Inuyasha (2000) s01e81 Episode Script

Episode 81

Sesshomaru had denounced the half-demon Inuyasha as a disgrace to his clan and despised the human race But Jaken, Sesshomaru's henchman, definitely had a human girl with him.
Lord Sesshomaru! Rin has been kidnapped! One of Naraku's incarnations named Kagura appeared out of the blue Let me reassure you, Lord Sesshomaru.
If you heed my request, I shall return Rin in one piece.
Y-You are Naraku! Just a little more Soon you will be absorbed and become one with my flesh! We follow the trail of the Sacred Jewel shards.
That's right! Kohaku, Sango's youngerbrother, has a single shard which was imbedded in his back by Naraku.
Inuyasha headed out alone forNaraku's castle.
Miasma and toxic fumes this has gotta be it! This is Naraku's barrier! Tetsusaiga! I can see it! Naraku's castle! He's coming.
That Kagura She must have failed.
Naraku, you seem preoccupied with what's beyond the castle walls.
Lord Sesshomaru, I no longerhave time to dally with you.
Yourpower Every bit of yourdemon power shall be wholly consumed by me.
L-Lord Sesshomaru! T-This is terrible! Lord Sesshomaru! Staff ofTwo Heads! Huh?! Why is this happening?! S-Stop! Will he be all right? This can't be happening! Lord Sesshomaru has been! Lord Sesshomaru I've finally obtained the powers of a full-fledged demon! Naraku! Is that yourtrue form?! Inuyasha! Take this! Wind Scar! I think not! My barrier!? I've found you, Naraku! Today, I shall kill you! Hmph! Don't make me laugh! Kill me, you say? Yes! Right now, Inuyasha can defeat Naraku.
Huh? That's! So Naraku has already engulfed Sesshomaru's body.
That means Naraku must be destroyed before he has a chance to absorb the demon power.
It'll be too late once Naraku totally absorbs it, Inuyasha! I miscalculated.
I did not expect Inuyasha to come this far.
Inuyasha! So you're able to break through my barrier.
Naraku, you bastard! You won't get away this time! Prepare to die! You seem to have become a bit stronger.
But you're still no match forme.
Take this! No problem! I'm not done yet! Why you! Naraku! W-What?! What's this? I'll engulf you, just like I did Sesshomaru.
W-What?! Sesshomaru? Naraku's still too much forhim.
You're too late, Inuyasha.
Sesshomaru is already part of my flesh.
I don't know whatgood your half-demon powerwill do.
But I'll absorb you into me as well.
Don't put me in the same class as that Sesshomaru! Wha! This is it! No mercy! Take this! What?! Lord Sesshomaru! Sesshomaru! Huh?! Lord Sesshomaru! Naraku Such irony.
That the flesh which bound me would shield me against Inuyasha's Wind Scar.
Move! Naraku's mine! No, he is my prey.
Hah! Quit joking! You're always! I shall absorb the both of you! What?! Die! You won't be able to escape my attacks forever.
You're one persistent bastard! Take this and die! What?! Finishing blow! I said he's mine! What?! A miasma! Lord Sesshomaru.
I shall retreat tonight.
Fool! Don't think you can escape from me! Lord Sesshomaru Instead of transforming and coming after me, you should hurry to yourlittle girl companion.
Kohaku? What's the matter? Girl companion? What's he talking about? Rin is currently with one named Kohaku.
Kohaku?! Inuyasha, you should know what that means.
Kohaku Sesshomaru's full-fledged demon power I was within grasp of it all! But I miscalculated Inuyasha! I didn't expect him to become this strong.
That Naraku He's a tough one to deal with.
It's gone.
Every scent, every clue of Naraku is gone.
Even though he's badly injured.
Where could he have gone? Hey Sesshomaru! Did Naraku take a hostage? Is this Rin a friend of yours? So Rin was abducted in order to buy time to escape.
Naraku He's becoming more and more cunning.
H-Hey! L-Lord Sesshomaru! Don't leave me! Hey! l-Inuyasha! Damn right! Jaken, explain.
What happened between Naraku and Sesshomaru? Hah! I'm underno obligation to tell you, a half-demon! If I tell you, it's a long story.
So make it short.
They're coming! Hiraikotsu! I see They don't want us to get nearthat mansion.
That's It IS Kohaku! With a little girl! That girl I've seen her before.
Kohaku! Damn! Get out of my way! We have to go after them! Kagome! Iron-reaver, Soul-stealer! Inuyasha! Kagome! Kohaku was here, wasn't he? We can still catch him.
I can sense the Sacred Jewel shard close by.
Inuyasha! I'm going ahead! The fasterthe better! Kohaku's mind is controlled by Naraku.
Yeah! Naraku probably made a hypnotic suggestion to him to kill the hostage.
In orderto buy time to escape from Sesshomaru, Naraku had the girl kidnapped.
Then the child with Kohaku is Sesshomaru's? He considers humans no better than worms.
So I can't believe that he'd have a mortal at his side.
But there's no way he'd let Kohaku live not afterwhat Naraku did.
Sesshomaru will kill Kohaku! Sango's younger brother Killed by your olderbrother? Whatever the case, it'll only end up in tragedy.
We have to reach Kohaku before Sesshomaru.
Right! I'm the only one who can stop Sesshomaru.
Tell me, why did we run away? Someone was outside the mansion.
Where are we going? Tell me, Kohaku! Huh? Kill her! K-Kohaku W-What's wrong with you, Kohaku?! Kill her! So You turn yourblade towards me now? Kohaku! Why you! What're you doing, fool?! She's all right.
She just fainted.
We made it in time! You heard her, Sesshomaru.
So don't lay a hand on Kohaku.
It's useless, Inuyasha.
Even if you intervene, that boy seems compelled to die by my hands.
This must be anotherhypnotic suggestion by Naraku to attack Sesshomaru and be killed.
You disarmed the boy.
Inuyasha, I didn't think you had such strong feelings forme, your brother.
In yourdreams! If you don't let him go, I'll kill you! Stop, Sesshomaru! Enough, Sesshomaru! This boy He has no suffering has no fear.
I don't like his eyes.
Oh, you're conscious.
Lord Sesshomaru! Huh? Kohaku Aren't you going afterhim? Kagura?! Um thank you forforgiving Kohaku.
That boy tried to die at my hands.
Sesshomaru, you knew? I don't want to play into Naraku's treacherous hands.
That's all.
Good bye! She went with him.
I see So Kohaku went away again.
Forgive me! If I had killed Naraku, Kohaku would also No, if we had stopped him It can't be helped.
As long as he's alive.
That Naraku Where'd he disappearto? With a wound that serious, he can't be able to put up a strong barrier.
Just where? Did Naraku lift the barrier, leaving the castle visible? That means that this castle has been abandoned.
That he is hiding himself somewhere else.
Strange No matterwhere he moved to, I was always able to sense his barrier.
Yet As though he disappeared into thin air, there's no trace of Naraku.
There's something to this.
Damn that Naraku! Afterwe almost had him cornered! Is it really okay to return to the present age? Hey! Kagome! Haven't we changed places? You're right! How'll we do the preview? We've got no choice, just do it.
Next on Inuyasha: "Gap Between the Ages" Look forward to it! Hey, I ain't taking no test! Oh, we're back to normal.