Invader ZIM (2001) s01e08 Episode Script

Attack of the Saucer Morons

Human law enforcement machine.
Lighty flashy things on top.
Explodes on impact
with giant weenie.
Pathetic Earth vehicle.
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Warning? How could that be?
Nothing threatens
an Irken voot runner.
Computer, run a diagnostic.
You have gone crazy!
Eject! Eject!
Eject command initiated.
Ruined. Ruined.
Irken engineering
reduced to this.
Surely that was no human bee.
Once I take care of the humans,
I will begin my war against
the bees.
GIR, respond.
I need you to send
out a tow vehicle
to pick up the voot runner.
GIR? Hello?
GIR, where are you?
Must be some interference.
Oh, well.
This place is fairly deserted
and well hidden.
I should be able to
return with the tow vehicle,
pick the cruiser up, and go.
And when the repairs are done,
I shall hunt down
that evil death bee.
An alien.
Computer, bring
me the voot carrier.
Computer, disguise
the carrier --
something less conspicuous.
Processing. Processing!
Why am I so amazing?
This should be a standard
recovery operation, pig.
We move in,
we load the voot
runner into you,
and we're out of there.
The humans will
be none the wiser.
My ship --
in the hands of the enemy.
How? How?
Who knows what defenses they could
devise through reverse engineering?
Stay here, pig.
I'll call you in as soon as I can
get close enough to the voot runner.
What is the meaning of this?
Who are you people?
What is that thing on your head?
Hold it!
We are the children of the
bright and shining saucer.
We have claimed this
downed alien love ship
and want to share
it with all humanity.
But humanity must
prove itself worthy.
Love ship?
But that's my-- my
Your what?
My dream.
To become worthy enough
to get close to the love ship.
Our leader is conducting
an initiation right now.
There is none so worthy as Zim!
You've no idea what
powers you are dealing with.
No idea at--
Now, the final initiation.
OK, finally.
My recovery vehicle!
We've just found a
number of alien artifacts
near the site.
Truly this is a sign.
It appears to be some
form of symbolic greeting.
The pig form perhaps
represents mankind's
piglike affinity
for exploration.
The pig accepts me!
You have no possible idea
what power you toy with!
Release the pig!
The pig belongs to all mankind.
This is no man pig.
What? What?
The alien!
The one I told you I saw.
Hmm? Where?
Don't come any closer.
Don't try anything
on me or I'll--
I'll--I'll lay eggs
in your stomach.
I mean it.
We are your loving servants,
oh, wise one.
Stand away. You smell like feet.
Leave me alone!
Fill us with wisdom
from another beyond.
Yes. Fill us.
Are you there, GIR?
Help me!
GIR, finally.
I need your help.
I've been captured.
No, that's bad, GIR.
I need you to listen very, very,
very, very, very,
very, very, very carefully.
You are the one
we've been waiting for.
The one foretold in
the prophecies told by
Yup. Told you he'd come.
Bless the corns on my toes.
Excuse me, there
has been a mistake.
Finally. Come on, GIR.
Who are you?
I am government man,
come from the government.
The government has sent me.
Oh, ho ho ho!
This is not an alien life form.
He is an experimental
government aircraft.
That's an aircraft?
What else would I be?
What about the
floating pig out there?
That's a government pig.
Well, I have to take everything
back to the home base now.
Come on, GIR. Come on.
Uh, excuse me.
How do we know he's
really a government aircraft?
And how do we know you're
really with the government?
He still has to bless my toes.
And why should we let
you take our discovery?
I like you.
It's a government android.
He's stealing our alien.
GIR, quickly. Ride the pig!
Ha ha ha hee!
Ha ha ha ha!
Ya ha ha!
Take me with you.
Take me with you!
Come back!
Ha ha ha ha!
Faster, my pig. Faster.
Finally! We are safe, GIR.
We're back on track.
Everything is smooth and--
Ha ha ha!
Aah! Aaah!
Aah! Ha ha ha ha!
Aah! Aah!
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