Inuyasha (2000) s01e99 Episode Script

Episode 99

Here we come! It's the start of Inuyasha! We're going to gatherevery shard of the Sacred Jewel And I'll destroy Naraku with my Tetsusaiga! Koga and Sesshomaru They seem to be total opposites, but they have one thing in common.
They're both on really bad terms with Inuyasha.
Miroku, Sango, Shippo and Kirara travel back in time! To a Feudal Fairytale! Inuyasha! Wait! It's noteasy looking forfood in unfamiliar territory.
Can't find a damned thing! Bearit a bit longer.
A little earlier we could've attacked a human village.
But Koga ordered us not to botherhumans anymore.
And if we did, Kagome would hate us for it.
Boy, did we come far.
Yeah There's a river, Jaken! We can catch fish! Rin! Don't be too hasty! What's that? What? A human child.
- Hey! Calm down, you guys.
- Humans are no good.
All right! Ourwork's done.
I'm going on ahead.
You can eat whateveryou like in this village.
Jaken! I see Rin was once attacked by wolves.
You there, wolves! Leave this area immediately! Why? Besides, who'd you think we are? We're the trusted henchmen of Koga, the young leader of the Wolf-Demon Tribe.
Hakkaku the shrewd one! And dimpled Ginta! So there! Rememberus now? Never heard of you.
What?! Cowerin fear, you two! It has been several centuries since I began serving Lord Sesshomaru! Crossed through three thousand worlds have I, his most loyal follower! I answerto the name Jaken! You braggart! Never heard of you nor Sesshomaru! How dare you insult Lord Sesshomaru! We'll gladly fight you! Jaken, what are you doing? Lord Sesshomaru! W-Who're you?! Wanna fight? We ain't running away! We ain't afraid! Rin Yes? Weren't you going to catch fish? Oh yes! H-He was kinda scary.
Didn't we see him before? Say the name Sesshomaru rings a bell.
Wonderwho he was? Anyway, let's go back to Koga.
Yeah let's go! Why're you wandering around here, mutt?! That's my line! I'm looking for Naraku and I end up running into you! Shaddup! You don't need to butt into this.
I'm gonna get Naraku! Hey! Sorry, Kagome.
I still haven't located Naraku.
Wait until next time.
Don't worry about it.
Hey Koga! Found anything to eat? Err no What? Empty-handed? Hopeless fools.
Hey, you skinny wolves! You'd betternot be thinking about attacking a village.
So what? What?! As if we'd attack humans.
I'll catch a boar ortwo in no time.
He even tried to eat me before.
He doesn't want Kagome to hate him.
I guess even Koga defers to how Kagome feels.
Say, Koga.
Take this and eat it.
The last of Kagome's special ninja snacks! Kagome, so you're worried about me.
Well No need to give it to HIM! What're you doing, fool?! Why you! - She gave it to me! - Give it back! Kagome gave it to me! Stop it, you two! Kagome, everheard of Sesshomaru? Afair-skinned dog-demon.
Wears a furry kimono.
Sesshomaru is Inuyasha's older brother.
Inuyasha's brother?! You mutt! I can't stand that smell of yours! Don't insult me, you puny wolf! What kind of guy is this Sesshomaru? What kind? Well, he doesn'tget along with Inuyasha.
And has an evil sword named Tokijin.
And he's extremely strong and a bit cold-hearted.
Cold-hearted? Inuyasha and Koga can fight like that, but they'd neverkill each other.
But Sesshomaru wouldn't hesitate to kill his opponent.
Kill? But maybe he's changed lately.
He doesn't seem as cold-hearted as before.
Why you! Hey, I told you guys to stop! I guess he was a dangerous opponent.
Good thing we didn't engage him.
What is it? What's the matter? What're they doing? They once attacked that child? That child who accompanied Sesshomaru! I'm getting tired of this.
I think it'll be settled soon.
Inuyasha! Sit! Kagome you! Kagome, I'll think of this as a token of your love.
Don't think that.
See ya! Wait, Koga! See ya, Sis! Things have calmed down at last.
Let us go to the next village as planned.
Hold it, you! This doesn't smell like meat, but it's good! Hey, if we go this way We'll hit that river.
There was a riverup a ways.
Let's rest overthere.
Err no, no! Let's go on ahead! Forget the river! I'm thirsty! Then let's go upriver some more.
Or downriver some more.
Why go through so much trouble? - Well - That's We can't tell him! Knowing Koga's personality he'll Fools! Why must I avoid Inuyasha's older brother?! He's just another mutt! Bring him on! Lead me to him! He'll go start a fight himself.
- Koga! Let's go that way.
- C'mon, Koga.
Hey you two! What's with ordering me around?! We're not ordering you around, Koga.
We're just warning you.
Please just listen to us.
Okay?! Cut it out! What's going on? I want to go this way.
You just follow! We don't want to follow! That's why we're stopping you! We don't wanna go there! You don't want to follow me? Then go on home! Koga, what a thing to say to us! You don't even understand how we feel! Why should I understand yourfeelings?! Koga! You stupid! What's with them? You have it! You have it! W-What was that?! What is it? You have a Sacred Jewel shard! Ademon? Hand overthe Sacred Jewel shard! Namu Ohh! So strong! Huh? Ourvillage was tormented by that demon.
You saved us! There's been an increase in demons lately.
You must spend the night with us! Really? Thank you.
We can accept their hospitality withoutguilt tonight.
Especially since there's no reason forMiroku to do an unnecessary exorcism.
Why? We won't find Naraku in a village that was under attack by demons.
Don't say that.
Let's just stay here.
Stupid Koga! How could he say such things when we're worried about him? He's so rash.
He's too arrogant just 'cuz he's the young boss.
Maybe we should go serve Kagome.
Kagome wouldn't ever treat us like this! But there's Inuyasha.
You're right.
And he's just as rough.
Who are you? You're not from around here.
- Wait! - Hang in there! You coward! You're mean, Ginta! Koga would never abandon a comrade! That's 'cuz he's Koga! Damn! This is happening because Koga came this far! Right! He just wanted to go after Naraku and didn't think.
He said Naraku was unforgivable forkilling our comrades Oh yeah before Naraku disappeared Why don't we give up about finding Naraku's castle? What'd you say?! Have you forgotten?! Naraku slaughtered all ourfriends and family! Who'd everforget?! But there's no way to find him! I'll nevergive up! I'll beat that Naraku to death! Orelse, ourdead comrades won't everforgive me! This journey is a vendetta for ourlost comrades.
Koga is the young boss.
He feels the responsibility.
He's rough, but he cherishes all his comrades.
He saved us a number of times, too.
What'll you do? What should we do? This smell! It's Sesshomaru! He's coming this way! But Koga's up ahead! They'll meet! But if they meet Hey! You disgusting mutt! Stop looking so smug! Lord Sesshomaru, he's the one! We must do something! We two must do something! But what?! What should we do? What are they? This road is closed! Turn around! What shall we do, Lord Sesshomaru? Lord Sesshomaru We're the right- and left-hand men of Koga, the great young boss of the Wolf-Demon Tribe.
Ginta from Hell! Slayer Hakkaku! Sounds different from earlier on.
If you understand, turn around! Well? Well? Hurling body! Lightning kick! Well? Make way! Y-You go elsewhere! Y-Yeah! Don't they value theirlives? I said to make way! But Sesshomaru wouldn't hesitate to kill his opponent.
l-It's all over, Ginta! Hakkaku! We'll have a better chance of making it alive if we drag Koga away from here.
You're right! Let's get Koga away from here! What about me? Koga! Who are you? Boy, it's starting to smell just like that mutt! Huh! Lord Sesshomaru He's Inuyasha's olderbrother.
Don't goad him, Koga.
Inuyasha's older brother? So he's not a half-demon? What? Struck a nerve? Koga! Stand back, Rin.
Lord Sesshomaru! Such fools.
They'll die.
It's all over! Hand it over! Hand overthe Sacred Jewel shard! Shaddup! Lord Sesshomaru! Thanks fornothing! Jaken! Let me have the human! Jaken! Don't you dare eat humans! Unnecessary interference.
Feeling's mutual.
What?! Huh? Let's go, guys.
Is that all right, Lord Sesshomaru? Koga's wolves were the ones that attacked Rin.
If he tried the same thing, I'd kill him.
But the one I'm after now is Naraku.
I don't need unnecessary battles.
Jaken, you'll be left behind.
Huh?! Wait! Eat, it's all yours.
Kagome probably gave it to me to share.
- Thank you very much.
Why'd you say all that crazy stuff? Well we thought that you'd start fighting with that Sesshomaru.
Why? Why?! Well One day, I'll defeat that Inuyasha who keeps hanging around Kagome.
But I have no gripe with his olderbrother.
Oh You were worried over a stupid thing like that?! Well But Sesshomaru might've started a fight with you! Why? Well That human child Oh that kid.
Why's he letting a little kid like that string along? Well Kagome's a pretty girl, so I'd understand.
But a young kid like that? I dunno.
Cut it out! You guys think I'd lose to him?! Well then, I'll go settle this right now! Wait, Koga! You're much stronger! Dammit! Such a nice morning.
An awful smell's coming this way.
Hey! 'Morning.
What're you doing here so early?! Athank-you foryesterday's food.
Oh, how cute! I guess girls like stuff like this.
It's so outta character! Giving herpresents! - See ya! - Hey! Koga has certainly changed since we first encountered him.
It's all yourinfluence, Kagome.
Really? Inuyasha must change much more and grow up.
Look who's the kid?! Owwee! What're you doing?! Hey, Koga! Quit dawdling! We're gonna find Naraku today! Let's go, you all.
We'll follow Koga.
Hey, wait up! Koga! Kagome and the others are trapped in the cocoon of the Moth Demon, Garamaru! An evil nightmare from the heart creates fear and despair! Sorry, Inuyasha! I can't fight anymore! Is that all it was? Is yourpower so weak as to be overpowered by a dream? Why? The cocoon won't disappear! Next on Inuyasha: "The Truth Behind the Nightmare: Battle in the Forest of Sorrow" How can I save them?!