Inuyasha (2000) s01e90 Episode Script

Episode 90

I had caught a terrible cold and returned to the present-day world to get better.
All my friends came to visit me.
But then, I learned about the test the following day.
Hojo, please help me study! But my feverjust wouldn't go down.
Just when I thought I wouldn't make it Here.
Thanks to the potion that Inuyasha made for me, I was able to get through the test somehow.
The weather's great and I feel great! I'm overmy cold and I made it through the test.
It's all thanks to you, Inuyasha.
Yeah, whatever Thank you, Inuyasha.
Hah! What're you saying?! If you're that much better, let's justgo on back.
Say Inuyasha W-What? Shall we go shopping? Huh? Hah! Why must I come along with you forthis? We'll be going on a long journey, so we have to stock up on supplies.
Last time, didn't you tell me NOTto go out? That was then, this is now.
Just what's going on? When we're walking like this, it's as though we're on a date.
Just what're you doing? Hey Kagome! These are all edible, right? Okay Inuyasha, what do you want most? Ninja food.
Wow! Instant noodles are overthere.
H-Hey! W-Wow! Which would you like? Well, it's hard to choose Maybe we bought too much? That's an understatement! Stupid! Don't stop so suddenly! - That's - What? Hey, why're we hiding? It's Sota.
I wonderwhat he's doing? A present, maybe? Found something you like? W-When you've decided, let me know.
What's he doing? I dunno And what happened? His foot slipped into the pail and he fell into the water.
Yourpoor father.
It's his fault forbeing so clumsy.
He didn't get hurt? No, just a huge lump on his head.
Sota What's the matter, Sota? No appetite? Uh-uh it's nothing.
At times like this, here.
What is it? A scale from a mermaid passed down through generations of Higurashi.
Tape this scale onto yournavel and sleep with it and amazingly Buyo, you can have it.
No! Hey wait! Wait! I'm all done.
It's from a mermaid! No kidding! I wonder if something happened? Maybe he's not feeling well? He's all right.
- What? - What? It's a sickness Iove sickness.
- Love sickness? - Love sickness? Well now, I'll have to make red-bean rice to mark this milestone.
I know! I'll use that as a reason for yournext absence! Don't bother! - Your teacherwill be fooled.
- He will not! Such a wonderful sickness to have.
Say, Inuyasha Huh? What is it? Can I talk to you? Talk? An important talk, man to man.
If you don't have anything to say, I'm going.
No wait! What is it? Hurry up and speak! What is love? Is love eternal? W-What's this, all of a sudden? Tell me Who said, "I love you" first? You or Sis? Tell me! W-Why? Well, you're boyfriend and girlfriend, right? What?! Aren't you? If you weren't her boyfriend, Sis wouldn't skip school to visit your time and all.
And you wouldn't come here to take care of her.
W-Well So tell me, who said it first? How did you declare yourlove? D-Dummy! As if I'd say that to Kagome! Then did Kagome tell you? What did she say? Or maybe, neither of you have said anything? W-W-W-What?! You haven't, huh? Y-Y-You! Say Inuyasha What should I do? Like I know! Hername is Hitomi.
I didn't ask! Hitomi is in my class.
And she sits next to me in the classroom.
Like I should talk But she's very cute with big, round eyes.
And she's fair and used to live abroad.
And doesn't like parsley.
And she doesn't carry a backpack I didn't understand all of that But in otherwords, you love this girl? But But I don't know how Hitomi feels about me.
That's why I want to declare my love to her.
W- Why must he tell me all this? Please Inuyasha.
W-What? Can I practice with you? Huh?! Let me practice declaring my love with you.
Huh?! Please! J-Just once.
Thank you, Inuyasha! What's the matter? Hurry it up! I have to prepare myself.
If you're notgonna say it, I'm going inside.
Wait! I I I I love you! W-What're you doing?! You don't have to laugh.
Well, it's so stupid! Why didn't you come to me from the start? I'm much wiser about a girl's feelings than Inuyasha! 'Course, you're a girl! Leave it to me! I'll show you how! 'Cuz you're my dear little brother! U-Umm Perfect.
It'll be all good.
Sis Now listen.
During lunch break, allude to yourfeelings ever so slightly.
Then after class, call Hitomi out and when you're all alone, make yourdeclaration.
I have to stay in this get-up and go to class until then? And what's so bad about that? This is an important moment in yourlife! But! Come on.
Do yourbest.
Sota Higurashi! Banzai! Inuyasha, you say it, too! Banzai! Banzai! Banzai! Banzai! Banzai! Declaration?! Yes, a declaration! Kagome, did Hojo tell you he loves you? And that's why you look so happy? But you'll be two-timing him.
No! Not Hojo! Then who? You're saying that other guy hasn't declared his love foryou yet? You'd betterget that straight.
It can cause problems later.
She's right.
That's not it! I'm not talking about me.
It's Sota! Sota? You mean, yourkid brother? Yes.
He's going to declare his love in school today.
I wonder how he'll do.
She seems so excited.
About someone else! I'll say! So different from the usual Kagome.
Sota is late.
Jilted? No way! But it is possible.
Yourplan probably didn't work.
I'm home.
Sota! S-Sota T- This hopeless look No mistake He's been jilted! Sota cheerup! Quit acting so depressed! There're lotsa otherwomen.
What?! What? It's not that.
Huh? I wasn't jilted.
Then what happened? I couldn't tell her.
Couldn't tell her? Just like you said I called Hitomi out after school.
What's the matter, Sota? Err Well If you don't have anything to say, I'm going home.
Uh Just a minute, Hitomi! I I I I I lo Sota? Huh? I don't like men who can't speak up clearly.
It's the end forme! So that's what happened? Stupid! You haven'teven told heryet.
So quit crying like a baby! It's the same as being jilted! I'm a weakling and I'm not worthy.
And I can't speak up! What're you saying? Then YOU have to change! Don't worry.
I'll make you strong.
Inuyasha Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer! Now then, try it.
But Try it! l-Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer! Good! Not bad at all! R-Really? Okay, once more! 'Kay.
Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer Hey, Inuyasha! What? What're you trying to do with him? This is all a matter of spirit.
As long as Sota gets into the spirit of doing it, that's all that's necessary.
Oh, I see.
Yes! What's the matter? Err Just talking.
Y'know Sota I maybe imagining it, but that training you just did seems to be building up your strength.
Yeah I think you've gotten a bit stronger.
R-Really? Of course! You're definitely a different Sota from awhile ago.
You see, Sota? So do yourbest! Banzai! Banzai! Banzai! Banzai! - Banzai! Banzai! - Why even Grandpa and Mom? Nevermind.
Just do your best, Sota.
l-I feel like I've been tricked.
Banzai! Banzai! Banzai! Man! This is harderthan exterminating demons! I hope it works.
Still what an indecisive kid.
I know.
I'm so disappointed in my youngerbrother.
Mulling overthe problem like that isn'tgonna solve anything.
I'll say.
If he loves her, he should just say so! Yeah! Right! Sota So you came back with your tail between yourlegs? It's impossible.
Afterthinking about it, I realized that just a little training isn'tgoing to make me strong.
I can't change my character thateasily! Oops He figured it out.
Damn it all! Will you cut this out?! Stop dawdling like this! Go and settle it now! You say that, but Quit making excuses! C'mere! Hey! Stop! Hey Inuyasha! Now listen up, Sota.
Until you tell her, don't come back! But! If you come back without telling her, you won't be allowed inside! This is my house! Spirit! It's all in the spirit! Make up your mind! That's all it takes! But Damn, what a weakling! Sota! Didn't you say you love her?! Aren't you a man? Pluck up your courage and go forit! I'm going.
Awright! Do yourbest.
Let's go, Inuyasha.
Huh? I have to watch over him.
As his big sister.
You sure about that? Let's go! Hey Kagome! What's the matter? You seem sorta different today, Sota.
Hitomi I have something important to tell you.
Sota Aren't you a man? Pluck up yourcourage and go forit! Inuyasha Hitomi, I'm not strong.
And I'm an indecisive person who can't speak up.
But But I really like you! Sota! Will you be my girlfriend? Okay.
Hitomi Sota! T-They're only in the third grade! P-Pretty good, kid! One two three Nothing forgotten, right? 'Kay, let's go.
See ya, Sota.
Okay, take care.
Say Inuyasha Yeah? Thank you.
Yeah Let's go, Kagome! Uh-huh! What? What're you looking for, Shippo? Kuroro, who lived in Koume's village.
A strange faith healerhad her banned from the village saying she brought bad luck.
Kuroro resembles Kirara and she's very smart.
Cats are natural enemies of rats.
Maybe this is connected to the village being overrun by a huge pack of rats! Next on Inuyasha: "The Suspicious Faith Healer and the Black Kirara" I'll take care of things here!