Inuyasha (2000) s01e94 Episode Script

Episode 94

How beautiful you must have been when you were alive Midoriko.
Was it that beauty that gave you the power to create the Sacred Jewel? Said to give powerto those who possess it and grant theirevery wish the Sacred Jewel.
It was from that time, to search forthe shards of the Sacred Jewel, that ourjourney began.
We continue ourpursuit of Naraku who possesses most of the Sacred Jewel shards.
The breeze feels so nice.
So peaceful We haven't found a single clue to Naraku's whereabouts! And here you are, wasting time like this! Hurry up and eat! And because of Naraku's disappearance, all sorts of demons who have lain low all this time are coming out of the woodwork.
It's terrible.
So what'll we do? ljust want to be able to enjoy my meal at least! Grow up a little, Inuyasha.
What?! Unlike us powerful demons, Kagome, Sango and Miroku are weak mortals.
Don't ask for the impossible.
Did he call us "weak mortals"? It helps that Shippo is so mature.
What? Did I say something weird? Not at all.
I'm not wrong, am I? Who's the "powerful demon"? Dammit all! Just wake me when you're done eating.
Hmm the air feels great and the riceball is delicious! - Such nice weather! - And fine weather.
What's this?! Is something wrong, Kagome? I may be imagining it.
But I feel something like the Sacred Jewel.
Why can't you be more sure of yourself? This time it's different.
Which way? Overthat way.
It's coming closer! Stop! Stop! Leave 'im to me! - You're safe now.
- Don't worry.
What's the big idea, runt? Trying to interfere? Is he the one, Kagome? Uh-huh.
He has a Sacred Jewel shard in his belly.
But So where'd you get this Jewel shard? Now that you know about my Sacred Jewel, you'd betterhand over that fellow quietly.
Why don't you leave that Jewel shard here and quietly get lost! Impudent kid! Know the might of my power! Nothing to brag about! Ridiculous this isn't supposed to happen! Huh? What's that? The Sacred Jewel! Impossible! Huh? What's this? Inuyasha shattered the Jewel! Fool! The Sacred Jewel wouldn't break so easily! But I sensed the same presence.
It's an imitation Sacred Jewel.
Huh?! There is a demon trying to duplicate the Sacred Jewel.
What're you talking about?! Pardon me, but may I have a drink of water? Oh Please drink this.
Ohh this is such a beautiful water container.
Just who is he? My name is Izumo.
My family has served as guujifor centuries.
Guuji? What's that? Beats me.
They are shrine keepers.
Like my grandfather.
I see! That's why you are a priestess.
Go on! I began my studies in order to better serve the gods.
And I became engrossed in scholarship and traveled to many countries to learn, research and record.
I don't care about you! Tell us about the imitation Sacred Jewel! The purpose of my studies is precisely to learn about the Sacred Jewel.
That's why you know about its existence.
All the universe, everything in life, is created from four spirits.
Aramitama, Nigimitama, Kushimitama and Sakimitama.
When these four spirits are in synthesis, they become one, and in the human body becomes the heart.
Are we going back to that again!? I heard that before, but I neverreally understood.
Same here Explain how that demon got possession of the fake Sacred Jewel! Because someone gave it to him.
Who? Ademon.
You looking for a fight?! No, ljust Stop it, Inuyasha! Um Why was that demon chasing you anyway? Well, that's because I saw the demons.
Huh? I heard that there was a shrine which told the legend of the Sacred Jewel.
And I made my way to the mountain path.
Buteventually, I got lost.
Then I came upon a demon handing the Sacred Jewel to that demon you just saw.
Was he called Naraku? No.
He called himself Orochidayu.
And he said that the Jewel was not yet complete, but that soon a true Sacred Jewel would be made.
You're saying that a demon is making Sacred Jewels? That's all I overheard.
I don't sense any presence of demons.
It was just around here that I witnessed that demon.
I don't catch any scent of Naraku.
It doesn't seem like he's involved.
Well, Kagome? Do you sense the presence of the Sacred Jewel? No, not at all.
It's not like it's a strong presence to begin with.
'Cuz it's a fake! It probably doesn't work that well either.
Say! There's a village overthere.
No one's around.
Not a sign of anyone.
I wonder if something happened.
Hey! Where is he? Huh?! Izumo! Hey! What're you doing? Oh Hey! Word has it that this shrine houses the Deity of Origin.
Huh? It's empty.
What is the Deity of Origin? There is a legend that says from the heart of this Deity were born the spirits Kushimitama and Sakimitama.
Oh is that right? Kushimitama which embodies Chi (knowledge) and Sakimitama which embodies Ai (love).
Aramitama symbolizes Yu (courage) and Nigimitama symbolizes Shin (friendship).
Yu, Shin, Chi, Ai.
These are the four spirits of the Shikon Jewel.
Arghh! I don't understand! Never mind such talk.
I'm getting a weird feeling from this area.
We should investigate a bit deeper.
Yeah, I'll check the village outskirts.
We haven't found a thing.
What're you doing? Why is the sun so warm and blinding? It's only natural that the sun is blinding.
Only natural? But it's wondrous to me.
Is something burning overyonder? Furthermore, just how far is it to the sun? He thinks up such weird stuff.
No I've nevermet a man who thinks like he does in this world.
I'm impressed.
Is it common in yourworld? Why does night fall? Izumo is a scholar.
Say Yes? About the four spirits What do they mean? This Yu and Shin You mean, Yu, Shin, Chi, Ai? Y-Yeah Yu means courage.
I understand when you explain it like that.
You're right.
Shin means friendship to be intimate.
Chimeans knowledge to know things well.
Ai is love.
Now I understand.
Something-mitama or whatever I couldn't understand thatgibberish.
Aramitama of courage.
Nigimitama of friendship.
Kushimitama of knowledge.
Sakimitama of love.
When you gather these four spirits into one And when good and evil are sealed amidst chaos, then it is possible for a Sacred Jewel to be created.
Again, I'm lost! Stop, don't run! It's Sango's voice.
I won't do a thing! Stay away! We're travelers.
We will not harm you.
What's wrong, Sango? Stay away, demon! Neither Shippo nor Kirara are bad.
What's the matter? Did something happen in this village? Don't be afraid.
Whatever happened, we'll protect you.
The demons The demons came and Did demons attack the village? Everyone was taken away.
I was punished forbeing naughty and put in the chicken coop.
Come on out quietly.
Otherwise, we'll burn you alive in yourhomes! Wait! Please wait! Pa! Ma! Every single one of you must come out.
Is anyone hiding? Find them! Everyone was taken away by the demons When was this? About five days ago.
I've been hiding in the coop ever since.
So now we know why the village is deserted.
Tell me What happened to them all? Why did the demons take Pa and Ma away? Tell me! Were they eaten up? No.
If they only came to eat, they wouldn't have taken them all away.
Izumo! I can't believe they've been eaten.
Yes! The demons aren't fools.
They know that if they attack villages ruthlessly, people would hire demon slayers.
If they took them alive, there's a reason.
Then Pa and Ma are still alive? We'll go find them.
And we'll slay the demons, too.
Thank you! I'm so relieved! But It will be night soon.
I hope we can find theirwhereabouts.
The night Hides everything in darkness.
Even the most beautiful is covered by the darkness.
Well, I guess you're right.
I sense the Sacred Jewel! What a surprise! I thought I sensed the presence of mortals but to come upon real Sacred Jewel shards It's them! The demons who kidnapped my parents and the others! Hand overthe Sacred Jewel shards quietly now! You're the ones who should be quiet! So you're Orochidayu? Where did you take the villagers?! Monk I've heard rumors about you.
The one with the Wind Tunnel.
Well, if you're aware of it, it'll be quick.
Go get him! Wind Tunnel! Now, will you behave?! Seems this Sacred Jewel is a cluster of noxious vapor.
Miroku! And it's probably toxic to humans.
It's an evil spirit! That Jewel will defile the human soul! They all possess fake Sacred Jewels! Why you! Izumo, take the boy and hide! I understand! Hurry up and go! This way Hiraikotsu! You're strongerthan the average demon.
Even though it's an imitation, could it be the Sacred Jewel's power? But how did they make such a thing? This is no time to worry about that! Now then, give it up.
I'll use my Wind Tunnel! No, you can't! But Inuyasha! Iron-Reaver, Soul-Stealer! Where were you?! Shaddup! I didn't know this would be happening! Tsuchigumo! Ikkaku! Don't think that swallowing a fake Jewel will make you strong! - Release us! - Leggo! - Izumo! - Stop! Kagome! Wind Scar! He did it! No, I didn't.
The others got away.
Sango! Overthere! Let's go! Delicious-looking souls! Don't you eat any of them, Gamajiro.
Remove this kid's soul, too.
Pa! Ma! You'll soon join them.
Gyu-oh Now then, we shall see your skill.
Are you sure it's this way, Inuyasha? Yeah this place reeks of demons.
What about you, Kagome? I think it's straight ahead in this direction.
But I can't sense that Sacred Jewel too well.
I can feel the Sacred Jewel coming this way! Why you! They're all fake Sacred Jewels! What?! Come at me, you foolish half-demon! So what if I'm a half-demon! Atoxic miasma! What is he? Don't get too cocky! Even the Wind Scar didn't work! Priestess Priestess with the Sacred Jewel.
What do you want? The human soul must be polished, too.
Otherwise, it's just a mere pebble.
What does he mean? My mothernamed me Gyu-oh.
So it's all yourdoing? You tricked us all! Priestess Your soul and the Sacred Jewel shards will become the basis of a real Sacred Jewel! But they are notenough.
That is why I mustgather a supply of souls.
I will use the power of the Sacred Jewel to free myself from this destiny.
Next on Inuyasha: "The Sacred Jewel Maker, Part Il" I shall possess all things beautiful in this world!