Inuyasha (2000) s01e77 Episode Script

Episode 77

That's right! We're here to save Kagome who was abducted by the Panther-Demon Tribe! Koga and Sesshomaru also appeared and fought the Panther-Demon Tribe Then come to our castle to get her.
We'll be waiting, Inuyasha! Why you! Sesshomaru! Miroku! Sango! So you're alive, Shippo! Old Myoga! Where is everyone? Probably in the cats' castle.
Hurry up and move outta the way, or you'll get it! Go through us if you can.
You! What! What is this?! Damn it! Over this way! Move! No way! Then take this! Royakan! Is that thunder? You thwarted my lightning.
I'm impressed.
The bastard! He doesn't move fast.
But his thunderbolts are dangerous.
Now take my fire! Damn! Sis! I'm surprised.
I thought you'd be weaker than before.
What do you mean? That arm.
After all, who was it that cut it off? The party will start very soon.
Come at your leisure.
What's wrong? Don't hold back.
Come at me.
The thunderbolts are swift, but he's the one firing them.
Awright! On guard! Too slow! The slow one is you! Had enough? Everyone retreat! Serves you right! What about the one who's down? He's breathing.
I don't think he fainted more like he's asleep.
Then leave 'im.
Let's go.
I know Kagome is there! Damn! Which one is real?! What are you doing, Inuyasha? Shaddup! You are such a burden! Now Look, look, look! To see who's real! She's the real one? Yes.
Hmm not bad.
My name means "to perceive right.
" Do not take me lightly! As long as I know which is which We'll continue this at the castle.
Damn her and her stupid tricks! The time is upon us, Master! It will be very soon.
The moon is almost directly overhead.
Soon, the dogs we despise so much will be slaughtered and the Panther-Demon Tribe will rule victorious over this land.
A barrier Soon, our master will be resurrected.
Sesshomaru, prepare to die! Our master! Give me blood flesh and a soul! What's this?! The cats! Where is this anyway?! Kagome! Koga! Damn! What is this?! As if you can break the supreme master's barrier! You can stay there and watch the sacrificial lambs being devoured.
They're feeding us to him! Miroku! Give me blood! Kagome! What's that?! The color of Tetsusaiga is! Sorry to keep you waiting.
That dog! He broke our master's barrier! What is he?! Lord Sesshomaru! Lord Sesshomaru! I searched for you, my lord! That Inuyasha When did he learn to use Tetsusaiga like that? I am shocked! Inuyasha! Kagome, are you all right? Uh-huh! I knew you'd come.
No need to worry anymore, Kagome.
Huh? Koga! Why you! Give me blood! Inuyasha! Rest assured, Kagome.
Freeing you is easily done.
No, Koga! He took on the Supreme Master! Inuyasha! The Sacred Jewel shards are in his throat.
Gotcha! I'll get 'em back.
Everyone, stay together and run! This way! Hurry! You guys, do not let the prisoners escape! It's useless! There's no escape! What're you doing, fools? Aren't we important sacrificial lambs? You're not supposed to kill us, right? Now move! Way to go, Sis! That's our gal! All right! Don't just stand there.
Protect Kagome! Are you conscious, Miroku? Miroku! Sango! How gratifying! C'mon, Let's go! Hurry! Now's our chance! Yeah! Take this! Master! Give me blood a soul Please wait just a bit longer.
I will present you with the head of our despised enemy's son! I don't care who he is But you can't use human blood and flesh to resurrect him! Well, you're going to be the first! Come at me! And you'll become fodder for Tetsusaiga! Ohh! You are the one, Lord Sesshomaru! There is nothing like victory in war! What victory? We let them go.
I cannot use this sword.
Tenseiga is a sword of healing.
I cannot kill my enemies with it.
The other sword that Father left Tetsusaiga.
Wind Scar! And to think I cannot wield that sword Tetsusaiga.
Gotcha! Pinned down like this, you can't use that sword, can you? W-What?! What're you doing?! Stay down, Inuyasha.
They are my prey.
No way! You stay out of this! Enough! Why you! Don't get in my way! Ohh Why can't they join forces at a time like this?! Why you! I do not need any help.
Shaddup! They're so reckless! Are they really siblings? What're they thinking anyway? If they're in disarray, we must stay united.
We'll combine all our powers at once.
Let's! Okay! Awright! Give me life! Supreme Master! We shall offer you their lives in but a moment! I want it now! Karan! Master! He he devoured his own kin to revive himself! You there The two sons of the Great Dog-Demon.
Your turn is next! Shunran! Karan! Shuran! He can't have! Dogs! You will now feel my wrath! You're still mumbling in your sleep! I'll wake you up! Move! Wind Scar! I did it! It didn't work.
You got the strength to fight my old man.
I'll give you that! But I Don't get cocky, Inuyasha! Don't compare him to Ryukotsusei whom you defeated! He has the power of the Sacred Jewel shards now! It's a huge cat-demon! He's resurrected! But in order to revive he needed live sacrificial offerings.
Maybe the dog was offered.
No way! Die! Lord Sesshomaru! You can become a part of me, too.
Lord Sesshomaru! Lord Sesshomaru Why that! Tenseiga? You want me to draw you? Father, why did you leave me the Tensaiga? I still do not know.
However That's! What's that sword? It won't work, kid! Its blade is too dull.
Die! Why?! I'm losing I'm losing I'm losing my power! B-Bastard, what did you do?! The rest is up to you and Tetsusaiga.
Hold it! Give me Give me my soul! Wind Scar! Give me life! I'm taking these back.
Sis! Y-You three! What happened to us? I thought the master had killed us.
But why? It's because of Lord Sesshomaru's power! Your master took your lives.
And Lord Sesshomaru used the Tenseiga to restore them.
Sesshomaru?! Why that! Hey, you should be grateful! Right, Lord Sesshomaru? Huh? Lord Sesshomaru? Oh, don't leave me! So whaddya want? Shall we continue our fight? No, we'll return to the west.
Sis! It's over.
There's no reason to seek revenge anymore.
Tell that to Sesshomaru.
We're not that close.
You should know that.
Well, when you feel like talking to him.
We've been saved! The cat-demons won't be back.
So you're safe now.
Thank you so much! Thanks to you, we can live here in peace now.
We'll be off now.
Oh I wasn't able to help Lord Sesshomaru again! It's too late.
Just forget it.
With these guys around, no wonder the mortals are scared.
What a burden to be lumped in with them! I'll say! Hey mutt! You expect those mortals to thank you? What?! By the way, we still have a score to settle.
Hey! Anytime! Don't get wise! Inuyasha! Sit! What're you doing anyway?! Damn! In the mountains In the forest In the wind In my dreams Lord Sesshomaru, where are you? With faithful Jaken at your heels Rin.
Huh? Oh! Lord Sesshomaru! Let us go.
Okay! I will wait all alone.
For Lord Sesshomaru's return.
What?! Sango has a proposal from a lord? Yes! She has me at her side, yet Sango is so flirtatious! What'll you do, Sango? He's handsome, upright, and really loves you.
So unlike Miroku.
It's not our place to express our opinions.
Won't you make up your mind?! Well, I'll decide for you then! Next on Inuyasha: "Only You, Sango" Oh, you there, miss.
Will you bear my child? I doubt it.