Inuyasha (2000) s01e97 Episode Script

Episode 97

Here we come! It's the start of Inuyasha! We're going to gatherall the shards of the Sacred Jewel and I'll destroy Naraku with my Tetsusaiga! The land of herancestors was destroyed and heryounger brother, Kohaku, has fallen into Naraku's hands.
But Sango has a cute, dependable friend, Kirara, who's always by her side.
Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara travel back in time! To a Feudal Fairytale! Inuyasha! Ourfriend Kirara is a feline demon with two tails! When she battles, she grows in size and even flies through the air.
But usually, she has the appearance of a lovable, little kitty.
She's very good-natured and endures the willful ways of the others.
But once in a while, you should teach everyone a lesson, Kirara! Kirara! Kirara! Has anyone seen Kirara? - No.
- Neither have I.
Something wrong with Kirara? I woke up to find her gone.
Maybe she went for a walk.
Kirara isn't one to go off without telling me.
Then she ran away? Maybe she's in heat.
She's at that rebellious stage.
What?! What're you saying?! Don't make Sango worry! Kirara seemed herusual self.
Just 'cuz she's gone awhile ain't no reason to panic! Inuyasha! We can't be worrying about every little thing! Just leave her alone and she'll be back in awhile.
I hope you're right.
Don't worry! Kirara's not a kid.
Now it'd be different with anotherkid I know.
You're right.
H-Hey! Just who do you mean, Inuyasha! Who else?! There's only you! Ouch! Kagome, Sango this fish is done.
That Inuyasha! Who said she'd be right back? She hasn't come back! Shaddup! How was I to know! What?! Have you forgotten what you said earlier? Say that again, you! Oww! Let go! I'm going to look for Kirara.
Hey, wait! No use searching senselessly! This is where Inuyasha steps in.
What's this? Kirara's plate.
She uses this to eat cat food.
And what'm I supposed to do with that? I thought maybe you should sniff it.
I already know Kirara's scent! Do yourbest, Inuyasha! Well? Anything? Nope.
The scent ends here.
After only three steps? In any case, let's split up and search.
Useless! The end of her scent means that she flew away.
Besides, I don't catch any scent of Kirara around here.
Still, we can't just ignore it.
I know that! Well then Sango, don't you have any ideas? Huh? Like you had a fight or Kirara knows someone around here.
There must be something.
You say that, but Anything will do.
Like she lost her appetite or was moody lately.
Or maybe there's a large patch of catnip growing nearhere? Maybe it's my fault.
What? I always go to battle and drag her along without thinking twice about her.
When we need to go a distance, we take herforgranted and ride her.
I make hergo on errands and don't reward her.
Even her favorite fish she only gets a rare treat of it.
Sango, don't blame yourself so much.
Kirara's not the type to run away over that.
I got it! Got what? The reason Kirara disappeared.
When Inuyasha teased me earlier, I realized it.
It's obvious when you think about it.
What is it? Tell us, Shippo.
Kirara Kirara had enough of all of you and disappeared! Hey! Come out and say it instead of dragging it out like that.
What do you mean? I haven't Are you sure? Put yourhand on yourheart and think hard.
Can you truly say that you have never been mean to Kirara?! Yeah, I can! I can't think of anything I did.
Then it can't be helped.
I'll outline yourvery acts of thoughtlessness one by one! First Inuyasha! In orderto masterthe Backlash Wave, you practiced the Wind Scar on Kirara! Wind Scarpractice? Wind Scar! Damn! Kirara! You all right?! Oh no! Bald spots! It'll all grow back.
It's okay, it's okay.
Okay, time to eat! Let's go eat! I saw you, Inuyasha! Is that true? Thinking back, she did have some bald spots.
If you thought no one was watching, you're mistaken! Kirara ran away Because of you, Inuyasha! Is that right? Kirara's bald spots were caused by you, Inuyasha? And Kirara Hold on a minute! That's putting all the blame on me! Silly! Kirara's probably forgotten all about it by now! Then you're saying there's another cause? Maybe it's that.
Huh? Miroku, don't say you've forgotten.
H-Huh? Oh young village girls.
It's time foryou to appear on the scene, Kirara.
Kirara, go! Oh! Such a cute kitty! Hername is Kirara.
She's my kitten.
So cute! As are you all.
- Oh dear! - Monk! Not only that! Such a manly monk you are! Please spend the night in this village.
Come to my place! - No mine! - Mine! Kirara, you're needed here! Kirara! Evil spirit begone! I saw you, Miroku! H-How terrible! Miroku, you're awful! Err that was How could you! Kirara is ourfriend! You can't take advantage of her.
Rememberthat! Oh? And you nevertook advantage of her, Kagome? Huh? - Huh? - Huh? What'll I do? What's the matter? Oh, what'll I do? What'll I do? Not anothertest! Test? No, I don't have a test.
What'll I do?! I know! Feels great! Please, Kirara! Please! If you hearmy plea, I'll give you flounder and tuna-flavored cat treats.
Please! I saw you, Kagome! Why did you go back home that time? T-That time? Sorry, but please wait there.
I'll be right back.
Kirara, wait.
Let us.
Happy birthday, Grandpa! Oh, Kagome! You came back, after all! Inuyasha isn't with you? Here you are.
My present.
This is I'm not sure But unlike that water imp hand, this is genuine.
You can stay awhile today? Well It's a special occasion! Now let's have dinner.
Agreed! A special occasion A special occasion A special occasion A special occasion On top of which, I completely forgot the treats! Even you, Kagome? Oh that's I hope you've learned yourlesson and won't be mean to an innocent demon ever again.
Especially Inuyasha Huh? If you evergive me a noogie again you won't get Kagome's snacks for one week! That's not for you to decide! Sango! Sango, don't misunderstand.
We just I'm sorry I We didn't mean anything bad.
I know that.
I'm in no position to criticize.
You shouldn't! I'm no different.
I'd turn overin my sleep and smother her When I'm in a bad mood, I'd make her fly across the night sky.
That's nothing much.
I'd make her transform just so she could light the camp fire.
Grab her paws several times a day Pinch her nose while she was asleep Dress her up just for kicks K-Kagome What WE did was tame! That's evil! Such a foolish human.
To even think you could leave my territory.
S-Spare me! No such thing! This forest has so little food.
Damn it! I came here thinking it was Kirara but it's only a baboon wannabe and a mortal.
Hey mister get outta here.
A-Anotherdemon! Hey Bastard, you dare let my prey go! Inuyasha! Ademon! Where's Kirara? Not here.
But I smell Kirara! Who are you all?! T-That's! The scarf I gave Kirara! Not only that.
Look! Bones are scattered all over there.
It can't be! Why you! Did you eat Kirara?! Fools! As if I'd rememberwho I've eaten.
Did you eat her?! Don't worry.
I'll let you join herright away in my belly! Iron-reaver, Soul-stealer! This is my forest! Everything here is my ally! Watch out! He's too fast! He uses the counteraction of the tree branches to move at high speed.
And he attacks from a high altitude which is always fail-safe.
He wasn't just boasting.
If only Kirara were here now.
Kirara? Yes.
From now on, you must take care of her.
Ohh! Kirara You're just a petty demon that jumps around a lot.
Well, leave it to me! I won't forgive you! I will avenge Kirara! Don't think that you can defeat me simply by taking down the tree branches! Sango We should have cherished Kirara more dearly.
Kirara was Huh? You! Kirara! You're okay! I'm so glad! Kirara Kirara! Making us worry so much! But why? Inuyasha! It's been a while, Inuyasha! Old Myoga! Why are you here? Totosai bade me bring a whetstone for Inuyasha's Tetsusaiga.
Awhetstone? How did you carry such a heavy stone? It was an easy task.
I asked Kirara to help bring it here.
I came all this way and rode Kirara back to Totosai's hut.
It was a tough commute.
Kirara! It's been a long time! I know it's sudden, but I need yourhelp.
What're you doing at this hour? Shippo! Tell Inuyasha and the others that I'm borrowing Kirara.
We'll be back in one day.
B-But what about that scarf? Oh that What're you doing, Kirara? We don't have any time to waste.
And that's it.
Shippo Well I probably was half-asleep.
Half-asleep, huh? Hope you're ready forthis, Shippo! Help me, Kagome! Inuyasha! - Not too hard.
- What?! Heard that? No, Miroku! Sango! I'm so glad, Sango.
Look at the sky! Nice day! Kikyo! Is something wrong? Let's hurry and get out of here.
It's too late.
I've lost my shinidama.
Leave me and justgo.
If you go alone, you may get out alive.
Don't give up so easily! In orderto escape, we have to join forces.
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