Inuyasha (2000) s01e85 Episode Script

Episode 85

Wind Scar! I used the Tetsusaiga to break through Naraku's barrier and I almost had him! But he abandoned his castle and he disappeared leaving no trace at all not even his scent.
Naraku had completely disappeared! The demon Naraku had left behind in his castle told us that Naraku had gone to a place "where no one could touch him.
" Is there really such a place? He was probably so confident that he wouldn't be found that he allowed the demon to say such a thing.
I'll devour you, Sacred Jewel shards and all! You're just huge, that's all! Watch! Take this! Why you! Koga! Ayame! Koga! Ayame! As if I'd die so easily! But we can't stay idle! This time, I'll find Naraku and destroy him forgood! Where are you?! Where, Naraku?! What's this? Uh-huh, I sensed it too.
The demonic aura's been getting stronger and stronger.
Ademon?! Hey! Wait, Inuyasha! Appear, apparition! So there you are! You will die, weasel-demon! Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer! An old woman? Don't be wandering about like this.
Go on home and sleep.
Dog ears! Anotherdemon?! Begone! What're you doing?! Is this how you repay a debt?! Stop it.
Don't even try to stop me! Monk, hold him still! Hold him still! Demon dispersal! Demons are increasing? Thatexplains the demonic aura in the area.
Demonic aura? We journey around the countryside slaying demons.
So we're in the same business Anyway, due to this sudden increase in demons, I had to come out of retirement.
Just an old woman's whim! Better you stay retired.
Shall I teach you a lesson again, dog?! Now, now Madam Exorcist.
Don't you know the reason forthe increase in demons? Probably the curse.
Curse? Of the Demon's Head Castle.
Demon's Head Castle? It probably has a proper name.
Buteveryone calls it Demon's Head Castle.
It's said that the head of a demon vanquished by an ancestor was buried to ward off evil spirits, and the castle was built overit.
Who'd believe stories that you tell?! But for some strange reason, lately, the demon has been revived, tormenting people.
And no amount of exorcism has worked.
So Now then, follow me.
Where to? To Demon's Head Castle.
Where else? Didn't you say you travel around slaying demons? What'll we do? We have no time forthis! But since we know the story Finding Naraku is top priority! Isn't that so?! Uh-huh I understand the reward is great.
Reward? Now, now let us go.
We split the earnings evenly.
Hey! Why you! M-My lord! Please forgive me! I did not see anything! Nothing at all! My lord! In any case, our lord has been acting strange in recent days.
He locks himself up in his room and refuses to leave.
Say, Inuyasha Isn't the castle sorta creepy? Yeah, that field was nothing compared to this.
So this must be the core of the demonic aura.
From the severed demon's head? It has surrounded the entire castle.
What's the matter? Why the glum look? And what're you mumbling about? They all sense the demonic aura and are uneasy.
Demonic aura? What's that? Well don't you feel or sense anything weird? Like what? "Like what", you say?! It's all in your imagination.
Or are you all feeling scared? Still young, yet so hopeless! I think this old woman is a fake! Hmm Even I sense the demonic aura.
That's! This is the seventh one.
The lord slays every vassal ormaid that tries to approach his room.
Do you think the lord's erratic behavioris caused by the demon curse? Most probably The demon appears afterdark.
Until then, stay in here.
One two three.
One two three! Now listen up.
You must be prepared.
You're so full of energy, old woman.
I'll say.
She's amazing amidst this demonic aura.
Even forthose as well-trained as us, the demonic aura in this castle is unsettling.
Let's finish up this job and get out of here quickly.
You're right.
You are the ones who've come to exterminate the demon? Please be careful.
And please save my father without fail! Father? You are the princess of this castle? Many priests and priestesses have failed at exorcising the demon, and died.
Rest assured, my princess.
I shall stand firm here and conduct the exorcism no matter how many days it takes.
Didn't you say we should finish this up quickly and leave?! The demon! Ademon has appeared! Do not worry.
Leave it to me! Ademon's head! I'll go! Kirara! I'll destroy it in one blow! Sango seems so intense today! You're right.
Hiraikotsu! It went right through!? What the! Move, Sango! Wind Scar! Did you see that?! That's how you do it.
Inuyasha, look! W-What's going on?! What's happening? I hit it square with my Wind Scar and it didn't even flinch! That demon's head could it be? Damn it! Once more! Take this! How's that?! What!? Wait, Inuyasha! Why? If my Wind Scar didn't work, how do you expect to destroy it?! No weapon will work on that.
Miroku? Spiritual Power! It disappeared Princess, the demon's head Oh my! Just as I thought.
That was an illusion.
Illusion? Does that mean the demon head will appear again tomorrow? Yes.
That is just make-believe.
An illusion to divert attention from the real demon.
Hmm That means the real demon is hiding somewhere in this castle.
The demonic aura hasn't subsided at all.
Hmm demonic aura? I don't sense anything at all.
I see Some exorcist you are.
Didn't you say that the lord is deranged? Yes.
Ratherthan a demon's curse, you sure the lord isn't possessed by the demon? If you are noticed, you will be killed.
When that time comes, I'lljust fight back.
Don't be hasty.
He is the lord of the castle, after all.
Well, Miroku? Isn't it a demon? No he's definitely human.
And What? I can't believe that the demonic aura covering this castle is coming from the lord.
Well, don't you feel a little better? Sorry, but What? Not any better? Did it work on you, Kirara? Well? Strange This is a very special purification salt.
Most demons succumb to this.
Hah! What a fake exorcist! As if it'd work! What did you say?! Then I'll test it on you! Hold it! Overhere, overhere! Wait I say! Demon disperse! No way! Sit! What?! Stop it, you two! Huh? My father could be the demon?! Yes, but According to the monk, yourfatheris just possessed and the demon himself could be elsewhere.
Oh dear! MasterMonk.
Huh? The princess would like to see you.
Me? Hey, you don't intend to go alone?! Don't worry, Sango.
It's true the princess is very pretty.
But my heart belongs to you.
Hey! Who'd worry about that?! You don't know when the demon will appear.
It's too dangerous to go alone! If that's what you mean, don't worry.
Miroku is quite strong by himself.
Why the glare? Stupid! You still have much to learn about life.
What?! You fake exorcist! I'm not sure about her ability as an exorcist, but she's pretty sharp as a woman.
Huh? Not you, too! Now then Monk Yes? Take this purification salt.
As a precaution.
Take one packet.
All right.
Thank you.
It's a very long stairway.
You probably have heard The burial site of the demon head is down below.
Demon head burial site? Yes Beneath this castle is buried, the head of a vanquished demon.
I would like you to see it.
I heard that to ward off evil, the demon's head was buried.
Until now, there was never a problem.
But The burial site was uncovered and the demon escaped.
And inside this hole Huh?! T- This is! This is! These are the skeletons of the priests and priestesses who tried to exterminate the demon and failed.
How terrible! The demon of this castle craved humans like them and absorbed theirpowers.
That's why it wants me here, too.
To absorb your spiritual powers.
Damn, that Miroku is late.
Uh-huh he's late.
I wonder what he's doing? You're talking about that lecher! By now, he's with the princess and No, noteven Miroku would do anything in this demonic aura.
Stupid! He's so lecherous, a demonic aura wouldn't stop him! Why, probably he's feeling quite comfortable.
Inuyasha, sit! Why?! You have no sense of delicacy!! Notenough training.
But Sango, maybe we should go and look.
Not necessary.
I don't want to interrupt him.
She's forcing herself to say that.
It's here! M-My lord! Please stop! My lord! Move! The lord is turning into a demon! T-The lord the lord! Stop.
So he's the demon after all Y-You are It's too late to realize that.
The airin here is filled with demonic aura and your body should be going numb.
Damn you! I added my own spiritual power to the exorcist's purification salt.
It seems to have some effect.
But this is bad This demon is quite powerful.
And my body won't move due to the demonic aura.
Monk, there's no help forthcoming.
Besides, that half-demon is probably fighting the lord back at the castle.
I used my magic to manipulate that puppet lord.
W- What?! Inuyasha! Hope you're prepared, Demon! I'll finish you in one blow! What'll we do, Kagome? Miroku hasn't come back since he went underground with the princess.
And Sango is still so jealous.
You and I are the only ones able to set up a preview forthe next episode! Hey, Kagome! Huh? What is it, Shippo? This is not the time to be sleeping! Well the princess is sleeping so comfortably, too.
Next on Inuyasha: "Secret of the Possessed Princess" What's going on anyway?!