Inuyasha (2000) s01e98 Episode Script

Episode 98

Here we come! It's the start of Inuyasha! We're going to gatherall the shards of the Sacred Jewel And I'll destroy Naraku with my Tetsusaiga! Kikyo who was resurrected into a body made of bones and earth and continues to exist through souls of the dead.
The bond she shared with Inuyasha remains strong I understand that, but Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara travel back in time! To a Feudal Fairytale! Inuyasha! Help Someone Help me! Ayoung child? So late at night? You there! Damn! Sit! What're you doing, Kagome?! Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit! Sit! Stupid Inuyasha! Err Kagome? Where're you going? Awalk! For a walk! Kagome's so scary! I have to be strong! That Inuyasha! I made it sweet just so he could eat it, too! I'm so mad! I'll never cook for him again! Maybe I was a bit harsh? This feeling! It's a Sacred Jewel shard! I'm sure of it! It's very faint.
But I feel the Sacred Jewel shard! What's with her anyway? What are you saying? I'll be very blunt.
You are to blame, Inuyasha! Why? All I did was speak the truth.
That's where you messed up! Kagome did herbest to cook.
How could you say such a cruel thing! Well then Were you able to eat that stuff?! It's quite good.
- Avery distinct flavor.
- Uh-huh.
You guys are strange! How could you eat stuff that makes yourtongue burn?! It's from in here.
The shard seems pure enough.
Help Someone help I have no choice but to go in and see formyself.
Kikyo The shard of the Sacred Jewel she has one.
It seems you have the power of a priestess, too.
Uh What're you doing in a place like this? Is something wrong with you? Could it be your soul spheres? Where are the Soul Collectors? Why're you collapsed in here like this? You sure talk a lot like always.
In any case, let's get out of here.
It's useless We're in the belly of the Priestess Eater.
Priestess Eater? It's the name of the demon who devours priestesses and absorbs their powers.
It puts up a barrier on the outside and allows no one but a priestess inside.
So we're inside the belly of this demon? A priestess' powers have no effect in here.
It's impossible to escape.
That's! But it looks like an ordinary cave.
It's useless to attempt anything.
Are you kidding?! I'm not willing to die in a place like this! Let's go! So which way should we go? He's in a bad mood.
You should justgo and say you're sorry.
Shaddup! I REFUSE to apologize! This girl just what does she intend to do? Oh boy why'd this have to happen?! On top of that, why'd I have to get stuck with Kikyo?! Umm Doing fine, you know.
Oh, not me.
I meant Inuyasha.
He's always saying things to make people mad, but he's doing okay.
ljust had a fight with him earlier.
I guess when he was with you, such things neverhappened, huh? Stupid me! What am I saying? Why must I say things like that to Kikyo? Well because Kikyo and Inuyasha were Huh?! Hey! Inuyasha I will destroy Naraku! So you don't have to fight anymore.
I will protect you! Inuyasha! Kikyo Oh dear I'm having such bad luck today.
Are you all right? Why did this happen? You are quite amazing.
Normally, a priestess wouldn't be able to move.
Meaning I'm not normal? Leave me! Huh? I am a dead person anyway.
Ratherthan being burdened by someone like me, you have a better chance of living by going on alone.
In orderto escape from here, you must destroy the heart which you'll find deeper in the cave.
I can't do that I don't know about our chances.
But don't orderme around! I will notgive up! So you cannotgive up so easily! You? I can hear something! But Kagome is very late.
Maybe something happened? I think you should go and get her, Inuyasha! Shaddup! Who'd go afterthat! Acting so proud.
She's right, Inuyasha.
In this world, you must learn to accept things with grace.
Be honest with yourself.
It's also a problem if you're toohonest.
Those were just practice shots.
Take that! And that! T-Thank you! We are going to survive this! Listen up! I'm notgoing to look for Kagome! I'm goin' for a walk! S'all! I feel the last of my souls starting to fade.
We must hurry! Hurry! We must make haste! Why does this girl? So warm this living body through which blood flows.
Is this Kagome's strength? Inuyasha must be so worried.
I really don't think so.
We just had an argument and he probably doesn't know about ourpredicament.
If we're to escape from here, we have to do it on our own strength.
Kikyo, hang in there for a bit longer.
Kagome! Kagome! This is? The central core of the cave.
Then What is it? It's coming.
If you destroy the heart of the demon, the barrierwill disappear.
That's the heart? Then there's no time to waste.
Let's destroy it and get out of here! It's too much even for Kagome W-Why? I told you A priestess' power and her arrows are useless against this demon.
T-That's! What's that?! How gruesome! R-Run! Huh? It's too dangerous to stay here The path! Run! It's over if you're sealed in here! No! I will NOT leave you behind! Kagome! Kagome! Isn't there something?! Something?! My arrows are useless against it Then I must use something else! I know! If I shoot these into the heart Darn it! There's no way I can retrieve the shards! There's no way I can retrieve the shards! I'm borrowing this! Here I come, Demon! I did it! What?! The Sacred Jewel shard didn't work?! The shards Give me the remaining shards Huh? But Hurry! All right! Kikyo! Kikyo! Give me your hand! Pray But what? Believe in me A-All right.
The shards have become one! I get it! Even if one shard isn't strong enough three shards combined are! There's only one chance.
Aim well! Go! U-Umm What's wrong? Hurry and go.
Why? Why didn't you give up? That moment did you believe in me? You're very talkative for a change.
Even I don't know the answer to yourquestion.
Then why did you save me, a dead person? Because if you're gone, someone would be very sad.
If you're gone, too.
Inuyasha You came for me? Hurry, let's go! Umm Inuyasha Hey Kagome do you know Sesshomaru? Sesshomaru is Inuyasha's older brother.
Inuyasha's on bad terms with Sesshomaru who wields a powerful sword named Tokijin.
He's extremely strong and a bit cold-hearted.
Cold-hearted? When Inuyasha and Koga fight, they'd neverget to the point of death.
But Sesshomaru wouldn't hesitate to kill.
Next on Inuyasha: "Koga and Sesshomaru: A Dangerous Encounter" This is bad! Koga will Get killed!