Invader ZIM (2001) s01e16 Episode Script

Planet Jackers

Aah ha ha ha!
locate Invader Flobie.
Flobie seems to
be doing all right.
Computer, show me Invader Stink.
Stink never was
much of an Invader.
I'd be surprised if he's
even got a good disguise yet.
Ha ha! Resting on
the job, eh, Stink?
Eh! Ah! Ah!
All the Invaders
are farther along
in their conquest than I am!
Computer, show me Invader Skuch.
Skuch was a total
failure in the academy.
Hey! What is this?
Computer, I want
to see Invader Skuch.
Exact Skuch coordinates set.
I see no Skuch.
Go back to Stink.
GIR, come to the observatory.
What have you done
to the telescope?
You haven't touched it?
Something is broken,
and it's not your fault?
I know. I'm scared, too.
Computer, display
scope image on-screen.
I love this show.
What is that?
I know this from somewhere.
Woo! Do that again.
If what I saw was
what I thought I saw,
then there isn't
time to fix the scope.
I'll have to find another,
more powerful telescope
to confirm my suspicions.
Let's make biscuits!
Let's make biscuits.
What about that one?
It certainly looks
powerful enough,
but it belongs to the Dib human.
So? He seems nice.
We want to destroy these people,
not ask them for help.
The very thought of it
makes me make
little sicky noises.
Aah Uh!
I need to use your telescope.
Gaz, there's an
alien in the house.
You mean besides you?
We don't have
time for this, Dib.
Your world might be
in very great danger.
Well, yeah. You're trying to
destroy the human race, remember?
Ha ha ha ha. Oh, yes.
But this is different --
something else entirely.
I need the use
of your telescope.
You think I'm stupid?
I mean, what kind
of weak alien needs
the help of the people
he intends to conquer?
Have you seen the sky?
I'm not going out there, Zim.
I'm not falling for
whatever it is you're up to.
Earth is safe once more.
But for how long?
Be quiet.
Stupid human!
We only have one option, GIR.
We're taking the voot
cruiser out to investigate.
It's a good thing I fixed the
g-force compensators on the cruiser
before this little trip
we're about to take.
It was acting kind of funny.
Aaah! Aaah!
Uh! Oof!
What did we hit?
The Earth has been stolen, GIR.
By the Planet Jackers.
Bring up the Planet
Jackers' halo-simulation.
They sneak up on
unsuspecting planets
and enclose them in
a halo-metal bubble.
The inside of the sphere
is one big television screen
which projects a sky so no
one knows what happened.
I like TV.
Those Earthquakes
we've been feeling
are the pull from when
they change direction.
Tell me a story
about giant pigs.
The Planet Jackers'
homeworld orbits a dying sun.
They throw planets into it
like firewood to keep it burning.
And now They have the Earth.
No, GIR. That's bad.
Do you know what this means?
You don't really, do you?
It means we won't
get to destroy it.
Our mission will
be a total failure.
Imagine the Irken
Armada showing up
and the entire
planet is missing.
There's got to be a
way out of this shell.
That's it.
That's them!
Look at that. Binary system.
That's a pair of stars
orbiting around each other.
You ever been to
a binary system?
Would it kill you
to say something?
Quiet, or I'll eat your head.
Is that enough words for you?
I was just trying to
make conversation.
Excuse me.
Hey, look at the
little green guy.
What do you think you're doing?
Well, see that
planet back there?
We're gonna
throw it into our sun.
Why, you got a
problem with that?
That one's gonna burn real good.
Lots of critters.
Critters burn good.
Yes, I have a problem.
Maybe you have forgotten about
the Irken/Planet Jacker treaty,
stating that all planets
marked for conquest
by the Irken military are
to be left where they are!
No, no. This planet
wasn't marked.
This one's free game.
Then it's a mistake.
I know for certain the
armada expects me
to ensure this planet's doom.
Can't you just go get
some other planet?
I got a better idea.
We'll take this planet,
and you go do a different one.
I was here first!
I'm getting tired
of you, green thing.
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
Look! Ooh!
Pick up the pace.
We're almost home.
There isn't much time.
GIR, fly the cruiser.
I have a plan
an amazing plan.
I'll take care of it.
Uh! Uh!
Uh! Uh!
Please stop that.
It's really annoying.
I am Zim! Irken Invader Zim.
I am responsible for the safe
obliteration of the human race -- not you!
That's it!
Release the planet, thief!
There's only one way
to undo the coupling.
But you'll have to
get through me first.
Ha ha ha.
Catch me!
Bring the cruiser
around and catch me!
Yes, sir!
Let me in, GIR!
Guh aah!
They're getting away.
We're losing the planet, GIR!
The Tallest will
kill me for sure!
Now, time for another
amazing plan from me --
The pods should
cut through the shell.
I'll just have to
keep them occupied
so they don't notice
what's happening.
You let me know when it's done.
Oh, look who's back.
Let's get this over
with, little man.
Why not?
Arrr! Aah!
Aaah! Arrr!
You had enough yet?
It's done!
OK! I think I'm
through with you.
The Earth is safe.
I did it, GIR!
Now let's go destroy it.
Another job well done, yeah?
Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha!
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