Inuyasha (2000) s01e80 Episode Script

Episode 80

Oursworn enemy: Naraku.
Taking possession of more and more Sacred Jewel shards, he is becoming increasingly powerful.
It's not only his hatred towards Inuyasha.
Each and every time, without ever sullying his own hands, he manipulates people and events.
In orderto undo the curse he put on Miroku's Wind Tunnel and to help Sango rescue herbrother, Kohaku, from Naraku's despicable grasp, we have to find Naraku and destroy him as soon as possible! What's the matter, Inuyasha? I smell him It's Naraku! The smell of the wind has changed.
L-Lord Sesshomaru! Rin has been abducted! One of Naraku's incarnations named Kagura appeared And out of the blue Let me reassure you, Lord Sesshomaru.
If you heed my request, I shall return Rin in good health.
Y-You are Naraku! Naraku, huh? What are you up to now? It's nothing special.
Just kill Inuyasha, that is all.
All this trouble, just forthat? Huh?! W-What is this?! Ademon puppet? Did he think that I, Sesshomaru, could be so manipulated over a mere mortal girl? Then Lord Sesshomaru, will you forsake Rin? And Lord Sesshomaru, where are you going? Umm Where are you headed? Are you perhaps? So you will come, Sesshomaru.
Is it really Naraku's smell? No mistake about it! That Naraku! This time I'll find you and kill you! He never showed himself.
So why now? Yes, that bothers me.
Oh yes I was taken by that Kagura lady.
Y-You're! I was kidnapped.
Where am I? Who are you? Don't go outside! I have to go! Understand now? If you go out, they'll tearyou apart.
Were you kidnapped, too? Then let's run away together.
I'm guarding you.
I see Say what's yourname? I'm Rin.
How old are you? Why are you doing this? Are you a demon, too? What do you like to eat? Do you like melons? You sure talk a lot.
Huh? Well Keeping quiet makes me more scared.
I wonder if Lord Sesshomaru will come to save me? Lord Sesshomaru.
What are yourplans? Huh? What's the matter? It's Naraku's castle.
Huh? Well now I don't see a castle.
The barrier opened up! Lord Sesshomaru! Oh, please wait! So you purposely leaked your scent and revealed yourlocation inviting me into this castle.
Well, would you have come otherwise? There he is! Although, the child you seek is not here.
Inside this miasma, she would not be able to breathe at all.
That child is undermy protection outside the castle walls.
You may rest assured fornow.
Naraku You should know that I am not here to save Rin.
Huh?! Oh indeed.
You do not seem to appreciate being told what to do.
You did not come to kill Inuyasha as ordered nordid you come to look forthe girl.
You've come to kill me, I know that.
You talk as if you think you've lured me into a trap.
I'll ask you why later.
IF you remain alive.
Sesshomaru Even if you refuse, you SHALL give me yourpower.
Geez! Wait up, will you?! Wait, everyone! What's the holdup?! I sense Sacred Jewel shards! From that mountain.
That mountain? You sense the shards there? What'll we do? We'll go after the shards.
Inuyasha, go find Naraku's castle.
Awright! Take care of things on your side! Be careful! What's going on?! Naraku's scent is starting to fade! Does it mean he's sealed off the barrierto his castle? I must hurry before I lose the scent of it! The barrier! Damn barrier! Take my Wind Scar! The Wind Scarisn't working! He's not getting away this time! Lord Sesshomaru, you did me the honor of coming here.
I will gladly take you on.
What's this?! Hmph! A collection of rejected demons.
Naraku, is that yourtrue form? True form? No, this is only the beginning.
So you want my life? I don't get it.
What's the point of Naraku killing Sesshomaru? Could Naraku be planning to?! It's close The Sacred Jewel shard.
It bothers me that it's so close to Naraku's castle.
Yes and I think there's just one shard.
That's right! Sango's younger brother, Kohaku, has just one shard Could it be Kohaku? It's sweet.
Want another? Huh? Yeah Here.
If you like it, I can go steal some more.
You don't remember anything, Kohaku? No Even yourma and pa? I've forgotten them.
So there's such a thing? It's not that.
I just feel like I might remember something frightening.
There are things you don't want to remember.
Even me.
My ma, pa and brothers were attacked by robbers and all of them were I still have nightmares about it.
It's scary, huh? Am I talking too much? I'm always told to be quiet, but It's okay.
Been awhile since I talked this much to someone.
What's wrong? Be quiet! That woman Herface is the one face I can't get out of my mind.
Wait, Kagura! If he really remembers everything he did, this kid will truly be destroyed.
It's kindness to let him die without remembering a thing.
Kohaku Are you inside? Kohaku! Naraku such a lowly demon.
The likes of you will never lay a hand on me.
How long do you intend to keep up this farce? The more you hack away, the more you will be surrounded by parts of my body.
Then I knew it! Naraku is trying to absorb Sesshomaru into his own body.
What's going on?! Sesshomaru's scent? But right here, it suddenly ceases like it's been erased.
Could this be Naraku's castle? Miasma and toxic fumes this has gotta be it! This is Naraku's barrier! Go for it! Tetsusaiga! I can see it! Naraku's castle! Who is it? Someone is breaking through my barrier! Kagura, go! An unexpected guest, Naraku? Too bad forhim coming to visit you Only to see you dead! Just a little more Soon you will be absorbed and become one with my flesh! Huh?! Inuyasha! Tetsusaiga's blade is red! Kagura! So you're the one who broke the barrier, Inuyasha? As you can see! Kagura, you're no match forme any longer.
So if you understand, move away! Otherwise, I'll kill you! Damn! The Saimyosho I can't move.
They're watching me.
I guess I have to put on an act of fighting.
What's going on?! Kagura's wind has no power.
Are you serious about fighting me?! Is this all you've got?! Damn! They've seen through me that I'm not fighting seriously.
I guess I have to get real.
Just in time.
Let them handle it.
Damn, small fry! Wind Scar! Why you! I think I overestimated Sesshomaru.
Move! Why you! Wind Scar! Move! Move! Move! You're in my way! But with that sword, Inuyasha could probably defeat Naraku now.
Then I'll be free I miscalculated I didn'texpect Inuyasha to break through and come here.
I found you, Naraku! I will kill you for sure today! Such a fool! I've completely absorbed Sesshomaru's demon power into my body.
You don't seriously think you can beat me now? Sesshomaru?! I don't know whatgood it'll be, but I'll make you part of my flesh, too! Next on Inuyasha: "Vanishing Point; Naraku Disappears" Kohaku! Kill Rin!