Inuyasha (2000) s01e86 Episode Script

Episode 86

As we continued ourjourney in pursuit of Naraku, in a strange turn of events, we ended up helping an old woman exorcist.
Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer! However, this exorcist is a bit suspect since she can't even sense a demonic aura.
Through her, we were hired to exterminate a demon terrorizing Demon's Head Castle.
And we learned of the clan's strange lord and met his daughter, a dazzling beauty of a princess.
Since the princess requests it, I shall exterminate this demon and free this castle.
Wind Scar! But on the night that the giant demon head appeared, Inuyasha's Wind Scarhad no effect.
It is probably an illusion.
But then, the true form must be somewhere else! The lord Ourlord! Let him go! So this is the true form of the demon.
Damn you! I added my own spiritual power to the exorcist's purification salt.
It seems to have some effect.
But this is bad This demon is quite powerful.
And my body won't move due to the demonic aura.
Monk, there's no help forthcoming.
Besides, that half-demon is probably fighting the lord back at the castle.
I used my magic to manipulate that puppet lord.
W- What?! Inuyasha! M-My lord! You've gotguts showing yourtrue self.
Huh, Demon?! Prepare to die! He's using the woman as a shield! Inuyasha, don't use Tetsusaiga! D-Damn! Shaddup! Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer! Nothing much, are ya! Hold it! l-It's gone! Fool! It's too early to breathe easy! You women, protect the princess! B-But Is anything the matter? Actually The underground burial site of the demon head? Y-Yes She wanted to show it to the monk.
Sango! I'm going to get Miroku! I'm coming with you! It's saferthan staying here.
Madam Exorcist! But didn't it turn out well? Weren't you worried? That the monk and the princess were in each others' arms? But at an underground burial site? Nothing romantic could go on there! What're you saying at a time like this?! You like him, don't you? The monk, Miroku.
It's written all over yourface.
I said it's not like that! Huh? What're you doing? I'll leave you behind.
You cannot move, huh? No one can overcome the grip of my demonic aura.
You intend to eat me? All the monks and priestesses who came to slay the demon were all devoured by me.
Monk You are exactly the 100th one.
I shall devour you and your spiritual powers and I will be completely reborn.
I shall soon bid farewell to this borrowed body.
Such a pretty face, monk! Don't worry.
You're not fatally wounded.
I have to stop the bleeding.
T-Thank you Don't try to talk.
It'll sting a bit, so please endure it.
They've all been killed by the demon! Let's go.
We may find someone who's still alive.
Is anyone here? Here This is the room the lord refused to leave.
Kagome! Look at that! Someone's asleep.
Excuse me The princess? What's going on? The princess is supposed to be underground at the burial site.
S-She's dead! Take that! Damn you! Quit this already! Damn! He backed off.
W- What was that?! Fora second, the demon seemed transparent.
Something's strange This demon keeps backing away and neverattacks.
Almost as though he's buying time! Someone has touched the host body.
Miroku! You're! I can't move! Kirara you too?! Woman, watch carefully.
While I devourthe monk.
D-Damn! That's! Evil demon begone! Take this! Purification salt! Huh?! This old woman My demonic grip doesn't work on her? Madam Exorcist Throw all the purification salt on her! Huh?! Take that! Why you! You put your spiritual power into the purification salt! M-Miroku! Are you all right? I thought I was going to die.
But Madam Exorcist Huh? What is it? How did you overcome the grip of the demonic aura? Demonic aura? Was there such a thing here? You really don't sense it? I guess it means she's very extraordinary.
Anyway, we can't be wasting time here! The demon head flew off! What's this? The demonic aura is thickening.
What is this? What's that?! This feeling Huh?! The demonic aura is rising from the castle.
This one is just a decoy to distract me! The real one is inside the castle! Damn, no time to waste! Why don't you get back inside the castle?! Then the demon took the guise of the princess and devoured the monks and priestesses who came to exorcise the castle? She said I was the hundredth one.
Hmm the demon Why did it come afteryou, and not me? That demon devours spiritual power.
Once it devoured the powers of one hundred, it was going to be completely reborn.
Oh, I see! It means I was number 101.
Otherwise, there's no way it wouldn't have come after someone with my powers.
Right? Are you listening?! Ademon head? What're those things coming out of the princess'body? W-What is iteating? I hid the spiritual powers of 99 victims inside that body.
One more I missed my chance with that monk.
Young woman What is that on yourperson? The Sacred Jewel shards! It may be more effective than the powers that a mere human possesses.
She's going to eat me! As if I'm so meek as to let you eat me! Shippo! Yourfox fire! O-Okay! Fox Fire! Now's our chance! N-Not so fast! You will notget away.
Stay put and be eaten! You will notget away.
Stay put and be eaten! Why you! So the true form finally showed up! Inuyasha! You're late! She was just on the verge of being eaten! Shaddup! Be grateful I came at least! W-What?! Now, now Why you! How dare you How dare you scar my face?! Unforgivable! You won't get away with this! So what're you gonna do?! Causing all this trouble! Well, it's coming to an end! You half-demon! This time, I won't miss! Prepare to die! The demon! Is it unconscious? The lord! Lord! Why you! Quit moving around! What's so funny?! The occupants of this castle buried my head as a means to ward off evil.
Foolish humans! That's why I cursed the princess to death.
And I borrowed her appearance.
And into her corpse, I hid the spiritual powers that I stole from those I devoured.
So the lord was merely guarding the princess' body.
As well as a decoy in case someone came close to figuring out the truth! Too bad, Demon Head! That you had to deal with us! Think so? Now you die! Stop! Miroku! Whaddya want, Miroku?! Don't interfere! Before you're destroyed, I must ask you something.
Like what?! Monk Why didn't you make an appearance sooner? You had me overpowered.
Ademon with a powerful demonic aura like that you could've appeared anytime you wanted.
Until now, I had to be extremely careful about coming out.
Because I knew that there was a demon with a more powerful demonic aura that could take control of me.
Huh? A strongerdemonic aura? Yes The mass of demonic aura controlled by Naraku.
However Naraku is no longer in this region.
So there's no need to hide myself in this castle anymore! Damn! Now I can have my fill of monks and priestesses! Well, I won't let you! Wind Scar! He did it! It's still alive! The Wind Scardidn't work! This is just the beginning I'll restore my body and wreak havoc on this land! What?! Wind Tunnel! It's all over.
Damn, what a nuisance! Look! The sky's returning to normal! The demon was destroyed and the demonic aura overthe castle has disappeared.
So it's all because this demon named Naraku is gone? That's why the demons in this region are acting up? It seems so.
Then I'll be getting very busy! Business will be booming.
Old woman I have one piece of advice.
Retire! You're just a fake exorcist anyway.
Inuyasha, don't be so blunt.
Shut your mouth! If it weren't forme, the monk would be dead meat right now! And I'm grateful to you.
Will ya listen to her?! I think it's made her overconfident.
Yes, but I think people like herlive a long time.
Well, I agree about that but Say something? Err no! Hey, let's get going.
If anything comes up, I'll be happy to help.
Yes, we'll be counting on you! Granny, take care! But what a problem.
With Naraku's disappearance, even the demons who were in hiding are now making a move.
They're just small-fry demons who were scared of Naraku.
I can take care of every one of 'em.
In any case, this doesn't mean Naraku is gone from this earth.
I'll find him, without fail! Why am I living in this world? Why do I wander this land? And where am I going? What was it that turned my fate awry? The time that I spent with Inuyasha.
When I saved Onigumo.
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