Inuyasha (2000) s01e88 Episode Script

Episode 88

Ourarch-enemy Naraku had totally concealed himself from us.
Fifty years ago, Onigumo the brigand gave rise to Naraku.
Rasetsu Kansuke, who harbored a deep grudge against Onigumo, met Kikyo shortly before his death.
Just about that time, as we journeyed in our search for Naraku, a chance meeting awaited us.
It seems like such a peaceful village.
No sign that Naraku's been here.
But this place is Huh? What is it, Sango? Every field is in ruins.
What happened? A boar, perhaps? It's very strange.
- There! - Huh?! No mistake! - Please wait! - Villagers? You there the silver haired one! Those ears! He's not human! Do they mean you, Inuyasha? Who are you guys? Please save us, Dog God! Huh? Dog God? Dog God! Dog God! Dog God! Dog God! Dog God? Me? What's this? Pickled vegetables?! We realize that for someone of your stature, pickled vegetables may not suffice But this is all we have in the village.
We have no choice but to appeal to you! Hurry, hurry! Fan him! Fan him! Appeal to Inuyasha? They must be very desperate.
What do you mean by that? Ourfields are being ravaged by monkeys.
Monkeys? We have long heard that monkeys feardogs.
Please, Dog God, lend us yourpowers! Please exterminate the monkeys! I understand.
We accept.
Hey! I'm no Dog God! What's with a little monkey business? We have no time! Rest assured.
Sango and I will continue on and keep searching for Naraku.
He's right.
Inuyasha, we can't ignore the villagers' plight.
Damn what a joke! Why should I deal with monkeys?! Can't be helped.
You're the Dog God.
Yup, the Dog God! Is it you?! D-Demon Monkey! Dog Demon, huh?! So the villagers, knowing how I hate dogs, hired you, huh? Well, you'll die instead! Now this is fun! It's better when the opponent's a demon! Huh? Little monkeys! Oh, how cute! Hey! Are you the ones plundering the village fields? You win! Huh? As proof that we'll never do evil again, please accept our spiritual stone! Hah! Since you put it that way, I have to accept Inuyasha What? Shippo? It's a basic trick in the mini-demon world to catch your enemy off guard and make an offering.
So I don't think you should accept.
Maybe it's too late.
Why didn't you say so sooner?! Serves you right! The dog demon can't move! Moon, moon! Monkey butts are crimson red! Stupid fools! You'd better cut out your silly tricks! It's useless threatening us! Until our spell is broken, you're stuck to the rock! I see.
Then Then I'lljust clobber you with this hand! Inuyasha! Yay! Yay! Afterthem, Kagome! K-Kagome! Inuyasha wait there! Oww hey! We can't lose them! Like they said, only the perpetrators can undo the spell! What?! Shippo! Miroku, weren't we supposed to look for signs of Naraku? We don't have Inuyasha who can sniff out Naraku Nordo we have Kagome who can sense the Sacred Jewel.
So what can we do? Hmm I had to say that or Inuyasha wouldn't have lifted a finger to help.
I'd better shape up! I'd better do something! I'd better do something! Go! What! Transform! Combine! Smashing Top! Spinning acorn! You're pretty good! You too! Okay, all of you.
Time for a snack! Why do you keep pillaging the fields? We're not pillaging! We're looking for the Monkey God who has been kidnapped.
Monkey God? The deity who was enshrined in this village.
As sprites who serve the Monkey God, ourjob was to protect the shrine while continuing our training.
But because of the war, the shrine was burned down.
And the sacred object containing the spirit of the Monkey God was stolen! And you think that the sacred object is in the village? Yes.
We believe that the sacred object is buried in the field.
I know this because I had a dream message.
I saw it, too.
I had one, too! The message said ourgod was in a dark, dank place.
Mine said it was small and suffocating.
In my dream, our god said it smelled of vegetables! Something's coming closer.
Listen I won't make any judgments.
But the spell you put on Inuyasha you should break it.
No way! Why? Well We've forgotten how to undo the spell.
What did you say?! If you feign ignorance, you'll get hurt.
Inuyasha doesn't know how to take it easy with kids.
We're not feigning ignorance! We really did forget it! Oh dear You'll die! Wait! If we find the Monkey God, your spell can be broken! Besides, we learned the trick from the Monkey God! We must hurry back to the village and find the sacred object! Huh? We're going on ahead! What? You shoulda just waited back there! Hey! Aren't you tired, Inuyasha? Don't ask! No way am I gonna keep hanging on to this rock! How clumsy, Inuyasha.
Look at you, mutt! W-Wha! You! Such a shame that you can't use Tetsusaiga with that arm.
- How wasteful - Hey, stop! Give it back! You can leave Kagome to me! Why you! I, yourelderbrother, shall gladly use Tetsusaiga.
Let's go, Kagome! Wait, you! Wait - ! No way will I wait! The sacred object of the Monkey God? Yes, it's supposed to be in this village.
- Yeah, you have it! - Give it back! I know of no such thing.
He's here already! Hey, what's the hold-up?! Ourlives are at stake! Huh? The Dog God! Where's the Monkey God?! Get this rock off, or I'll kill you! That was quick, Inuyasha.
Hey, don'tgo nearhim! Why you! Can't you remember how to undo this spell?! Not at all! Yourhand got stuck to the boulder due to a spell those monkeys put on you? Are you really a Dog God? That's why I've been telling you, I'm not!! He's the farthest thing from a God.
Only the Monkey God can undo the spell.
That's the story! So if you're hiding anything, I'll destroy the village! Inuyasha! Sit! Kagome you! Be quiet.
Shall we split up and search? We don't want anymore plundering.
Thank you so much! So what's it look like? It's a rock about this size.
It's engraved with the symbol of the Monkey God.
It's perfectly round.
Could that be it? There was a rock like that up in the mountain in the back.
- It's in the mountain! - The mountain! The mountain! Awright! The mountain overin the back, huh? - This one? - Nope.
No?! Damn it! Inuyasha! I remember seeing it along this riverbed.
- The riverbed! - The riverbed! The riverbed! This one? Nope.
It doesn't look godly at all.
This isn't it?! Inuyasha! Maybe it's that rock in the forest.
Next to the Jizo shrine overin the east I know! The one over in the south valley! There was a rock under the house We're back.
Inuyasha What are you doing? You guys help look forthe sacred object, too.
I see.
So all this happened in my absence.
It's such a problem.
I understand.
I'll do something with my spiritual powers.
What?! You'll find the Monkey God?! Of course.
However, my powers are only effective from morning.
It's okay! What do you mean? Well, I wanted to have a place to stay tonight.
We've been saved! You're being tricked.
Are you sure about telling such a lie? It'll work out somehow.
There's something fishy about all this.
How pitiful, though.
Falling for such a trick.
Hey! Hurry up and do something, or you'll regret it.
Why? With my hand like this I can't use the Tetsusaiga! If Inuyasha remains stuck Hiraikotsu! Wind Tunnel! Get back, Miroku! Stone-Reaver, Soul-Stealer! W-What? It's a good thing, Inuyasha.
Yes, yes.
You have anotherweapon.
What're you picturing, you two?! If Inuyasha is stuck like this I'm going back home to the present time.
Hey wait, Kagome! I'm not waiting! Don't just leave! Damn! This may be good.
Hey you! What're you picturing? I know, Inuyasha.
Shall I suck up the rock with my Wind Tunnel? Can you just suck up the rock? If I stop in the nick of time, it may work.
I'll open my Wind Tunnel like this, suck up the rock and just as you get near it, I'll close my Huh? Huh?! What's this "huh"?! Well if you're half sucked in Err nevermind.
What're you imagining?! Nothing, nothing.
Let's try it.
Don't worry.
I WILL NOT suck you in.
H-hey! Stop!! Go on inside.
You don't have to stay with me.
Well, isn't it lonely all by yourself out here? l-I'm not, silly! I'll go if I'm a bother.
N-No, you're not! - Really? - Yeah! But what a problem.
Isn't there anotherway? Excuse me! Is that? Huh? This is about all we can offer.
And what of it? This is quite amazing.
T-This is! Hey! Weren't these vegetables grown in the fields here? This is unmistakably the glow from ourMonkey God! Just as he said in my dream Dark and dank.
Small and suffocating.
With a smell of vegetables! The field is the only place! He must be buried deep underground! Awright! We'll turn the village upside down! Yeah! Is he serious? Sit! I'd like to see something.
I thought so The pickling stone has a glow.
It's the sacred object! Monkey God! - Glow? - We don't see anything.
What a terrible thing to do to the sacred object! You DID steal it, after all! No, I found it on the outskirts of the village.
I thought it'd be a perfect weight for pickling.
Then you found it right outside the forest? Liar! The sacred object was kept in the shrine deep in the forest! We sprites guarded it dearly! Yes! Even that day We desperately took the sacred object out of the burning shrine.
We've brought it farenough.
It should be fine now.
Uh-huh Oh acorns! Lots and lots of'em! Look overhere, too! In otherwords, you forgot all about it.
Now then, the purification water.
I've been waiting! Monkey God! We've longed to see you! It reeked of vegetables! Monkey God! Has anything strange happened in my absence? No! Not a thing! Hey! Yep, they forgot about him.
If you build a new shrine and make offerings, the Monkey God will protect you.
Yes sir! Aren't you glad, Inuyasha, that the weight is off yourhand? Damn! What a waste of time! Shrewd young girl! You did well to find me.
I thank you.
Oh no your dream messages were so clear.
You three were just too stupid.
What did you say?! You thought it was underground, too! I wanted to get out as soon as possible.
I was concerned about the strange occurrence outside.
Strange occurrence? Shortly after I was placed in the pickling tub, I felt an awful evil aura, the likes of which I had neverfelt pass over the skies above the village.
Huh? What? Monkey God, what was it? I don't know what it was.
But I felt its presence while I was in the pickling tub.
And? Where did itgo? It disappeared.
Disappeared? It didn't just pass over completely.
It suddenly disappeared.
There's no mistake.
It's Naraku! The miasma headed in the direction of the ox and tiger.
Ox and tiger? That's northeast? I can't pinpointexactly where it disappeared.
Shall we go? Yeah We know which way to go now! W-What the?! Acorns! Why you! Scared ya! Moon ya, Shippo! Moon ya, Inuyasha! We'll meet again! What's with them?! They were some adversaries, huh? Just pesky monkeys! Hey, Shippo! Hey, wait up, Inuyasha! Shaddup! Let's go! We head northeast! Kagome is sick? She must've been exhausted with all this searching for Naraku.
Her cold got worse and she's running a fever.
I had her return home to her time.
Was that okay? They've got medicine and doctors there I hope she recovers quickly.
Inuyasha went back to see her.
To wish herwell? Like he's the kind of guy to do that? Next on Inuyasha: "Nursing Battle of the Rival Lovers" Rivals? Whose?