Inuyasha (2000) s01e83 Episode Script

Episode 83

Inuyasha at last broke through Naraku's barrier! But before he could render the final blow, Naraku, who had been seriously injured, escaped.
That was only because Naraku resorted to a dastardly trick using Kohaku.
But who would have thought that Sesshomaru would save Kohaku! But with Naraku's disappearance we were actually grateful for the brief respite.
Especially Inuyasha.
Our journey's aim is to destroy Naraku and gather all the shards of the Sacred Jewel.
We continue onward! You'd better back down, or I'll get serious.
Short-tempered as always.
Huh? Who are you?! Sending your wolves at me? You have a grudge or something against me? Isn't that Ayame, the granddaughter of the Wolf-Demon Tribe elder? I heard she went north with the elder a long time ago.
She's back? Ayame? I came to give you Gramps' message.
Message? You're going to take me for your wife.
You promised! W-Wife?! You have a Sacred Jewel shard in your possession.
With that, you'll be worthy of ruling the clan.
So come with me and let's get married.
D-Don't joke! Why should I marry you?! Huh? You don't remember? Remember what? You promised to marry me when I came down from the mountain.
Koga, when'd you make such a promise?! What about Kagome?! W-What're you doing?! Gramps told me to bring you back, with force if necessary! Fool! We're gonna fall! Hey, are you all right?! Let go of my hand! Hey you! Don't let him get away! l-I already have a fiancée named Kagome who's gonna marry me! I wouldn't have made any promises to marry you! Fiancée?! Kagome? Hey wait, Koga! Has he really forgotten? He promised.
On the night of the lunar rainbow.
And Naraku's whereabouts? We checked everywhere.
But there were no rumors about a demon named Naraku.
I see.
It seems Inuyasha hasn't caught any scent of Naraku either.
I can't believe that a demonic aura that strong could disappear so easily.
Can't be helped if you can't smell anything.
Kagome, you don't sense the Sacred Jewel shards either? Not at all.
No sense getting overly worried.
If we just keep collecting the Sacred Jewel shards as usual, I'm sure Naraku will come after them himself.
Forget it! We can't just wait around! But there's no other way.
But I wonder how many more shards there are.
besides the ones that Naraku has in his possession.
I have three shards here.
Then there's the one imbedded in Kohaku's back.
And Koga has a couple, too.
It was quite a long time ago.
But he DID promise.
Don't overdo it.
And when it gets to be too hard, I'll make you my wife, Ayame.
I was still a child.
So if Koga doesn't remember, I guess it can't be helped.
Maybe I should return to the mountains.
My territory is being overrun.
Without the Sacred Jewel, we cannot overcome this.
Find Koga and bring him here as soon as possible.
I can't! I can't go home! I have to try one more time! Damn! What's going on? This castle reeks with Naraku's scent.
But there's no miasma or any sign of him at all.
This mark Koga, the castle is totally empty.
Let's go.
Where? Where else? Find the mutt and question him.
That mutt's smell also lingers here.
Something happened between him and Naraku.
I get it! Inuyasha might know something! Hey wait! Don't leave us! Naraku isn't here.
But if he's nearby He's sure to come after me for the Sacred Jewel shards in my legs.
I know.
Koga was here without a doubt.
What is this place? It gives me the creeps.
What is it? W-What is that?! What was that demon?! Ginta! Hakkaku! Oh no! It's Ayame! Why's she here?! How should I know?! Hey you two! What were you doing in that creepy castle?! Where is Koga? What's that demon?! Demon?! Did it appear from Naraku's castle?! Naraku's.
castle? You don't know because you've been in the mountains with the elder.
Just recently, our comrades in the north and east were killed.
And the one behind it is a demon named Naraku! Koga has been looking for Naraku to get revenge.
I didn't.
It's coming again! Huh? What's the matter, Kagome? I sense the Sacred Jewel.
Huh? That whirlwind! Hah! I thought I smelled something unpleasant.
He's upset already.
That Koga! Coming here to flirt with Kagome again! Inuyasha! Koga! Koga! Hey Kagome! How've you been? Umm Hey mutt! Where's Naraku? 'Fess up! Is that your business here, Wolf? What else? Then quit flirting around with Kagome! Just answer my question, stupid! We're still looking for Naraku, too.
That's what I don't understand.
Why did Naraku abandon his castle and run? Wanna know, Wolf? It's 'cuz I busted through Naraku's barrier! With my Tetsusaiga! Hah! Shocked? Serves you right! More than shocked! You got that close, and you let Naraku escape?! Stupid fool! What a shame! If I had been there, I'd have destroyed Naraku! Why you! If I let you go on.
! Inuyasha! Calm down! Jumping to dumb conclusions.
! I'll get 'im! A miasma.
It's Naraku's scent! Koga! There's something weird.
coming from Naraku's castle! Huh? What the! It's huge! W-What is it?! Another incarnation of Naraku? It's a Hair Demon?! That's what was in the castle? No mistake about it! Ayame saw it.
Ayame? She was with you? Where is she? I dunno! We got separated when we started running.
What's going on? Why didn't I sense this demon sooner? Sacred Jewel shards.
Kagome, stay back! This pile of hair is after you! All right! You're an ugly bastard.
but it looks like you can talk! Why you! Such brute strength! Answer me! Where is Naraku?! Kagome! Mutt! You can take care of the demon! I'll take Kagome to a safe place! Hey! Why you! The nerve! It fell? Damn it! It wasn't too strong for a demon created by Naraku.
No, it went over on purpose.
Its goal is the Sacred Jewel shards.
Hey Koga! Where're you taking me? Where? Someplace where the demon won't come after us.
Koga! Ayame! Ayame? That's a mortal woman! Just what are you doing?! I don't have time to explain to you! Kagome, run.
Kagome?! Kagome.
That's the fiancée you mentioned! F-Fiancée? Whose? My Koga's! Koga?! Why'd you say that?! It's only natural since I love you! Don't just decide things like that! Koga is my fiancé! You can drop dead! As if you can use your tricks on me! Keep it up, and I'll get serious! Falling in love with a mortal! Where's your Wolf-Demon Tribe pride?! Shut up! I love Kagome! You have no right to tell me anything! Ka-go-me?! Err Yes? I don't like it! Huh? It sounds like my name! Only the final syllable "me.
" Even if you want to marry that girl, you can't go against the tribe's code! A code made up by the elders! When did I ever say I'd marry you?! You promised me.
on the night of the lunar rainbow.
Don't you remember? Lunar rainbow? But the moon appears at night Do rainbows come out at night? It was when I was still a child.
During the training Gramps had instructed me to do I got lost near the nest of the Birds of Paradise demons.
I was about to be devoured.
Come with me.
Huh? The elder is worried.
It must not be easy being the elder's granddaughter.
Is he going to the northern mountains, too? Uh-huh.
He said he would train me there.
I see.
You're going to use that flower in training? Uh-huh.
It has the same name as me.
so I'm taking it to the mountains, too.
- Umm - Huh? Thank you for saving me.
Don't overdo it.
If it gets too hard, I'll make you my wife, Ayame.
Really? Yeah, when you come down from the mountains.
A rainbow.
A lunar rainbow! l-Is that true.
? Did I really say that? It's such a romantic story! And you don't remember?! I kept those words in my heart.
and endured all the training with Gramps, and lived in the mountain! Hey Koga! How can you forget such words?! You're despicable! Kagome.
Stupid Inuyasha! You let Naraku's demon go! You're the stupid one, Koga! You're Ayame's fiancé! How dare you flirt with Kagome! What fiancé? Don't hide it! Whether it's arranged or not, she's gonna be your bride! Shut up! I still have things to do! Next on Inuyasha: "Koga's Bride-To-Be" Sorry Ayame.
That's how it goes.
Stop the act, stupid wolf!