Inuyasha (2000) s01e82 Episode Script

Episode 82

I'm Kagome Higurashi.
Born into an old and respected family of shrine keepers, I'm a third-yearstudent in middle school living a normal life.
But on my 15th birthday, I was dragged into the Feudal Era by a demon who suddenly appeared from the shrine well.
That's how I met the half-demon, Inuyasha.
The Shikon Jewel is a treasure which increases the powerof a demon.
In orderto help Inuyasha and some others find the shards of the shattered Shikon Jewel, I've been going back and forth between the real world and the feudal period.
But there's a greedy one trying to get the Shikon Jewel for himself Naraku.
Scheming to absorb the demon powers of Sesshomaru, Inuyasha's olderbrother, Naraku lures Sesshomaru to his castle.
And just as Naraku was about to completely consume Sesshomaru's body, Inuyasha broke through Naraku's barrier and rushed into the castle.
Take this! Wind Scar! My barrier! Die! W- What?! Inuyasha was ready to deliver the finishing blow.
Fool! Don't think you can escape from me! Naraku used Sango's youngerbrother, Kohaku, in a dastardly trick to make his escape.
Damn that Naraku! He doesn't plan to return to this castle.
You're probably right.
Afteryou broke through his barrier, he had no choice but to leave.
Damn! Naraku is probably vulnerable enough to be killed right now.
I was almost there! Damn! I wonder if coming home was the right thing to do? I'm spending my time studying in this safe world.
I feel bad about leaving Inuyasha and the others.
I wonderwhat they're doing? This formula will appear in the test two days from now.
Huh? Test?! I can't be worrying about others.
I have to catch up in two days.
Otherwise, I'll end up flunking! Kagome, are you ready to leave? Of course! I'm begging you! Please let me borrow yournotes.
But Right? We have to study for the test, too.
So please ljust want to borrow it for a short while.
Well Kagome, we know you're sickly and it's hard on you.
Yes! So please help me out.
ljust want to make a copy.
All right.
I guess it can't be helped.
Then! I'll lend you my notes.
Ohh! Thank you! But in return Huh? Thanks so much! Kagome? Huh? You're thinking again.
- About what? - Whatelse? Yourjealous, delinquent boyfriend.
I'm not! I really It's okay.
So how's itgoing? Well What's the latest? I recently met his olderbrother.
He has a brother? Is he also a delinquent? Is he strong, too? Yes, he may be stronger.
The two of them only argue when they see each other.
He's very dangerous.
Really, really dangerous.
Should we keep quiet? I can just see it herunhappy future! Where there's love, there's hope! Hang in there, Kagome! - What's the matter? - N-Nothing! Can I borrow yournotes? Huh? Why? It's exam week in college.
They all have the same plan as you, Kagome.
What'll we do? Stand in line? We can make copies somewhere else.
Fast and easy copies.
OUT OF ORDER Somewhere else CLOSED FORTHE DAY CLOSED FORTHE DAY Somewhere else No way! What's going on?! W-Well, Kagome.
We have to go.
Hang in there.
W-Wait! You can't leave! You traitors! She's late! Kagome's late! I thought she was returning right away? She said she'd stay over two or three days.
Don't be impatient, Inuyasha.
How can you stay so calm?! It's not like we only started hunting down Naraku.
Besides, Inuyasha You'd betterrest yourbody, too.
Huh? What're you saying, Sango?! I'm not like you humans.
I'm not a bit tired! That's just it! We can't keep up with yourenergy.
You're the one who's tired.
You! So I see.
Naraku's demonic aura remains hidden.
I've had my Soul Collectors look fortraces of him But there's not even a hint of his barrier.
How has he hidden such a strong demonic aura? Geez! Get the Sacred Jewel shard from Kohaku's corpse.
I used to think this kid was just a puppet But he didn't kill the hostage girl.
Nordid he allow himself to be killed by Sesshomaru.
Kohaku, if you keep defying Naraku, you won't live long.
Although I shouldn't be one to talk.
Naraku disappeared.
And Kohaku along with him.
Kohaku Where are you? Sango Miroku.
So Miroku went to woo Sango? That must be it.
Kagome even suggested that Sango's been secretly waiting forthis.
Kirara Do you mind? You must be worried about yourbrother.
Well yes.
It's easier said than done, but don't worry too much.
I understand what you're going through.
Do you want to be alone, after all? Huh? So is that all? Huh? Err no After all, considering the way you usually are I thought aftergiving me the pep talk you'd do something lecherous.
Sango you You should have told me sooner if that's what you wanted.
Hmm? Now that's a good one.
Damn! Everyone's crazy around here! I guess there's no other way but to study.
I don't understand a thing! At times like this Hello, Setsuko? You ask someone else.
Okay, thanks! All right.
Huh? Now why did I call herin the first place? Sis, your textbook I didn't do a thing last night.
Sis, hey - Sis - Don't talk to me! I'll forgeteverything I memorized.
I have to catch up today! He's here Inuyasha.
Yo! W-Why?! You're late, so I came to get you.
Hey, let's go! Are you kidding?! I have a test tomorrow! Why're you so mad? I'm off! Listen! Do NOTgo outside.
Stay put in the house and wait.
Understand? Awright! I'll be back this evening.
Huh? Where's Kagome? She left.
Oh dear! She forgot herlunch.
Lunch? Can you take it to her? Hmm? Here.
If I follow Kagome's scent, I'll catch up to herright away.
Someone! Catch him! Hold it! Hey, move outta there! W-Wanna die?! Kagome's world is pretty dangerous, too.
What now? What're you doing?! C'mon! Huh? What's the matter? Ears! Cut it out! See ya! Hey! Thank you! Man! What a dangerous world! What's the matter, Kagome? Err nothing.
Oh no! What's Inuyasha doing here?! Sit! Sit, huh? Well then, Higurashi, you can stand.
Why'd she do this?! What's wrong with you?! Didn't I make it clear that you were to stay home?! Shaddup! I couldn't help it! Yourma asked me.
Asked you? Here.
My lunch.
He came to bring this to me.
Wait, Inuyasha.
Err Huh? Let's share.
It's all squished to one side I won't be able to concentrate at home.
I'll stay in the library until evening.
I have to study! Higurashi! Hojo! Is yourneuralgia cured? H-Hojo You're still young, so you must take care of yourbody.
I made up this healthy menu foryou.
Try it, will you? T-Thank you! See ya! Hojo is so meticulous.
Oh! That's it! Why didn't I think of it earlier?! I can ask Hojo forthe notes! Hojo, wait up! Hojo! Hojo! Oh, I just remembered.
This is herbal medicine, but it's supposed to work on all kinds of ailments.
Huh? Oh, thank you.
Listen, Higurashi.
Health is a matter of the mind.
Live a wholesome life, eat three meals daily.
A-All right.
Bye! Oh Higurashi, eat properly! Hey, wait! Hojo! Hojo I'm home.
I couldn't borrow any notes.
Sis, take a look! Huh? What's the matter? A strange-looking youth in a red outfit captured a bank robber.
What's this story about? On top of that, this youth rescued a child trapped in a fire.
Inuyasha, you're so cool! Here is a drawing of his likeness done by the rescued child.
Hey, that's the cap I was wearing! You're right! What did you do on the way to school? Say, what's this box? Can't you see I'm busy? Sit! Sota, come here! What is it, Sis? Keep Inuyasha company.
Inuyasha, let's take a bath.
Thanks! Now then.
It's sooo hot! What is this?! C'mon, you have to rinse off the suds.
Shaddup! Enough! Get out of here! Go! Hey! Kagome Oh no I've forgotten everything! Would you like to eat? It's quieted down.
Huh? What IS this?! My tongue is burning! I gave him curry.
I guess it was too hot.
This coming from a guy that normally grins and bears a hole in his gut Say What is it? I'm being quiet.
But it's disconcerting to be stared at.
Why don't you lie down? As if! Hurry up and get back to your studies! We're goin' back tomorrow! All right! Does he intend to watch over me all night? I wouldn't put it past him.
He's a fireball of energy.
H-He's asleep! Geez! What a guy! Afterbothering me with my studies all this time! But I've neverseen Inuyasha sleeping so soundly.
I guess He's more exhausted than any one of us.
Sleep peacefully at least on this night.
Oh, they're back! Oh! So you spent the night at Kagome's house? What's wrong, Kagome? You have no energy! You monopolized my bed last night! On top of which, the test was a killer.
It's the pits! What a clear day! Here's a question.
Besides the ones Naraku has in his possession, who has Sacred Jewel shards and how many? Well Kohaku has one.
Kagome has three.
And Time's up! Koga of the Wolf-Demon Tribe has one in each leg.
That means Naraku will go after Koga, too.
However, Naraku has disappeared from sight.
Then what's that? Next on Inuyasha: "The Female Wolf-Demon and the Lunar Rainbow Promise.
" Afemale wolf-demon? That Koga is quite the ladies' man!