getting away! Why you! Hold it! Hey mutt! I don't need your help! Who said anything about saving you?! It's Kagome I'm saving! What's this wall?! Kagome! Where are you?! Kagome! Kagome, are you there?! What's wrong, Koga? Where're the cats? Not only their presence, even their scent is gone! I can't pick up any scent at all no cats, not even Kagome.
Yeah The scent stopped here.
Just like with Naraku's barrier.
Barrier? Hey! What're you gonna do? Huh?! What! The mutt's sword is glowing red.
Inuyasha's older brother and the revenge of the Panther-Demon Tribe? According to Royakan, these panthers attacked some fifty years ago, too.
And even before that, they battled Inuyasha and Sesshomaru's old man.
A cat's wrath is serious stuff! Damn! Getting Kagome involved in some stupid fight! That mutt! Unforgivable! Next on Inuyasha: "Target: Sesshomaru and Inuyasha" Hold on and wait Kagome, I'll come get ya!