Inuyasha (2000) s01e87 Episode Script

Episode 87

Naraku had dispelled the barrier around his castle.
In otherwords, he had abandoned his castle and hid himself somewhere else.
In the past, no matterwhere he hid, I could sense the presence of his barrier.
But now, as though he had disappeared from this world, there is absolutely no sign of Naraku.
There is something behind this.
I have had my soul collectors search forhis demonic aura.
But they cannot detect a barrier.
A demonic aura of such size how did he hide it? Say, let's rest somewhere.
Not again?! We just stopped to rest awhile ago! But it's raining.
What're you, made of paper or somethin'? You can't call this "rain"! It's not only that.
Besides! You're riding that weird contraption.
You've got it easy! But! If you ride this for a long time, yourbutt starts to hurt! Geez! Why'd you make me say it, stupid?! Huh? Inuyasha! What if Kagome's butt gets deformed!? S-Shippo Oh well But understand this.
We start up again as soon as Kagome's butt returns to normal.
Got it? Inuyasha! Sit! It's turning into a downpour.
Let's look for shelter.
Hey! Don't leave me! Hey! An evil apparition? Yes.
Several villagers have already been killed.
Priestess, please put a spell on the apparition.
- Please! - Please! The apparition lives in the misty swamp at the top of the mountain.
Please, Priestess! I understand.
The misty swamp, you say? So this is the place I see There's an uncommon air about this place.
What? This isn't the place.
I have been traveling around looking forareas with a demonic aura but I have not come across any sign of Naraku.
With Naraku's disappearance, the numberof demons and apparitions has grown.
Simply searching forplaces with a demonic aura is not the answerto capturing Naraku.
Hey! A human? He has a serious illness.
He does not have long to live.
The villagers gave you a fat reward forexterminating the demon, huh? Reward? No such thing.
Any amount will do.
Leave all yourmoney.
I don't have money.
There's no temple or shrine hereabouts.
You're traveling without a farthing? If you think I lie, go ahead and search me.
Don't tell me you eat mist to survive? Hmph you could say that.
Never mind then.
Disappearfrom here.
What're you looking at? Go! A Sacred Jewel shard? That shard is what keeps you alive.
Isn't that so? I'll be seventy next year.
If the average man lives 50 years, I've lived too long.
But I can't die yet.
As long as I have this Sacred Jewel shard What do you intend to do in that condition? Find my death place Drink this.
It'll ease the pain.
Why do you help a man like me? You didn't finish your story.
I went searching for a suitable place to die.
Suitable place to die? Yes From the days of my youth, I've committed all kinds of evil.
Kansuke, the Mad Killer Rasetsu was quite notorious.
I killed stole burned I did whatever I felt like doing.
I figured I was gonna end up dead soon anyway.
So I lived as I pleased.
But I was a stubborn guy.
I got to be old like this and I'm still living.
What's the matter? I hate growing old.
I keep forgetting things these days.
But I suddenly recall silly things.
When I first saw you, I was thinking that you look like her.
Look like who? Long ago, I came upon a priestess who looked exactly like you.
Hername was Kikyo, I think.
Pure coincidence.
I'm talking about fifty years ago.
If she were still alive, she'd be an old woman.
If she lived Well I heard through the grapevine that she died.
And that the Sacred Jewel was interred with her.
I don't know how this thing came to exist in this world.
But I got it at the very last moment.
Were you seeking the Sacred Jewel fifty years ago? Yeah Along with a fellow named Onigumo.
Onigumo? He had a burn scarthat was shaped like a spider.
Now he was a true villain I couldn't compare with him.
It'll grant any wish? Sure.
That's amazing! And it's called the Shikon Jewel? In the village overyonder A priestess named Kikyo has possession of it.
Then we'll attack this village tomorrow.
No, Rasetsu go alone.
Why? Kikyo has sharp senses.
If we go in numbers, she'll escape.
Damn! Then what'll I do? With your bow and arrow, you can get herfrom a distance with one shot.
Isn't that so? Well Won't you try it, Rasetsu? Whatever I want, huh? I'll be able to drink all the sake I want.
And next, I'll conquer the world! I found you! Die! What?! Who are you?! Hah! Just a human! What?! A human like you trying to take Kikyo's life You've got some nerve! Are you after the Sacred Jewel? Shut up, demon! Unfortunately, I'm no demon! Now prepare to die! Inuyasha! Damn! You're a lucky dog! Did something happen? Huh! It was nothing.
Don't do anything rough when I'm around.
Where? Where did they go?! Damn that Onigumo! He planned to take my men from the start! So this is where B-Boss! You're alive! Boss! We didn't mean to betray you! Shut up! If you come back to me, I'll spare your lives! However Where is he? Where is that Onigumo?! Damn him! I won't let him go! Didn't that half-demon kill you?! Hah! Look at this eye! How dare you set me up like that! Now I'll return the favor! Rasetsu! So long, Onigumo! Burn! Burn! Burn! R-Rasetsu! Stubborn fellow! Here Hey! Throw him over.
Onigumo, this time you can go get it The Sacred Jewel.
Say hello to Kikyo! So you threw him over? Yeah.
To the infernal abyss.
Infernal abyss Naraku.
And? What happened afterthat? That was the end.
I stole this Sacred Jewel shard recently from a dying demon.
But it won'tgrant my wish.
It just prolongs my life and tempts demons to constantly attack me.
Onigumo continues to betray me even in death.
Although, this shard helps to ward off those demons.
What's the matter? It's come.
Most probably, to get that shard.
Ademon? This demonic aura It couldn't be Naraku! No, it's not.
This is Give it to me Give me the Sacred Jewel shard! You Just what are you to Naraku?! Naraku? That unforgivable Naraku?! Naraku severed me from him! Looking like this! It's a portion of Naraku's body which was abandoned? The Sacred Jewel shard.
If I have the shard, I'll be able to secure myself a properbody.
Give it here! Damn demon! Die! A human dares defy me?! Give me the bow and arrow! Hand overthe Sacred Jewel shard! You want this so much? That arrow-! Are you all right? How pitiful saved by a woman! However, you're some woman.
I got it back foryou.
I have no need forthat.
I'll give it to you.
However, I have just one request.
Request? I've lived the way I wanted.
However, afterexperiencing old age and sickness, I've become afraid of falling to Hell.
You want to be saved? I heard thateven villains like me can find salvation.
And I've traveled in search of it as a place forme to die.
But I guess I won't find it.
So? Take this Iock of hair and bury it.
Woman What's yourname? It's Kikyo.
That's a bad joke.
The wheel of fortune is everin motionso they say.
Put this on so you won't catch a cold.
You've already caught one! No, someone's gossiping about me.
Dummy! Who'd gossip about you? Good, no fever.
Thank you forbeing concerned.
Huh you're starting to get warm.
It's okay, don't worry.
Came all this way with his remains? Thank you so much for all yourtrouble.
It was his dying wish.
I've heard about this place of purification.
I believe the priest's name was Hakushin.
Yes, yes! There's a temple started by this Priest Hakushin.
And if the soul is returned there, he can cleanse any sin.
Where is this temple? Mount Hakurei.
Mount Hakurei? Beyond this forest, there's a valley overwhich looms Mount Hakurei.
So that is Mount Hakurei.
I'm getting a strange feeling All the fields have been ruined! It's time to act, Inuyasha! I'm no Dog God! What's so hard about catching monkeys? Why do I have to take care of monkeys?! There! Oh, how cute?! Say, do you want some treats? What's this?! Those baby monkeys have used some kind of magic! Next on Inuyasha: "The Three Sprites of the Monkey God!" Miroku, stop it! Don't use your Wind Tunnel!