Inuyasha (2000) s01e96 Episode Script

Episode 96

Here we come! It's the start of Inuyasha! We're going to gatherall the shards of the Sacred Jewel! And I'll destroy Naraku with my Tetsusaiga! Inuyasha's older brother, Sesshomaru, detested humans so much, yet a young mortal girl now accompanies him.
His vassal Jaken is caught between them and they're quite a trio! Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara travel back in time! To a Feudal Fairytale! Inuyasha! In pursuit of Naraku who had disappeared, we were headed northeast in the direction of the ox-tiger.
At the same time, Inuyasha's older brother, Sesshomaru, was also looking for Naraku.
Lord Sesshomaru! I'm hungry.
May I go and look for something to eat? Quiet, Rin! Aforest like this will have nothing foryou to eat.
Just bear it! But No buts! Be quiet! - I'll be real quick! - That girl! Hey Rin! Jaken! Yes? Let herbe.
I can't believe it! I can't believe it! Why'd you eat it all?! Shaddup! This was the last bag of garlic-flavored chips! What's one bag ortwo! I wanted to give it to Jinenji.
Besides, you nevereat this.
ljust took one piece and I couldn't stop.
What'll I do? Umm This Jinenji? Remember! When Kirara collapsed from Naraku's toxic poison.
It was Jinenji who gave us the antidote.
Oh I remember! We're nearhis village, so I thought we could stop by.
But someone ate his present! Quitgoing on about that! Say, isn't Jinenji also a half-demon? Yes, but he's so gentle and nice.
Unlike Inuyasha! Oh well! There's no present forhim.
So let's just keep on going.
If there's an antidote to the miasma, we should stop by.
I want to thank him for saving Kirara, too.
Then let's all go.
Inuyasha can do as he pleases.
She's so heartless! This is edible.
Brilliant! You are the one and only Lord Sesshomaru! You're so dashing, Lord Sesshomaru! Those are poisonous Saimyosho! Stand back.
That Naraku He left behind some annoying vermin.
Jaken There should be a hive nearby.
Yes! I'll look forit.
Jaken! Huh?! MasterJaken! There! The hive of the poison insects! Rin, get down! Okay! Get a taste of the Staff ofTwo Heads! Persistent pests! Rin! Keep yourhead down! I must protect Rin.
Otherwise, who knows what Lord Sesshomaru will say! MasterJaken What?! Still here? Jaken! You saved me, Lord Sesshomaru! Thank you, Lord Sesshomaru! MasterJaken? If I pursue them Lord Sesshomaru! Rin! Take the stingers out.
Did you get them out? I'm sorry, Master Jaken! The toxic poisons have entered my body! If I don't do something, I may die! I'm sorry, Jaken.
All because of me F-Fool! I'm notgoing to die foryou! I'm dying for Lord Sesshomaru! MasterJaken! Isn't there some way to get rid of the poison? It's okay, Rin I have been happy traveling the land with Lord Sesshomaru.
Even if I should die here, I have no regrets in my life.
MasterJaken Tell Lord Sesshomaru that I will be praying for his well-being from my grave.
MasterJaken! I don't want to see you die! I I'll do anything! Tell me anything! Really? Uh-huh Then maybe I'll ask MasterJaken don't die! To the east of here is an herb farm known as Jinenji's Garden.
Go there and get the berries of the sennensou "thousand-yearflower.
" The berries of the "thousand-yearflower"? But Rin If you truly want to save me, you must hurry.
Before the sun sets, I must swallow the berries else the toxic poison will have spread throughout my body and I shall Don't worry, Jaken! I will return before the sun sets! I promise! A-Uun! Go faster! Hmm are you sure it's this way, Kagome? Hmm I think so Right, Inuyasha? It WAS this way, right? I thought I didn't matter? Are you still sulking? Sorry for being rude earlier.
Man! She didn't even mean it! This smell What's the matter, Inuyasha! I'm sure of it.
Naraku's poisonous insects! Hah! Couldn't ask for better luck! Wait, Inuyasha! Kagome do you sense any Sacred Jewel shards nearby? No not nearby.
And no demon puppets either.
Then perhaps those insects are heading back to Naraku.
If we follow them instead of killing them We'll discover Naraku's whereabouts! - Hey! They're falling! - What?! Are they dead? What's going on? S-Sesshomaru! Did you kill them the Saimyosho? Saimyosho? You mean these poison insects? So short-sighted.
What? Now I've lost my lead to finding Naraku.
Lemme make one thing clear! These bugs just dropped dead! I'm becoming quite tired of yourexcuses! Who'd make excuses to you! I'm telling the truth! Yes, that's the truth! Stay outta this, Kagome! He doesn't understand words! Inuyasha I'm not feeling very magnanimous today.
I won'tgo easy on you like before.
Cut the crap! And don't come crying to me later! Stop it, both of you! It's useless.
They're always at odds with each other.
I'll say.
A-Un, wait here! An herbal garden This is it! Umm Who is it? Huh?! A witch! What? I I want to see Jinenji.
Jinenji isn't seeing anyone today.
Go on home.
You're here, aren't you, Jinenji? Please hearme out! Please give me some sennensouberries.
There's someone who's been poisoned and he might die! That's very regrettable.
However I don't have any sennensouberries here.
Go home.
What's wrong? Why won't you come out from underthe covers? You're just a little girl, so you won't understand.
But Jinenji is a half-demon.
Half-demon? Once in a while, he takes on the human form.
He's such a coward.
And he doesn't want anyone to see his human self.
Then please tell me where I can find the berries! I'll go get them! Sennensouberries are used as an antidote by demons.
Are you trying to save a demon? Uh-huh Are you smitten with this demon? Smitten? What's that? I see! You're so young! I underestimated you! I was like you once! Never mind that! I must save MasterJaken! Ma! Huh? This girl resembles Kagome.
Kagome? Oh, thatgirl I think you're right.
The sennensou grows in the ravine of the mountain out back.
But There are lots of demons and beasts.
It's impossible for a human to go there.
When it's dark, I'll return to normal.
So can you wait until then? It'll be too late! Tell me what kind of plant it is.
I'll go get it! Really you're just like Kagome.
Rin Lord Sesshomaru! I don't want to die alone! A-Un! There! That's the place! Take this! Wind Scar! What?! It's my win.
Are you prepared, Inuyasha? I don't care about my life! Just do as you please! I see Wait! You want to know where Naraku is? Then go in the direction of the ox-tiger! We heard that Naraku's aura went in that direction.
Stu - ! Kagome! In the direction of the ox-tiger? That's all I need to know.
You survived this one, Inuyasha.
Wait, Sesshomaru! Why do you go after Naraku? I cannot forgive him! H-Huh Thank you, A-Un! Sennensouberries "Thousand-yearflower" berries Oh! Found it! That's it! Sorry, A-Un! Keep them at bay! I'm going to get the berries.
Lord Sesshomaru I'm scared.
Pa Ma Brother They all died.
I don't want anyone else to die I don't want to see anyone die! MasterJaken Please don't die.
Don't anyone die anymore! Lord Sesshomaru! The poison is spreading Ahh the sun is setting.
Rin didn't make it, after all.
Ohh my vision is blurring Huh? An illusion? Huh? L-Lord Sesshomaru! Lord Sesshomaru! MasterJaken, don't die.
Huh? Alittle girl came by? Yeah.
I'm worried if she was able to get the sennensou berries.
I think she did okay.
She was just like you, Kagome.
Kagome? Yeah she's probably much strongerthan me.
Like Kagome, she warmed your heart Just like the sun.
She must have a big, kind heart.
Jinenji please! Hey, Jinenji I think you misunderstand, so lemme tell you Kagome's heart is pretty small.
Inuyasha Sit! What'd I tell ya, Jinenji! See how small herheart is? Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit! He's so stupid.
I'll say.
Second that.
Oh, you're awake! Huh? Master Jaken? You're cured? Or did I die again? Silly fool! Lord Sesshomaru brought you here.
Lord Sesshomaru? Yes, Rin! Stop giving him so much trouble! Uh-huh I'm sorry.
Ohhh But MasterJaken, I'm so glad foryou! Ohh stop, Rin! Get away! I won't! In the direction of the ox-tiger Lord Sesshomaru! Lord Sesshomaru.
We're going.
Lord Sesshomaru We're all together again.
What'll I do, Kagome? Kirara is gone! Maybe she went for a walk? Kirara seemed fine.
But this is the first time Maybe there's a reason why she can't return.
I'm getting so worried the more I think about it! Could she have run away because of that? Next on Inuyasha: "Kirara Come Home!" Kirara, don't leave like this!