Inuyashiki (2017) s01e04 Episode Script


Got a girl here who OD'd.
Come get rid of the body.
Sit somewhere else.
Suck it.
You high, old man?
Koto Ward Family Murdered
Please Forgive me.
Keep sucking till I come.
Tell me, my hero
What do we need
To end it all
And to never let us bleed
So hit me on the ground
Without a sound
Bring it on now
Till the day we take the lead
In the middle of the fake game
The same proclaims
Made by the liars
From the lost age
Try to believe
To know what you are
But you are not sure which side you're on
From the start
Take a look
All the junk we made
The last corner you'll take
Will never lead you to the pearly gates
What else did we betray
Turn into a machine
We just gave it away
To fit into the scene
Are you losing your way
Or are you lost?
Where are you going?
Tell me, my hero
Where you're going
What do I need to end my war?
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Believe and rejoice
Fulfill and share
Let go of everything
And now is the time to stand up
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
So I'm going to a group date tonight.
You wanna come with?
Oh, I have a boyfriend who I live with.
Oh, right. Of course.
Inoue, you're so pretty after all.
Although you're short.
Don't bring up my height. It hurts my feelings.
I'm so jealous. What's your boyfriend like?
He have a good job?
Oh, he's just a regular office worker.
He only makes around 3,000,000 yen a year.
Oh, I get it. He's pretty handsome then?
He's really cool.
Oh, boy.
Hi, Fumino. Are you off soon?
Oh, yeah. Can you give me five minutes?
The wind feels nice today, doesn't it?
Yeah, it's nice and cool.
I wish it was like this year-round.
He's so funny.
What's wrong?
I know we've only dated for a year
but I was just thinking
maybe it could be time we get married.
Yeah. Let's get married.
-It's like a dream come true.
How many kids do you want?
Maybe two? No, three.
A girl, a boy, and a boy.
I like that. I'll have as many as you want.
-You're in a good mood today.
Yeah, I'm close to home.
Yeah, I was able to reserve it.
You wanted Amazing Spider-Man, right?
No, I'm okay.
Yeah, okay. See you soon.
Come out. It's pointless to hide.
I see you.
That's my katana. Hand it over.
Satoru. Satoru.
I've never met a girl like you before.
I'm definitely gonna make you mine.
I'm not handing you over to anyone.
You're mine.
Mr. Samejima! Mr. Samejima!
Get a doctor already!
-Hurry up!
-Mr. Samejima!
Satoru. Satoru.
Something is wrong.
The police. Should I call the police?
Who did this to you?
There were these men.
I'm pretty sure they were yakuza.
Did they hurt you?
They almost did, but I got away.
Let's call the police. Okay?
They injected me with drugs.
The police might arrest me.
They won't.
But they drugged you?
It's okay. Let's Let's just call the police.
From: Fumino
If you call the cops, we'll kill your family.
How could they?
Why is this happening to us?
I haven't done anything wrong.
This is just a scare tactic.
I'm sure of it.
I'll protect you.
I promise.
Girl, you're mine.
I'm gonna rape you over and over,
shoot you up with drugs,
and show you heaven.
I will pay you money.
If you can wait until tomorrow,
I will get you 5,000,000 yen.
Is he messing with us?
You have any idea
what kind of man Mr. Samejima is?
When the banks open tomorrow morning at 10:00,
I I'll pay you right away.
God, look at your stupid face.
It makes me nauseous.
You're ugly, pathetic, plain
and you keep squealing like a pig.
Pisses me off.
I'll borrow 10,000,000 yen from a loan shark.
I'll earn the money with commercial fishing.
Ten million yen?
Ten million yen?
You, 10,000,000 yen?
No! You can't, Satoru!
Who the hell is this guy?
What you've done is unforgivable.
What was I doing again?
Hey, you.
What am I going to do?
He's dead. What do I do? He's dead.
I know.
Nothing's happening.
Oh why?
Can't I bring back people from the dead?
You poor thing. It's not right.
I couldn't do anything.
I couldn't do anything.
No, it's not over yet.
Please, God.
Please, God. Please, God. Please, God.
I promise to save her too.
So come back. Come back.
Come back. Come back for me.
Come back. Come back. Come back.
Samejima, what happened to your arm?
You did something crazy again, didn't you?
I know you've got more than few screws loose
in your head after all.
Thank goodness. Oh, thank goodness.
What? I?
Fumino? What about Fumino?
It seems that she was taken.
Fumino. Fumino.
Why? Why is this happening to us?
We haven't done anything wrong.
It's over. What can I do against the yakuza?
There's nothing I can do.
Who's this?
You're the tall, dark-skinned man, aren't you?
I know where you are.
The hell are you talking about?
I will be there soon.
I will make sure you can never do evil again.
And I'm taking back the girl.
Go back to the hospital.
Sir, just who are you?
Wait here for me.
What? Whoa, whoa, whoa, stop.
Stop right there, geezer.
What the hell?
Get him!
The hell?
Where the hell did he come from?
Who the hell is this geezer?
Get him out of here.
He's my guest.
What's your trick?
I emptied a clip in your head.
Where is the girl?
Whatever, it doesn't matter.
I cannot forgive
that people like you exist in our world.
I want to get rid of all of you.
I cannot forgive it.
How could you treat human life like?
What the hell are you?
What the hell are you?
Just what the hell are you?
What the hell?
Where is the girl?
I'm going to kill you.
There isn't anywhere you can run to
where you won't be found.
It might not be me,
but someone will track you down,
and kill you and everyone you love.
I'll make you realize just who you're messing with.
Wait a minute.
What the hell?
-It's some kind of machine.
-Do something.
-What the hell is this guy?
-I don't know!
-Are you for real?
-Just kill him!
Is there someone there?
Someone come here!
What the hell is going on?
Water. Water.
I can't see! What the hell is going on?
I can't move!
You people will never be able
to walk or run on your own,
eat on your own,
see your own children and grandchildren's faces,
or touch them ever again.
And you won't even be able
to put an end to your own lives.
I want you to spend the rest of your lives
thinking about the people you've hurt
and the lives you've ruined.
By the end of your lives,
I hope you can reflect on what you've done
and truly show remorse for your actions.
Get back here, geezer.
Is that you, old man?
What the hell are you? What did you come to do?
What did I ever do to you? I don't understand.
What are you doing?
Get off me, geezer!
Screw you, geezer.
I'm going to kill you.
Hello? Mr. Samejima?
Satoru! He's gone!
I'll never see him again!
It's okay.
It's all okay.
Who are you, mister?
I'm nobody special.
Sorry, I don't have money for a taxi.
Would you mind if I carried you?
Hang on tight.
This is my voice
Can you hear me?
Is there a special person in your life?
They're closer to you than you think
But you probably don't see me
"Don't forget about me"
You'd get worried
"Forget about me"
So I pretended to be tough
And if I said I wanted you to notice
You'd put on that uneasy smile
Don't say that you love the present days
Can't you see I'm not there with you?
You said the small things made you happy
They always will
If wishes came true
If you could smile next to me
I want to see you again
The one who taught me love
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