Inuyashiki (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

Naoyuki Ando

I'm alive.
I feel alive.
I guess I've had enough.
Time to go home.
the hell are you?
He's the same as me.
Oh, Lord in heaven.
Why have you done this?
Tell me, my hero
What do we need
To end it all
And to never let us bleed
So hit me on the ground
Without a sound
Bring it on now
Till the day we take the lead
In the middle of the fake game
The same proclaims
Made by the liars
From the lost age
Try to believe
To know what you are
But you are not sure which side you're on
From the start
Take a look
All the junk we made
The last corner you'll take
Will never lead you to the pearly gates
What else did we betray
Turn into a machine
We just gave it away
To fit into the scene
Are you losing your way
Or are you lost?
Where are you going?
Tell me, my hero
Where you're going
What do I need to end my war?
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Believe and rejoice
Fulfill and share
Let go of everything
And now is the time to stand up
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
My God
I couldn't save them.
Those poor things.
Even such a young child
Last night, sometime after 7p.m.,
a home in Ojima, Koto Ward
was attacked, leaving Masao Matsubara
and his family murdered.
The police department had this
Koto Ward Family Murdered
I feel like my heart is growing cold, Hanako.
Will I be able to stop him?
That old man.
Why didn't he die
when I hit him?
Is it broken?
-I've been feeling sleepy lately.
-Apparently it's gonna storm.
-I feel so lazy.
-Compliment me more.
You not coming?
To school. You not coming?
You gonna sleep here the rest of your life?
-What happened?
Ouch. I got a paper cut.
Hold still.
What? You can heal cuts?
Yeah, I can.
I could probably cure more serious diseases
like cancer too.
Now, if I could only heal
your emotional scars.
Just kidding.
You're so lame.
But for real, you should come to school.
It's boring without you.
God, this manga is stupid.
-Yes! A taxi!
-You got the front seat.
Hurry up, come on!
We have a line here.
Could you please wait your turn?
-The hell you just say?
-The hell?!
-Come with us.
-We should call the police.
Where are we taking him?
-You wanna take him to the gym?
-This is good enough.
Nobody's around.
Can I practice my combinations on him?
No, he's just a sandbag.
Just do it normal.
I Is it money?
Do I just have to give you money?
Money? Too late for that.
We're gonna kill you.
Please! Please forgive me!
Come on, try and hit me.
Please forgive me!
I told you to hit me!
I have a wife and child! Please!
Shut the hell up!
Run to safety.
Please run to safety. I will handle them from here.
-What the hell?
-That's hilarious.
-The hell is wrong with him?
-Probably lost it.
Shut up!
Get the hell out of here, old man!
What the hell, old man!
-You dumb geezer!
-Kill him!
You little
I'm going to kill you.
Thank you, I owe you my life!
Bye, then.
Thank you!
I'm just glad you're okay.
-Dad, it's a fire! There's smoke everywhere!
-I can't move.
Grandma's still inside!
Oh, no.
It's really far away.
I won't make it in time again.
-Mayumi, get yourself out!
-Grandma, Grandma.
I need to hurry!
What's that grandpa doing?
Probably exercising.
Really? Exercising. Exercising.
I need to hurry.
If that young man can fly,
then I should be able to fly too.
There's no switch.
What do I do?
I need to hurry!
Fly in the air. Fly in the air. Fly
Fly, fly, fly
Soaring high in the sky
He may be small but only in size
Astro Boy, Astro Boy
He is brave, and gentle and wise
Yes! Yes! It opened up!
Hurry! Hurry!
Soaring high in the sky
He may be small, but only in size
Astro Boy
Astro Boy
Astro Boy
Astro Boy!
Oh, Lord!
I'm okay.
Falling won't kill me.
I need to hurry.
I need to hurry.
I need to hurry!
I should've taken my shoes off!
Ah, I can't believe it!
I'm floating in the air!
Soaring high in the sky
He may be small, but only in size
This is so fast!
This is so fast! Oh, no!
Oh, my goodness!
Daddy! Daddy!
Is there anyone else?
Our grandma!
Okay, don't worry.
The fire truck will be here soon.
It's going to be okay.
Thank you so much!
Oh, that's okay.
You don't need to thank me.
Please don't tell the police or anyone about me.
Thank goodness.
I'm so happy.
I'm so happy.
Thank goodness.
I'm so happy.
Yo, Chokko, let's go to school.
You gonna just keep running away?
You gonna keep being a loser?
I promise I'll protect you.
-For real?
Yo, I heard Ando was here.
For real?
Hey, he really is here.
How've you been, Ando?
Can't believe it's really him.
I thought we'd never see you again.
-For real.
-Why'd you come to school, man?
Ando, you wanna play on the roof with us again?
Come on, Ando!
The hell, man, stop ignoring us.
Hurry up, and come with us.
You guys can play with yourselves.
The hell is this guy?
Get out of my face.
He's so cool!
You guys gay or something?
We should bring him too.
You coming too?
You want to come too?
I already told you, trash.
-You guys can play with yourselves.
-No, no, no.
I'm telling you to come. Got it?
Oh, crap!
We doing this?
Looks like he wants to die.
What the hell, man?
Apologize to Ando.
Tell him you're sorry.
The hell you talking about, asshole?
I'm sorry.
"We are all ass maggots."
"We will never come near Ando again."
The hell, asshole?
You're the ass.
We are all
ass maggots.
We will never come near
Ando again.
Tetchan? Are you for real?
What are you doing?
Tetchan, what the hell?
What's wrong?
Shut the hell up. I think it's broken.
It freaking hurts.
You'd better come to the roof after school.
You'd better be there, Ando!
Don't run, you bitch.
See? I told you.
You think
those guys are on the roof?
Well, wanna go check?
They all left already.
They're walking with some girls down there.
More to the right.
-What are you doing?
You scared?
Don't worry,
this doesn't use gunpowder.
And it's not like I'm shooting bullets,
so there's no evidence.
Even if they did find out,
nobody can beat me anyway.
Not even the U.S. Army.
I can see over a kilometer away,
and can hit a target 10 kilometers away.
And I can tap into all
the Internet messaging, police radios
and security cameras from around the world.
I could even send an American nuclear missile
to China without breaking a sweat.
Yotsubishi Tokyo UFK Bank
And money too.
What now?
Wanna hit the arcade?
You liked the coin game, right?
I can't.
I can't continue being friends
with someone who kills people.
I'm not cool with stealing money either.
I can't go along with that.
I told you there's nothing to worry about.
You don't have to be so scared.
I'll protect you against whatever
I'm telling you I can't be friends with someone
who kills people like it's nothing!
I don't get what you're saying.
What are you mad about?
you've changed.
Becoming a robot's
made you crazy.
I've always been like this.
You knew that.
We've known each other forever.
Then let's
Let's go to the police.
Turn yourself in.
No. No goddamn way.
Don't come to my house anymore.
Don't come near me again.
All right.
Just don't skip school anymore, okay?
I should take Hanako for a walk.
I'm sorry! I'll take you to the hospital.
Where's the closest animal hospital?
What do I do? Should I fly there?
Would running be faster?
What do I do?
Oh, Lord. What do I do?
What should I do?
It can't be. It can't be.
I'm incredible.
Thank you, God.
Cancer patients,
cardiac patients,
paralyzed patients
What? What's wrong, Wantaro?
There, there.
Grandpa, can you check on Wantaro?
Bang, bang.
Hey, stop!
Wait up!
Wait for me!
You're too fast.
No way!
This is my voice
Can you hear me?
Is there a special person in your life?
They're closer to you than you think
But you probably don't see me
"Don't forget about me"
You'd get worried
"Forget about me"
So I pretended to be tough
And if I said I wanted you to notice
You'd put on that uneasy smile
Don't say that you love the present days
Can't you see I'm not there with you?
You said the small things made you happy
They always will
If wishes came true
If you could smile next to me
I want to see you again
The one who taught me love
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