Inuyasha (2000) s01e93 Episode Script

Episode 93

At times, he'll use his spiritual powers to help people.
At others, he'll use his Wind Tunnel to subjugate demons.
In orderto destroy our arch-enemy Naraku, Miroku journeys togetherwith us.
He seems to love women and making money, but at critical times, he's very dependable.
I shall be off now.
MasterMonk, thank you so much for everything.
Now we can live in peace.
You saved ourvillage.
No such thing! I only did what had to be done.
MasterMonk! Please tell us your name at least! My name is Miroku.
Miroku is my name.
Lately, we only sleep in the open fields.
How I long for a good night's sleep with a roof over ourheads.
- Look! Avillage! - Huh? Really? I'm so glad! We'll be able to sleep indoors tonight! Perhaps we'll get news about Naraku.
Well then, let's go! Yeah! All nice and clean now.
Huh?! T-That's! Miroku! It's Miroku! Miroku is coming! It's Miroku! He's coming! Get inside! - Huh? - "Miroku is coming"? You corrupt monk! How dare you deceive us! J-Just a minute! Just what did I do? Don't act innocent! No need fortalk! Get him! What's going on, Miroku?! Well, that's a difficult question to answer.
What'll we do? There're so many of them.
I agree At times like this, before anyone is injured the only thing to do is run away! Hold it! I wonder what that was all about? It concerns Miroku, after all.
He probably did some mischief in the past there.
But they sure were angry.
What did you do, Miroku? I have no idea.
Sure about that? Hmm Oh well No sense thinking about it.
You probably can't remember all the bad things you've done.
Surrounded by beautiful women and partying it up Now that's a memory I wouldn't forget.
Listen here! Will you bear my child? Yes, yes! I'll bearyour child, so drink up, MasterMonk! Drink it all up, monk.
Okay then I'll down it all.
How wonderful! Oww! Oh! Anothervillage! Tonight for sure I'll get a good night's sleep! MasterMonk! - Huh?! - What now? Oh dear What is going on here? Where have you been? You promised I could bear your child.
What're you saying? I'm going to bear his child! Oh, I see I see.
Well then, let's take turns.
Hey Miroku! You have some nerve coming back here, you fake monk! Don't think you'll get away scot-free! Oh dear This doesn't look good at all.
Anyway, let's get away from here, everyone.
W-Why're you looking at me like that? Why must we run away, too? I think you should humbly apologize.
Don't be so heartless.
Look, you sowed these seeds in the first place.
So you'd bettertake responsibility.
I told you, I! Hey, Shippo! You understand, don't you? Please help me.
Huh? I'm just a kid.
I don't understand this grown-up stuff.
Forgive me, Miroku! Capture him! Yeah! Please hearme out! I have to keep it together.
Women are frightening creatures.
Did you say something? - No, nothing.
- No, nothing.
So just what did Miroku do in this village? You'd have to hearit to believe it.
Yeah And so, this person built a fine storehouse.
However, he had so many worries Would robbers break in? Would a fire break out? And thus, this sutra charm.
Wards off evil spirits, promotes good health, protects the home, ensures safe birth.
This sutra charm will take care of every need and concern.
Furthermore! For a limited time only, I'll give you two forthe price of one! I'm a little suspicious about this charm.
Usually, a safe-delivery charm is for childbirth only.
What are you saying? That's what makes this charm so wonderful! That anyone would complain about its multiple benefits! What if an evil spirit has a safe delivery? Can't have it get healthy.
This despicable monk tricked us into buying worthless charms at exorbitant prices! So you ended up buying them? And there's more! Uh Monk What is it? Won't you stop eating and begin the exorcism? Oh That's right.
Evil spirit begone! Huh? Okay, done.
T- That's all? At my house, he made us feel beholden with his fake exorcism, then ate and slept like there was no tomorrow! Not only that! There's more? Every time he came to the village, he flirted with the girls! MasterMonk! - How nice! How nice! - This way! This way! Hurry, come this way! Is he really a high-ranking monk? Thanks to him, all the girls are Look foryourself! Oh Miroku Even under arrest, you're so divine! Hurry and release Miroku! Oh well It's no different from how Miroku always acts.
But he's neverbeen this popular.
You're wrong about that, Sango.
Wrong about what? Well, you're wrong about me not being so popular.
But it's even more wrong that I'm tied up.
Whaddya mean? Well because This is the first time I've been to this village.
Stop your lying! How can you look so smug and lie before all these witnesses?! But it's the truth, so I can't help it.
Yesterday and now today all lies! How can you tell such bold-faced lies? Huh? Let's throw him in the river! Just a minute! What's the matter? He just said, "yesterday and now today.
" What about it? Yesterday and today Miroku has been with us all along.
Huh? Oh yeah! Then You finally understand? Then just who was this other Miroku? Oh, so you are the famous MasterMiroku.
Yes Well So, MasterMiroku What are you doing in a village like ours? Well I was passing nearthis village during my journey and I felt a very suspicious aura.
Ohh! So you did, after all? Huh? You are amazing, Miroku.
That you would sense the presence of the demon from the outskirts.
Then we must ask you to exterminate the demon immediately.
Huh? It looked for a second that you grew bigger.
Uh err it must be yourimagination.
Afake?! Yes.
Someone is using my identity and is up to no good in this region.
Why must you look at me like that?! Think about it That's the only explanation! - But - I'll say! What good does it do to impersonate you? I'd pick someone else to impersonate.
That's why I'm suggesting that we check this out! What are you all babbling about?! Throw him in the river! J-Just a minute! We understand how you feel, but this man denies it.
Hey, hey! You can throw him in the river afterwe learn the truth.
Well whatever! Just untie me! Don't try to talk your way outta this! I'm not! If you're someone else, show us proof! Proof? Geez! Will you cut all this racket?! Hey you! If you insist that Miroku is guilty then YOU show us proof! W-Why's he so rough? I knew you'd say that! Then we'll show you.
Here's The proof! Huh?! What's the matter, Miroku? Has he finally lost it? I see.
So that's what it is.
Huh? I have unraveled the mystery.
But in that position He doesn't look too convincing.
That's why I keep asking you to untie me! Let's hurry! The impostor is heading forthe next village! And? Just who is this impostor, Miroku? You'll see when we get there.
He knows me well and can imitate me.
That leaf gave him away.
Now then, MasterMiroku.
Oh yes There's a shrine deep in this cave.
A raccoon dog demon now haunts the interior of the shrine.
Oh well A raccoon dog should listen to reason.
It'd be okay if it kept to feeding on mountain prey.
But now it attacks our livestock and fields.
With the illustrious Miroku here, we're not too worried.
But please do be careful.
Yes, just leave it to me.
Hey, raccoon dog! If you're here, show yourself! Huh?! That must be the shrine.
What do you want?! No need to worry.
It's just a raccoon dog, too.
Are you the demon?! What does a mortal want with me? So you ARE a raccoon dog.
I'm a weasel! Huh? You look like a raccoon dog to me.
We're totally different! Although, I love eating raccoon dogs.
Huh? Are you really human? Uhh! You smell like a vermin.
Oh no What are you saying?! My name is Miroku! And if I do say so myself, I am a famous monk! Miroku? The one that uses the Wind Tunnel?! Precisely! If you apologize now, I shall forgive you! This is an opportune time! I shall devour you and become the most powerful demon in the world! No-o! Huh? Why's Miroku here?! Miroku is supposed to be in the cave - Let's hurry! - Yeah! What is this?! So you ARE a raccoon dog! I'll turn you into stew! S-Stay away! Come any closer, and I'll uncovermy Wind Tunnel! Y-You're bluffing! Shall I show you then? Well But you're back to being a raccoon dog.
Huh?! No-o-o-o-! Stupid raccoon dog.
Say your prayers! Please forgive me! I promise to stop this! Please forgive me! Never forget those words.
Huh? Who's there?! MasterMiroku! It's been a long time, Hachi.
Hah! You're the raccoon dog's partner? Hey you raccoon dog! I said I'm a weasel! I don't care about that.
Justgo back quietly to yourmountain.
I hate violence.
So let's be civil about this.
Hah! You're all raccoon dogs! Don't talk big! I'll make stew outta all of you! I guess he doesn't understand reason.
Wind Tunnel! What?! Damn it! He's the REAL Miroku, after all! I'm sorry! Forgive me! Please forgive me! - Please, oh please, stop! - As long as you understand.
What? It's all over? That was quick.
Must be a weak raccoon dog.
Not a raccoon dog, a weasel.
Hey raccoon dog! I said I'm a weasel! Who cares about that! In any case, don't try anything bad from now on.
Yesss! As long as you understand.
Now go back to your mountain.
Yes! I will! Excuse me! Now then! I want a full explanation.
Please forgive me! Why did you impersonate Miroku? ljust decided on the spur of the moment I was so hungry, I couldn't bearit.
And so I impersonated Miroku just for one time.
And it went well? Oh yes! It went unbelievably well.
And you started liking it? Just as you say Listen here, Hachi.
Yes? If you've learned yourlesson, don't try anything foolish like this ever again.
Yes! The trouble I went through all because of you! Yes But it's strange.
Huh? I really did impersonate you, but I neverdid anything to disparage you.
How disrespectful of you! Is that how you see me?! You say that but I really tried my utmost to pretend to be you.
Now that you mention it How you acted wasn't any different from how Miroku would act.
How rude of you! The only thing different is that Hachiemon was more the lady's man.
Hey, Hachi! Y-Yes? Sorry, but can you teach me? Teach you what? The secret to being popular with the girls What else?! Well sir Indifference ensures success.
Indifference? Miroku! What are you two whispering about? Err nothing.
You probably have lecherous ideas again.
What are you saying? Does my face look like I have such thoughts? Yes.
W-What?! Huh?! - Let's go! - Yes! Hey! Wait up! Miroku! He's the real Miroku.
You can talk to him! What're you saying?! He's the real one! Stop fooling around, you trickstermonk! You womanizer! You lecher! You crook! You fool! Oh dear Just what are you up to?! Indifference, sir! That's impossible for me! Why did that demon have a fake Sacred Jewel? Someone gave it to him.
- Who? - Ademon.
You picking a fight?! Calm down, Inuyasha! Demons are trying to create a real Sacred Jewel.
Izumo the scholar was attacked.
And people are being kidnapped in nearby villages.
Next on Inuyasha: "The Sacred Jewel Maker, Part l" Can you really make another Sacred Jewel?