Invader ZIM (2001) s01e05 Episode Script


Security breach.
Ah! An intruder!
Ah! GIR, you left
the door open again!
I got chocolate bubblegum.
GIR, with an entire
planet of enemies
waiting for us to
drop our guard,
we have to be very careful
not to have our
guards get all
Droppy. Understand?
I'll take that as a yes.
Now, I'm going
down below to check
the laser weasel experiment.
I think they're ripe by now.
Computer! Take
me to the weasels!
Hey! It wasn't me.
Yes, it was.
Computer, intruder alert!
Now I have proof, Zim.
Photographic evidence.
Soon, your Zim guts will be
strewn all over an autopsy table.
You left the window open, too?!
Oh, yeah.
Zim wasn't in class today, Gaz.
Maybe he's sick.
Yeah. Sick with fear!
Once these pictures get out,
he won't be able
to hide any longer.
I'm going to send them
to Mysterious Mysteries
and then the world will know!
Maybe they'll even let me
host the show. My own episode.
I'm only 13 levels away
from finishing this game.
So I either finish my game,
or make you wish
I was never born.
For years, the
world has wondered,
"Are there aliens among us?"
But we here at Mysterious
Mysteries of Strange Mystery
have always known the
answer to this question,
and that answer is a
resounding "maybe",
which is why, as always,
we ask you, our viewers,
to help us put an end to this
question once and for all
Send us your proof
of alien existence
and a self-addressed,
stamped envelope.
Remember earlier, the
whole bugging me thing?
You're doing it again.
I'm not doing this, Gaz!
I don't have control of my arms!
I'm letting you
live this time, Dib,
but only because I'm still
getting through this last level.
But Gaz!
Hello, Dib!
What the? Zim!
What are you doing in my TV?
I'm not in your TV.
I'm transmitting
from inside your body!
Spooky, yes? At
this very moment,
I'm inside a
microscopic submersible
somewhere in your
disgusting belly,
attached to your
arm control nerve.
Arm control nerve?
Yes, arm control nerve.
In my belly?
Humans don't have
arm control nerves.
Do not question me!
I control your arms!
I don't understand. How
did you get inside of me?
A funny story.
It begins this afternoon,
in the cafeteria
Maybe he's sick.
Yeah, sick with fear!
Once these pictures get out he
won't be able to hide any longer---
I'm going to send them
to Mysterious Mysteries
and then the world will know!
Now, down to business.
You didn't think I'd send
the original disc, did you?
That was a copy!
Only I know where
the original disc is!
Ha ha ha ha! Idiotic human!
I'll just go to your brain
and delete the knowledge
of where you hid
the master disc!
And as an added bonus, I might
as well make your entire brain
Not smart no more!
Dad! Dad, I need your help!
The world needs my help, son.
Do you still have that microscopic
nanoship thing you were working on?
Of course.
The controls are over there.
Why do you need this, son?
There's an alien in my guts,
and he's trying to
destroy my brain!
Ah, well. Run along then.
I'm coming, Zim.
What the?
Oh, no, you don't!
With Dib turned into
a drooling moron,
nothing will stand in
my way. Not even drool.
Guess who's right
behind you, Zim?
Hey, what game is that?
There is no game.
This is my life!
Yeah, it's cool looking,
but it still just
looks like a game.
You can't beat me, Dib!
My piloting skills
are unmatched!
Is that Zim? Is this
an online game?
Gaz, please, I
need to concentrate.
Let's see.
How about this?
I've been flying ships
since before you were born,
sad little Earth monkey.
Aaargh! My spleen!
Now, I'm in your trachea, Dib.
Your brain is so
close, I can smell it!
Can I play?
Wait a minute.
He's in my trachea
Get away from my brain, Zim!
Enough already!
Prepare for some doom.
Quarter circle back.
The transformation move.
It's always quarter circle back.
Oh, hey, look at that.
When you die, can I play?
Come on, Dib. Let me play.
You're doing it
wrong. I can beat him.
No way! He's in my
organs, not yours.
I don't really know
the controls yet!
Oh, no!
This is kind of sad, Dib.
I will put an end to this now.
Like noodles!
It's my turn.
Now, let's see where you're
keeping the location of the disc, Dib.
He's in my head!
Knowledge losing
Brain poof!
I can't remember
where the file is, Gaz!
He did it! He made me forget!
Quiet, Dib.
And now to unleash
stupidity on your entire brain!
From this day forth,
you will not be a
threat to me any--
The human doesn't
know when to quit!
I'll finish with the
rest of your brain
after I deal with your
junky junk thing.
He's not even trying.
Help me!
That game was stupid.
Now, for my finishing move.
Wait, Dib. What's going on?
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