Inuyashiki (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

Yuko Shishigami

Sometime past 7:00 p.m. last night,
high-ranking members of the Koudankai crime syndicate
were attacked during a meeting.
The members present sustained damage
to their eyes and necks
Last night, another Suginami Ward's home
was attacked
Good grief, what is happening to this world?
Although, the police press conference
got me wondering.
-They said the weapon appears
to be some sort of firearm.
Yes, although,
Former Chief Police Investigator
Mr. Shunsaku Kimura
there hasn't been a single bullet
found at any of these scenes.
If a firearm was used,
there should be gunshot residue left behind,
but police have yet to discover any evidence of this.
Then it wasn't a gun?
However, the victims have clearly
received gunshot wounds.
Being some kind of firearm would be
the only way to describe it.
Some kind of firearm, you say?
Tell me, my hero
What do we need
To end it all
And to never let us bleed
So hit me on the ground
Without a sound
Bring it on now
Till the day we take the lead
In the middle of the fake game
The same proclaims
Made by the liars
From the lost age
Try to believe
To know what you are
But you are not sure which side you're on
From the start
Take a look
All the junk we made
The last corner you'll take
Will never lead you to the pearly gates
What else did we betray
Turn into a machine
We just gave it away
To fit into the scene
Are you losing your way
Or are you lost?
Where are you going?
Tell me, my hero
Where you're going
What do I need to end my war?
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Believe and rejoice
Fulfill and share
Let go of everything
And now is the time to stand up
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hit me on the ground
Hey, did you hear about Tetchan and the others?
Apparently, Shishigami and Ando did it.
Yuko Shishigami
What? The two of them killed them?
I saw them really get into it that day.
One of the girls who was with them said
someone was shooting a gun at them.
-What? A gun? How?
-Apparently from a 3D printer.
They're saying they might shoot up the school
one of these days.
Couldn't we do something before that?
I mean, Shishigami looks like a wimp.
-Where was that place?
-You mean that place we want to go?
Yes, how can I help you?
Uh Um
God, what am I even searching?
It's no use.
An angel appeared.
The miracles that are happening in Japan today?
What the hell is this?
Patients with serious illnesses have found
themselves suddenly cured.
These miracles are happening
at one hospital after another.
What? You can heal cuts?
Yeah, I can.
I could probably cure more serious diseases
like cancer too.
Is Hiro doing this?
So Hiro is continuing to kill people,
while saving the lives of others?
What if there were others like him?
What if there was someone able to do what Hiro can,
who is doing the exact opposite of Hiro?
That's it! There are others!
That person might be able to stop Hiro.
But does someone like that really exist?
How do I find out for sure?
I can hear everything people say,
no matter how quiet.
Help me.
Please help me.
Help me. I'm going to get killed! Please!
Help me! Help me!
Please help me! I'm going to get killed!
Help me!
Um Who are you?
-Oh, well, are you okay?
Are you being robbed?
Excuse me?
I'll get it!
I can't believe it.
There really was another one of you.
Were you able to hear me?
You're naked because you flew here, right?
How did you know that?
It's cold, please come inside.
You are a robot, aren't you?
My childhood friend is the same.
Oh, that young man.
You know him?
Do you
Do you know what he's doing?
Yes. I do.
I cannot forgive him.
What do you mean?
What are you going to do?
I have to stop him somehow.
May I ask you something?
The miracles that are occurring in the hospitals
around Tokyo,
is that you?
Then was that attack
on the crime syndicate you too?
That's amazing. You're a real life hero.
That's so amazing.
I'm a hero?
You are so cool.
I'm not anything like that.
I'm not a hero.
Please stop, Hiro.
I will help you any way I can.
Please stop him.
I might end up having to kill your friend.
Do you still want to help?
He isn't Hiro anymore.
He's just a killing machine now.
I'm sorry, you're not anything like that.
-I'm sorry!
I'm just helping people and saving lives
because I'm too scared to face the possibility
that I'm just some killing machine now.
I'm no hero.
You're more human than anyone I've ever met.
More human than any human.
I want to help you.
I'm willing to spend my whole life.
I want to be able to do whatever I can for you.
I want to help,
because of who you are.
When will the people of Tokyo
finally be able to live without fear?
Any information you can provide
the authorities can help.
What, for real? Shishigami is pretty popular.
There might be some weird rumors going around,
but he's still athletic and hot.
It's okay.
See you.
See you.
-You want to call it off?
I can't watch. I'm going home.
Sh Sh Sh
Oh, you're in my class, right?
-Watanabe. Shion Watanabe.
-You're Pube-head!
People call you Pube-head.
So, what's up?
You need something from me?
I saw you stand up for Ando. So
I have feelings for you,
Oh wait
Sorry I couldn't go fishing the other day.
It's not your fault.
Did you buy us the Jump?
Oh, crap, I totally forgot.
-What? I was really looking forward to it.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday.
Thanks for the present, Hiro.
Thanks for coming today.
Be safe out there.
-Come back again soon.
How was it?
Dad seemed happy.
That right?
There's something I need to tell you.
There's something I wanted
to ask you.
What? What's that?
There's someone in my class named Inuyashiki.
That right? This last name is pretty rare.
Her name is Mari Inuyashiki.
Oh, that's my daughter.
I thought so! She's very pretty.
This is trespassing, isn't it?
Well, what can we do? It's not like
we could ever get permission.
I'll go take a look.
It's okay, nobody is here.
Let's use this here.
That's perfect. Let's start then.
Try attacking that.
What? Attack?
Punching something is about all I can do.
What, are you for real?
Then what have you been doing?
Well, I guess I black out,
and the next thing I know,
the person is on the ground.
So you can't control it or anything?
I'll give it a try.
How's it going?
Nothing's coming out.
I'm starting to worry if you'll be able to beat Hiro.
I'll do my best. Let me try again.
I went to the hospital today.
What? What's wrong?
What is it?
It seems like
I have pancreatic cancer.
It's spread to my lungs too.
They told me there's nothing they can do.
I only have about a month left to live.
I asked him for you.
After I'm gone,
you can live with them in their house.
-Don't drop out of high school, okay?
-He promised he would send you to college too.
Hiro. Hiro.
I don't want to die.
I don't want to leave you all alone.
I won't let you die.
I won't let you die. I promise.
It opened up!
Look! It opened up!
Something's coming out!
Can I shoot it?
Do it!
-This is
-Holy crap.
-I can't believe it! My cancer was gone!
-It's true! I can hardly believe it.
I'm really happy to hear that.
Right? I mean, it was terminal cancer.
It really made me feel that there
is a god watching over us.
There's another good thing
that happened today.
What? What good thing?
I got 3,000,000 yen.
Where did you get that kind of money?
Don't worry, I used the money from my part-time job.
Do you know what day trading is?
So I was thinking we could move here.
This looks expensive.
Don't worry, leave it to me.
I'll support you from now on.
It seems like I've got a talent for moving money.
Wow, it's amazing.
-So, what do you think?
-It's very nice.
Wow, are you sure?
How much is this place?
500,000 yen a month.
That's okay, we can move somewhere cheaper.
I'm a little scared.
No, let's move here.
You should also quit your part-time job.
I'm going to support you from now on.
Come on, it's amazing out here!
What do you think about this view?
Have you already gone to the hospitals
around Tokyo?
No, I've barely scratched the surface.
It must be hard since there are just more
injured and sick people every day.
Could you keep watch for me?
Just hold on. I'm going to make it all better.
That's amazing. That's so amazing.
Let's go.
Excuse me. Stop right there!
Come back here!
That's all we can do today.
I only got to save one person.
Mr. Inuyashiki, you are a hero.
You're the true hero.
Crap, a paper-cut.
I'm back! Yes! I'm human again!
Yes! Yes!
Regarding the serial home invasions
continuing in Tokyo,
police have yet to discover any new evidence
to connect to a suspect.
There appears to be no connection
between victims.
This is all they cover on TV now.
I'm so sick of it already.
Just change the channel.
Hold on.
There are many things that
The miracle microbe!
The magic health supplement!
What? Why did the channel change?
One of the reasons is that they've occurred in areas
where there are few security cameras.
Who could do something so horrible?
I'd like to meet the parents
that would raise such a child.
Someone like that should be sent straight to hell.
What if I was the one who did it?
I suppose I'd die with you.
What's gotten into you, Hiro?
We've just received some breaking news.
A material witness has come forward in connection
to the serial home invasions.
-The Kanagawa police will be investigating the matter.
-Thank goodness!
It looks like they caught him.
-So who was the killer?
-I saw online
that it was some 40-year-old loser.
He was super-ugly.
-He's getting the chair for sure.
I mean, he's killed dozens of people.
But it is kind of a relief.
We should start packing
since we're moving on Sunday.
You're right.
We'll have to say goodbye to this place soon.
How many years have we lived here? About seven?
It's been a long time.
I'm going to stop killing people.
I'm done.
Ms. Shishigami, I presume? Is Hiro home?
Yes, you want Hiro? What is going on?
-He ran out the back!
-Cut him off!
You have permission to fire.
Don't let him get away!
Put up your hands and get on your knees!
-Doesn't look like he has a gun.
-Hold him down!
-Everyone attack together!
-I'll go!
No, we do it together!
This is my voice
Can you hear me?
Is there a special person in your life?
They're closer to you than you think
But you probably don't see me
"Don't forget about me"
You'd get worried
"Forget about me"
So I pretended to be tough
And if I said I wanted you to notice
You'd put on that uneasy smile
Don't say that you love the present days
Can't you see I'm not there with you?
You said the small things made you happy
They always will
If wishes came true
If you could smile next to me
I want to see you again
The one who taught me love
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