Inuyasha (2000) s01e76 Episode Script

Episode 76

Stay in there and behave.
Hey! They said they were from the Panther-Demon Tribe.
We have no business with you.
We want that priestess with the Sacred Jewel shards.
If you want the shards, you'll have to go through me! I know Inuyasha will come for me.
I just have to hang in there.
What's happening? Wind Scar! Humph! I knew it.
It was just a barrier.
Not bad for a mutt.
What?! Wait, Koga! C'mon Boss! Hey! Hey! Inuyasha! Huh? You're late! This is? The entrance.
Those cats're somewhere in here.
Then we'll find Kagome there? Yeah, let's go! What is this? Seems like a village.
A pretty good-sized town A castle town.
But why here of all places? Anyone here? No one's around.
But it looks like people inhabit it.
I don't see Koga and his men.
Yeah So they've come.
Kagome! Where are you?! Shippo! Wind Scar! Stop acting so hastily! We still don't know where Kagome is! Hold it! You ain't getting away! You're so impatient.
Huh?! Breaking the barrier and entering like that.
Hey! Where's Kagome?! She's fine so far.
Answer me! When the moon is straight above us, we'll sacrifice her to the Master.
Why, you! Naturally, you too.
What's that?! What's this smoke? It's all right.
It's just a powerful odor.
It's awful! Damn! Hang on, Inuyasha! My power Isn't it a potent smell? If it's awful for us, I can imagine how bad it is for dogs.
So it's a trap to stop Inuyasha? It's not quite according to our plans, though.
So stay put and be captured! Sesshomaru! What's going on, Karan? I'm the one you have business with.
So the big brother appears.
Nothing could be better with the two of you.
Hey, sons of the Great Dog-Demon, we'll be waiting at the castle! Sesshomaru, why're you here? That's my line.
Get out of here, you! W-What?! I won't have you getting involved in this war! I don't need your permission! Kagome's been kidnapped by those cats! Fool! W-Why, you! Whaddya think you're doing?! Silence, Inuyasha! Why, you! Just remember this You lost your heart to a mortal and ended up under seal You have no right to be part of this battle.
Lord Sesshomaru! You can't be picky at a time like this! How scary! He really was upset about that.
Did you do something? How would I know?! Master! Huh?! You're here, Hachi? Hachi! I thought you ran off.
I intended to, but I caught up with you! What're you doing here, Old Myoga? I have a feeling that this has to do with the great war that your father waged many eons past.
Eons past? I thought Hachiemon said it happened fifty years ago? No, no.
Way before that.
When your father was still in the Western Province.
I don't remember a thing about it.
At that time, the Panther Tribe of cat-demons attacked the West and tried to conquer all other demons.
But your father stepped in.
The enemy leader was a Great Panther-Demon.
Your father protected his comrades and battled the demon.
Naturally, it was your father who was victorious.
The other demons who escaped domination by the Panther Tribe were extremely grateful.
However The wrath of the cats ran deep.
They cursed your father and his family for all eternity and swore vengeance.
Like the saying that a cat's wrath lasts seven generations.
Lord Sesshomaru did not participate in the Great War either.
But I'm sure it's part of the cat's revenge.
And what were you doing at that time? Naturally, I watched over things in his absence! I knew it But why was Sesshomaru so adamant about Inuyasha leaving? Hah! He just doesn't want to recognize a half-breed like me.
Still I think it would be noble for the two of you to fight your father's enemy.
Understand this! Neither my old man nor Sesshomaru are my concern.
l just came to take back the Sacred Jewel shards and Kagome! Then excuse me! Old Myoga is running away! Which means Hot! Hot! Hot! Aghh! Aren't you asking your brother to help? Why, you! Damn! Not a trace of Kagome's scent.
Where'd they take her anyway? Say, Koga Huh? What is it? This is the main base of those cats, right? Isn't it dangerous for us to act alone? So what would you do? Why not join up with Inuyasha and the others.
What did you say?! You expect me to ask that mutt for help?! No, Koga.
We mean you can offer them your help.
You think I'm that helpless? No, no! We just think it'll be easier to rescue Kagome that way.
Yeah, yeah it's for her sake.
So you're Koga of the Wolf-Demon Tribe.
He doesn't smell like those cats.
You're Royakan? Huh? You mean Royakan, the keeper of the forest? The demon from hell who gobbles up anyone who gets lost.
So why're you here? That's what I'd like to ask of you.
You're not accompanying Lord Sesshomaru, are you? Sesshomaru? Who's that? You don't know? Nope.
You ordered me to come.
And you won't let me see your so-called Master? Well, we're just not ready for that yet.
So will my company do? Leave this to me, Lord Sesshomaru.
I'll show you the power of the Staff of Two Heads! Do not lose! You sure have a dangerous weapon there.
Why, you! Inuyasha! Where are you?! Inuyasha! It's Inuyasha! Kirara! Brings back memories of when we last fought.
It ended up in a draw then.
But not this time.
A draw, you say? You just retreated.
So many of your men also died.
Besides, back then, I wasn't that determined.
We have our master.
It's different now.
Back then The Panther Tribe whom Father battled.
Lord Sesshomaru! We have come to assist! A battle! A battle! We'll teach those cats a lesson! What do you all want? We are beholden to your father from the last war.
This time, we shall assist you, Lord Sesshomaru.
I can't wait! It's been so long since we last fought those cats.
Lord Sesshomaru! Terrible news! Jaken Whaddya mean "slowed him down"? And what was a rout? We failed Lord Sesshomaru.
We told him we'd protect the battlefront.
Lord Sesshomaru himself was battling in fine form, but Lord Sesshomaru! Please save us! Fall back! Retreat! Join up with Lord Sesshomaru! So they lost.
They ran away! I fought with all my might! Those cats were cowards! Shaddup! Who cares about such talk from the past? How deep does this forest go anyway? I'll say! It's like we've been circling the same area over and over again.
All right! They'll go and check.
What's that? Let me handle it! That's! She's put a barrier around us! Say, you have a couple of Sacred Jewel shards.
What's happening?! Hold your breath! Sorcery! We're caught inside this forest! Damn! I can only smell flowers! Miroku! Sango! Your lives will be offered to the master! Huh? In exchange for the Sacred Jewel shards and your lives our master will be resurrected! Where did he go? Lord Sesshomaru?! Where are you? Lord Sesshomaru! Huh?! Hey! Do not approach! Don't come! Huh?! Iron Reaver, Soul Stealer! R-Run! Hey! Hey, seen my friends? No! And do you know where Lord Sesshomaru is? No way! Besides, why's he here? It's none of his business! How could you say that! You unfilial son! Say that again! Your father waged war against the Panther-Demon Tribe long ago.
Oh that I heard from Myoga.
But Sesshomaru wasn't part of that battle.
The Panther-Demon Tribe appeared again fifty years ago hell-bent on revenge.
Your father had passed on but they came to ravage the countryside and kill your father's people.
Yet at that time, you! Huh? Lord Sesshomaru! Terrible news! What is it? I acted on my own and went to get Inuyasha.
He may be a half-demon, but he is still your father's son, after all.
And? Where is he? Is he too cowardly to show himself? Or did he refuse to come to the aid of his brother? That Inuyasha is under a seal! What? Well He lost his heart to a mortal priestess and was caught off guard.
Fool! Yes, a total fool.
But what is that? Father saved them in that first battle.
Then they are allies! How wonderful! I was concerned, but now that your father's allies have come, you can go to battle with confidence.
Lord Sesshomaru never expected your help! But if we had Tetsusaiga, the sword forged by your father, victory would have been so easy.
Sesshomaru can't wield Tetsusaiga.
That's not the point, you ungrateful son! Can you stop harping on and on about the past? What?! Hey, wait! Do not leave me! I see.
So this all happened while I was sealed to that tree.
Huh? Where is this? I'm not sure.
I'm so glad! You're conscious, both of you.
Kagome! Kagome! I'm so glad you're all right.
Then this is a prison cell? There are many more of us.
Many more? Look.
These are the villagers? No wonder there was no sign of life in town.
This was a secret village.
A gathering of people who had escaped the wars.
I see It's the perfect place to hide and live in peace.
But the Panther-Demon Tribe discovered it and made it their headquarters.
We'll be killed by those cats! I'm so afraid Why did those demons have to come? Everyone, don't worry.
We'll be rescued without fail.
Stay confident.
Those cat demons will interfere for sure.
Someone much, much stronger than those cats will come to save us.
I'm so scared! So scared! Namu Amida Butsu Someone much stronger? Inuyasha and Koga They'll come.
I know it.
So don't worry.
I don't know about Sesshomaru, though.
Sesshomaru? He's battling the Panther-Demon Tribe.
W-Why? It's almost time, Master.
Soon you will be resurrected.
Hmm It's the older brother.
Go home, wolf! We have no business with you! Shut up! I have business with you! Jaken is here They've come! Where's Kagome!? I don't care who this Master or whatever is.
But I won't let you sacrifice lives to bring him back! Move, Inuyasha! They are my prey! No way! I'll cut them into pieces with my Tetsusaiga! If I had Tetsusaiga back then Sesshomaru I heard about the battle fifty years ago when I was under seal.
Exactly what happened?! Next on Inuyasha: "The Panther Tribe and the Two Swords of the Fang" Father, why did you leave me Tenseiga