Invader ZIM (2001) s01e07 Episode Script

Dark Harvest

Ooh! Argh!
M-My organs!
Ha ha ha ha!
Inferior human organs.
Ball! My squeedily spooch!
Squeedily spooch?
Did you hear that, Gaz?
That's no human organ.
Humans don't have
squeedily spooches.
I've got a squeedily spooch.
If only I had some way
of looking inside his body.
I'm looking for a Mr. Dib.
That's me.
It's my personal X-Scope.
I ordered it from the back
of Crop Circles MaGazine.
You had it delivered to school?
Hey! Throw it over here
you filthy, stinking friends.
See, Gaz, to defeat my enemy,
I must study my enemy,
then become my enemy,
then move in with my enemy,
then wear my
enemy's clothes, then--
You're in my light.
So you see,
"Ring Around the Rosie"
refers to the horrible symptoms
of a terrifying disease.
A disease which
A disease which
There's a pigeon on your head.
You've got head pigeons.
Get to the nurse before they
spread to the other children.
Yes, Ms. Bitters.
No leaving the class
without a hall pass, Zim.
Of course.
If you leave school grounds,
it will explode.
You know, Zim,
when the nurse examines you,
she'll notice that you
don't have human organs.
Then it's just a short
step to a hospital
and from there to an
alien autopsy table,
and then you're just another
segment on Mysterious Mysteries.
I'll be fine.
I bet my squeedily spooch on it.
Where's your hall pass?
Say, you're full of
organs, aren't you?
Why, yes. Yes, I am.
And you wouldn't
notice if you were,
say, missing a few?
Probably not.
Heh heh.
Hee hee hee.
Hee hee hee! Ha ha ha ha!
Hee hee. Ho ho ho.
And then the rats came for them.
Thousands of them.
Dirty, dirty rats.
And these weren't
the cuddly kind of rats
you get in today's sewers.
Ms. Bitters?
I think a pencil is
lodged in my brain.
Can I go to the nurse?
How far in your brain?
Pretty far.
All right. Take the
auxiliary hall pass.
I'm looking for the
pigeon head kid.
Nobody's come in with
head pigeons, young man.
The green kid.
Oh, the green child.
He's right over there
doubled over in pain.
The cooing.
The cooing.
He's missing his liver.
That's how some kids
react to the cafeteria food.
The lucky ones.
It's Zim. It has to be.
He's stealing organs
and replacing them with
He must be stopped.
Don't forget your hall pass.
Must warn others.
Do not show fear.
This is me without fear
and a 62-pound hall pass.
Hey, wait!
Your organs! In danger!
I don't feel so good.
The hall pass.
Look at them.
And it's not even
ketchup and rice day.
Don't bother me, Dib.
I'm in the zone.
That's it, Zim.
This has to stop.
I'm afraid I don't know
what you're talking about.
Look at you.
You've gone too far.
You're a hideous
blob of stolen organs.
I've been working out.
You think you can fool
a trained medical professional?
I suppose you've
got a heart in there.
- 6 of them.
- Intestines?
- Large or small?
- Spleen?
In 3 different colors.
What about lungs?
You won't find lungs
on my watch, Zim.
You! You look like you've
still got all your organs.
Yeah, so?
You're in danger. Come with me.
I have to go lift things.
Um, then I'll come with you.
And he wants to destroy us all.
Now, I know you think I'm
crazy, but you'll thank me.
You'll all thank me.
Aliens are kind of
a hobby of mine.
Well, more of a
way of life, really.
Man, you're creeping me out.
I have vague memories of being
taken on board an alien ship as a baby.
And I'm not sure, but I think
they were doing tests on me,
trying to create some kind of
genius super baby, perhaps?
Torque Smacky, is that you?
Come on, man, talk to me.
Let me know you're still here.
Torque Smacky!
That one has head pigeons.
The other one is
just annoying. Fix it.
Your stupid plan
won't work, Zim.
You'll never pull this off.
You speak craziness, Earth boy.
More organs means more human.
It will work.
Why, you're one of the
healthiest little children
I've ever seen.
And such plentiful organs.
And what's the matter
with you, young man?
It isn't human!
It's horrible!
But he--
Wasn't that neat?
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