Inuyasha (2000) s01e89 Episode Script

Episode 89

As we journeyed in search of Naraku's whereabouts, three young monkey sprites appeared before us.
Clumsy, scatterbrained and quick to jump to conclusions yet too cute to hate.
The three monkey sprites were in search of the sacred object which housed theirMonkey God.
We finally found it in a pickling tub being used as a weight.
And the Monkey God said something very strange.
A huge evil aura had flown overhead in the direction of the ox-tiger, then suddenly disappeared.
No doubt about it! It's Naraku! Ox and tiger? That's northeast? Shall we go? Yeah We know which way to go now! We head northeast! Damn! She's supposed to come, too! What's going on?! I'm sorry.
Stop it already.
Kagome didn't catch a cold because she wanted to.
l-I know that! I'm so sorry, everyone.
It's for the best.
This trip is going to be a long one.
We'll use this time to get things ready.
Yes! I have to prep all my gadgets.
So your cold is actually a blessing, Kagome.
He's right.
So don't worry.
Damn! Hurry and get well! Inuyasha, I understand yourhaste.
But don't blame Kagome.
Yes, don't! I agree! I'm sorry.
Geez! I'm not blaming you! Honestly Kagome will recover quicker if Inuyasha isn't around.
But it's a problem that Old Kaede is away.
You have a terrible fever.
Kagome, why don't you go home to the modern age? Home? There are good doctors there, right? And you seem to have good medicine, too.
That's true.
I'm sorry, but I'm going home for a bit.
Don't apologize! Now come, Kagome on my back! Can you manage, Kagome? Thanks What're you doing? Err nothing.
Yes, she'll be staying home again.
Huh? Oh no, it's just a cold.
It's for real this time Err nothing! Higurashi is absent again today.
This time, she has a cold.
- A cold? - Only a cold? Well? How's your appetite? I don't have any.
Then I'll make you something warm to drink.
You can take yourmedicine afterthat.
All right.
It's been awhile since we saw her, yet she has a cold.
I wonder if it was cold back there? She should take her time and recover completely.
I know! For a mere cold! Until now, she stayed home for all kinds of strange ailments.
I know! Shall we go visit her? Visit her? She won't be hospitalized for a cold.
Kagome will be home.
I get it! Good idea.
It'll be nice to visit Kagome.
Are you going to Higurashi's house? Oh, Hojo Kagome has a cold.
I see a cold.
- Would you like to go visit her, too? - I see Cold, huh? I wonder if he's going to see her? Adelicate situation.
Lady Kaede! Do not panic, Rikichi.
Stay calm and attack.
Yes, but we haven't done this in so long Be strong! Inuyasha and the others aren't here.
We must deal with it ourselves.
It's coming! Now! Attack! Lady Kaede! Get out of my way, punk! Inuyasha! What're you guys doing here? Many demons have been acting up lately.
Some even terrorize areas where humans live.
It seems Naraku's disappearance caused all this.
The demons lay low while he's around.
Now they're doing as they please.
Want some more?! See ya! Hey, Inuyasha! Did he come to save us? Hmm he's not that commendable.
You're in the way.
Move! Punk! Just who do you think I am? Who cares?! I have business in this swamp.
This swamp is my territory! Keep it up and I'll swallow you head first! Head, huh? This head?! Take that! Now then All right, next! This valley belongs to me! This waterfall Shaddup! Why you! I'm not listening! Lady Kaede The demons aren't appearing.
I wonder if they escaped somewhere? What're you doing? Well since we're here You came to visit? Thank you.
How's yourtemperature? A slight fever.
How's yourthroat? Are you all stuffy? I've been coughing still.
Here, for you.
Thank you.
Even if it's just a cold, take care.
She's right.
You've been so sickly lately, Kagome.
I know.
Does he come to visit you, too? He? You know the delinquent.
He wouldn't come.
Why not?! He's not kind then? It's not that What's with all this? Hurry and get well! He's far away.
Hmm far, huh? Kagome! Someone named Hojo is here.
Hojo?! Hojo? Hi! Hojo What's the matter? I heard you caught a cold.
So I came to pay you a visit.
I gave it a lot of thought.
I wondered just what I could do for you.
And This is the only thing I could think of that's good foryour health.
Please eat it.
Thank you.
And also These are charms for good health.
But ljust remembered that yourfamily owns a shrine.
Thank you.
Our charms don't work too well.
Hey! And These are dumbbells.
I think you should build up your strength.
Th-Thank you.
And You still have something else? Why don't you ask him in? Hey you guys What happened to Kagome? We sent herback home.
Home? We thought she'd get better care in her own home.
So we sent herback.
S-She went home?! Just when I What? Where did you go without me? Shippo! Why you! What was that for?! Shaddup! Oh, looks delicious! Gifts forus? Er no he's probably preparing forthe long journey.
I don't think so I'm sure I put it away in here.
Hey, Grandpa.
What're you doing? Oh! Here it is! The secret medicine passed down through generations of Higurashi.
It works on any and all illnesses! I finally found it! Grandpa Kagome's cold will be cured in a flash! - Oh well - Just wait, Kagome! - Oh, Buyo! - I'll have in ten minutes! Kagome! Grandpa sorry! Kagome! Oh what have I done? Yo! Oh, Inuyasha! How's Kagome? She's been asleep.
But now she has some visitors.
Oh I see.
All the boys went wild.
And Ayumi Stop already.
It became the talk of my class, too.
Really?! Oh no! I'll bet it's all over the school.
I know! Excuse me for a minute.
So you're here! Here? To Kagome's house.
Well, ljust came to see how she was.
You're so kind.
Err no He doesn't know, afterall.
That Kagome has a boyfriend.
But Kagome's boyfriend is also kind.
Dummy! Um were you just talking about me? No! Kagome has Umm Well There's someone who's been bothering Kagome.
Yes, yes! Someone who won't even come to see her when she's sick! School seems so much fun.
Sis! Sota, what is it? Inuyasha is here.
Inuyasha! Yo! What's wrong? Nothing.
Just came to see how you were.
You came to visit me? Silly! Shippo and Sango were worried! But I'm the only one able to come here.
Thank you.
I feel better, but my fever won't go down.
I'm feeling a little tired, too.
l-I didn't come here to take you back, y'know? You'd bettertake care.
Better if you rest here She's gone! Higurashi What is it? Um Well Is there something troubling you? Troubling me? Well, not really.
And I'm not worried.
Well, I I wish you would confide in me more.
I'll do whatever I can for you.
So Since we're going out, it's the least Umm huh? Don't you think this will be on it? I think so.
What's going on? Tomorrow's the comprehension test.
Test?! And it's going to be used to determine our course of study.
Forhigh school?! Have you been studying during your absence? Not too much.
Kagome can't help it.
Besides, she's noteven sure if she can make it to school tomorrow.
Say What'll we be tested on? What?! You plan on taking the test when you're sick? Of course! Higurashi, are you all right? Hojo! Please! I knew it! There is something troubling you! Please help me study! Is it okay for herto stay up? There's an emphasis on math and science.
So you should memorize yourformulas and equations Are you all right, Kagome? Don't overdo it.
Please continue, Hojo.
See you, Kagome.
Thank you for coming.
I'll be seeing you, Higurashi.
Thank you so much.
What is it? No, nothing.
See you.
Bye-bye! Bye-bye! Now then! Say Yes? This test thing Is it that important? Yes.
What's the sense in taking a test if you don'tget overyour cold? But once I'm better, I'll have to go to school.
So I have to study.
Getting better is more important.
Both are important.
Just stay in bed! No! Kagome! I WANTto go to school! Go away! Don'tget in the way of my studies! What?! Awright! I get it! I'm such a fool Kagome, how do you feel? I'll make some rice gruel, so eat, okay? Uh-huh.
They all look so good! We can sell it and make good money.
I don't think we should touch it.
Kirara! I haven't done a thing! I didn't touch a thing! Same here! Inuyasha? Oh my head hurts.
Yo! Hey, Inuyasha! You didn't go back? I need a cooking fire.
Cooking fire? Will a gas range do? What's that? Fornourishment, there's nothing like liver! Boarliver, carp liver, chicken liver And medicinal roots and herbs.
Inuyasha, you're gonna eat all that? Not me.
T-Then All right! Inuyasha Here.
Medicine? It smells! If you drink it, you'll get better.
It'll cure any cold in an instant! It's awful! Bearit! It may taste bad, but it'll work without fail.
You made it? Well, yeah If it'll work, I'll put up with the taste.
You sure it'll work? Trust me! She's drinking it! Sis is drinking liverpotion! Liverpotion You're right.
I think it's working.
See? Thank you.
Nothing doing.
But how did you know about making such medicine? Err my motherused to Yourmother? She made it foryou? Well, the ingredients are a little different.
She used dried ingredients.
I used fresh ones.
Fresh? Fresh what? Fresh Anyway, it'll work.
Thank you.
I said it's nothing! Sorry aboutearlier.
Forget it! Justgo to sleep.
Is that some kind of magic spell? Err yeah My motherused to do it long ago.
I see I'm off! Yo! Good morning.
How do you feel? Much, much better.
Yourmedicine worked.
Didn't I tell you? I can go to school.
I'll even pass the test! Oh no! It's no good! I'll be late even if I leave now! I won't make it in time forthe test! You'll make it if you hurry? Buteven if I hurry Hurry and change! W-Wait, Inuyasha! Just be quiet! Will you make it? Uh-huh.
Kagome! How's your cold? I slept through the night, and I feel better.
What about the test? I'll go forit.
Atta girl! All stand! Say, Inuyasha I have to talk to you man-to-man.
Talk? What is love? Is love eternal? What're you talking about? I I love Hitomi! Kagome, you do something! Leave it to me! I'll do anything for my darling little brother! Next on Inuyasha: "Sota's Brave Confession of Love" This is way harderthan slaying demons!