Invader ZIM (2001) s01e06 Episode Script


Wha ha ha ha ha!
Oh, what are we going to do?
In only a matter of hours,
the alien scourge will bring
the human race to its knees.
I know. Let's build a
giant space station,
evacuate all the people,
and live among the stars.
There's not
enough time for that.
Can we build a
small space station
and just evacuate
all the scientists?
Allow me to make
a demonstration.
Right! We'll destroy
them with pepper!
The aliens are
allergic to germs!
- Ah-choo!
- Ah-choo!
Hooray for Earth!
GIR, Earth is our enemy.
Oh, I understand.
Stupid human propaganda.
The very concept of a
superior alien species
being felled by something
as pathetic as germs
is sheer fantasy.
Do they really believe
that could happen?
Gah. Hee ha ha ha ha!
Hee hee hee! Ha ha ha ha!
Eee hee hee hee hee hee!
Trying to
conquer an alien world?
Remember, never
underestimate the small threats.
Like germs! Yes, germs.
Every planet has them,
and many an invading
life form has been thwarted
by these invisible enemies.
It's true.
So, whether you're
out conquering worlds
or just concerned
about these tiny pests,
make sure you're prepared
with a pair of
germ-spying microgoggles.
Click here for a
free 5-second demo.
Ooh. Neat.
Now, let's see this
mighty human threat.
Demo mode activating.
Wasn't that neat?
Thank you for
trying microgoggles.
If you like what you saw,
please order the full version.
Thank you. Please
wait for delivery.
So much
Let's go to my room, pig
I never even suspected
that the battle for the planet
would ever take place
in my own fortress.
Hear me now, germs!
Prepare yourselves
for destruction!
The stink of clean.
Eek! Ow!
Ooh aah!
Another win for the Irkan army.
Clean, lemony-fresh
victory is mine.
All right! See you later, pig!
I'm gonna roll around
the floor for a little bit, ok?
GIR, what are you doing?
Stop immediately!
You're disgusting.
Aw, somebody needs a hug
No, no, no, no, no, GIR, no!
I'm gonna hug you!
The enemy, regrouping.
Worse than I thought.
I still got a hug in me!
Not gonna get me
Chewing my squeedily spooch.
Not my squeedily
spooch you don't.
The mission What
about the mission?
I should have put in,
but the germs, exploding germs,
so many germs.
The mission.
The mission. I have a job to do.
I am an Invader.
I can't let these germs
make me lose sight
of the bigger mission.
It's school that
I've been missing.
They must be really
suspicious by now.
Hey. Where's Zim?
Huh? I dunno.
I haven't reported to
the Tallest in too long.
They will be worried about me!
Mustn't alarm them.
Incoming report from Earth
Oh. Zim
You know, we really
should have given him
a mission on a sun
or a planet of broken
glass or something.
Or one of those
exploding head planets
Yes, what is it now, Zim?
I apologize for not
reporting in, but-- Excuse me.
All is going well.
Nothing too big to report,
aside from the usual--
Aargh! Would ya look
at the size of that one!
No! No!
I'm almost out of disinfectant.
All hope will be lost
if I don't get more!
But I'm not giving
up. I'll destroy you!
And you! And you!
And you!
Did that scare you, too?
Pay attention, GIR.
We have to go to the store
to pick up some
more cleaning things.
I need as much as I can get.
So you'll have to
help me carry stuff.
Ugh! You're still so germy.
But it'll have to do.
I need to save some
of this for the trip.
Come, GIR.
Look, there it is!
Uh! Ah!
Let me try!
No, GIR. The germs!
My germ spray.
GIR! Come back!
Are you next in line?
The disinfectant -- where is it?
I lost it. Want a bite?
Wait a minute.
There are no
germs on this thing.
Completely germ free.
How is this possible?
How can this be?
You, burger lord,
how is it that this
meat is so pure,
so perfect?
Well, it all started in 1962.
Utilizing advances in
modern food synthesis,
scientists at NASA began work
on a germ-hostile space meat
to be used during
long expeditions
into deep space.
Only recently has
their hard work paid off,
as even more advances
in the field of space meat
have been made and
applied to what is now called
operation meat.
Seeing this as a way
to end their streak
of being sued by angry customers
poisoned by their burgers,
the McMeaties
Corporation decided to try
this miraculous space meat.
Not having access
to that technology,
we make ours out of napkins.
Ingenious. This
gives me an idea,
greasy burger man.
Yes. A way around the germs,
a way I can resume my mission
and deal with the germ enemy
without bringing any
attention to myself.
Yes. Yes.
The answer is in the meat.
Give me all the meat.
How ya doin'?
Aha ha ha ha
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