Invader ZIM (2001) s01e09 Episode Script

The Wettening

So, young man,
now you see that there's a
price to pay for eating paste.
Would you say that losing the
use of your mouth was worth it?
Ha ha ha ha!
Stupid, silent glue boy.
What's wrong, Zim?
Don't they have
rain on your planet?
Of course, we--
Oh, such rain we had.
It was delicious.
So, this rain. Is it poisonous?
You're kidding, right?
We love rain ♪
We love rain ♪
Splash splash splash ♪
Fun fun fun ♪
Rain rain rain ♪
We love rain ♪
We love rain ♪
Splash splash splash ♪
Fun fun fun ♪
Rain rain rain ♪
I'm leaving with
or without you, Dib.
Preferably without you.
Go on, Gaz.
I've got work to do --
fate of the world kind of work.
Ooh! Can I watch?
Wait. No, forget it.
Ooh! Ooh!
If you want to keep
all your limbs, Zim,
you will put me down.
You will put me down, now.
Aah! Oh!
Oh, I'm sorry, Zim.
I meant for that to
be a bigger splash.
That was your
fate of the world work?
Jumping in a puddle?
You do realize I'm gonna
have to destroy you now.
It was worth it.
Score one for the human race.
Score nothing for
the Zim-thingy race.
I will destroy you.
You just can't appreciate
my strategic masterminding.
Now I know that water
causes him extreme discomfort
and can use this
to my advantage.
I swear, sometimes
even I scare myself
with how amazingly I--
How amazingly you
can fall into a puddle?
I agree.
All right, Zim, you
want to play this way?
I'll get you back.
Maybe not today,
maybe not tomorrow,
but soon!
Soon watery
vengeance will be mine.
As punishment for
yesterday's paste incident,
today will be devoted to
having your minds erased.
Hey, Zim!
Why must this be?
How advanced is an alien race
that can't handle a
little water balloon?
I don't even feel good
about winning this one.
You win this round, perhaps,
but watch your back, Dib.
Now that I have access
to your water
balloon technology,
I will annihilate you
down to your every last cell.
On Monday we
settle this like children.
Hey, genius, it's Monday.
And tape your hair down.
Hey, what's going on?
What is that?
What is it? I
don't understand.
What's happening?
What is this? Where are they?
Zim, you coward!
Come out here and face me.
Poor little Zim.
All that alien power,
and brought down by
a little Earthly water.
Pretty obvious who the
superior being is here.
Zim, get up already.
Seriously, Zim, get up.
You think this is funny?
Are you making fun of me?
You know what? You're
just asking for it now.
Aha ha ha ha!
Aha ha ha-- Wha?
Ack! Argh!
The wettening.
The wettening.
GIR, I'll be in my
lab bathing in paste.
Don't disturb me.
Ooh ooh ooh!
Whee! Hee hee!
Help! My head is stuck.
GIR, help!
Help, I can't breathe!
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