Invader ZIM (2001) s01e17 Episode Script

Rise of the Zitboy

Hmm chicken!
Hmm mmm.
Security breach!
Unknown intruder!
Gnomes, capture the squirrel!
Hey! Hey!
Ha! Nice try, squirrel Dib.
I laugh at your pitiful
attempt at spying.
Here I go. Ha ha ha!
Go on, laugh.
But one day you'll be
sitting in your house
feeling all safe and secure,
and then you'll look over,
and I'll be there doing stuff.
Stuff! In my home? Never!
You'd have to find some
kind of flaw in my security net.
Since that could
never possibly happen,
you will have to do
your "stuff" elsewhere.
You haven't discovered
some kind of a flaw, have you?
Let's just say your
home defenses
could use some tightening.
You're lying!
Nothing breaches
my defenses! Nothing!
You hear me, squirrel boy?
Hey! Hey!
Here's the pizza you ordered.
- Thank you.
- Hey!
- I-- I love you.
- GIR!
We fend humans
away from our home,
not invite them over!
I had a coupon.
Maybe there is
some kind of flaw.
But what?
Blech! Guh!
Aw! The smell!
Of that cheese!
I like it.
It's sickening.
And your lippy,
smacky noises
aren't helping.
Don't humor me.
I like you, too.
Ah! Ah! Ah!
Get off of me!
Get off of me, GIR!
Get off of me-- Hey, hey!
Ah! Ah! Oh! Oh!
You're horrible!
GIR! Get me cleansing
chalk. Quickly!
Oh! Eh! Ah! Ah!
Why was there bacon in the soap?
I made it myself.
Hey, you got a pimple!
Just like on TV.
Yesterday, I
was just like everyone else --
I fit in.
But when I woke up
this morning, I had
a pimple!
Ew! Ew! Ew!
Now my life is a hideous montage
of humiliation and shame.
Acne Blast Man!
Yes, it is I!
Here to restore your social life
to its former glory!
Thanks, Acne Blast Man.
I must obtain Acne Blast.
I got some right here.
Give me that!
No! That made it worse.
GIR, how could you?
Ah! GIR!
Get out of there!
This is so not right.
It's jeopardizing
everything I've worked for.
How can I study this planet
if the entire
population is staring
at my freakishly deformed head?
Stop! Stop! Get away!
Yes, I will stop.
I will obey.
You? Obey?
Roll over.
I obey.
I'm dancin' like a monkey!
Monkey dance!
This hideous blemish appears
to have hypnotic powers.
Hypnotic powers.
If it works on humans as well,
I may be able to
use it to hypnotize Dib
into telling me what he knows
about my security system.
But first I must disguise it.
I will call you Pustulio!
Together we can
hypnotize the enemy
and bend them to my will.
Heh heh heh.
Have you met my friend Pustulio?
He's visiting from
another place.
Ew! He's
Beautiful. I love him.
You! Frolicking dirt child
Meet Pustulio.
Get away from me, you
object of my
unsurpassed worship.
Pustulio demands your attention!
I'm in pain.
It is as Pustulio wishes.
Does Pustulio wish for me to
pop my spine back in place?
Yes, very well.
You will tell
Pustulio everything
that Pustulio wants to know.
I am Pustulio's
official spokesman.
Whatever information
you give to me
will please Pustulio.
Stare deeply into Pustulio.
He is your master. He is
Go away.
Are you sure you
don't want to look at
Come, my filthy stink-children.
You shall reveal your
secrets to Pustulio
in the privacy of the classroom.
What's going on, Gaz?
What's he up to? Huh? Huh?
Huh? Huh?
Some sort of hypnosis.
It might have something to
do with that thing on this head.
Someone has to stop
Zim before it's too late.
Don't look at that
thing on his face.
He's using it to control you.
Pustulio rocks!
There is no Pustulio!
It's just a pimple.
A hypnotic pimple.
Look at Pustulio.
Never! I'll never
surrender my free will.
Smacky, hold him.
No, Torque, can't you see--
I see only my love for Pustulio.
You can't make me look.
I'll just shut my eyes.
Oh, you'll open them. You
have to breathe sometime.
No, I-- Wait. What do my eyes
have to do with breathing? Nyeh!
I will tell Pustulio
everything-- Ah! No!
Must keep control.
Pustulio is my friend.
It's a pimple! Nothing
more than a-- Nyeh!
I I I love Pustulio.
And Pustulio loves you, too.
Release him, Smacky.
He is part of the
collective now.
Now tell me
tell me the flaw in
my house's defenses.
But I can't. Must infiltrate.
It would make Pustulio
happy to know this thing.
Don't you want to
make Pustulio happy?
Yes no!
If you tell me,
I'll let you hold
Pustulio's little hand.
The weakness is simple.
A blind spot in
your gnome field.
Nothing to stop me
from simply
tunneling under house
and attaching a spy
monitoring system.
Ah ha ha ha!
Huh? Oh!
Bye, Dib, and thanks
for the information.
I've got a few new
lawn gnomes to plant.
What happened?
Dib, you will not
leave school grounds
until all this mess
has been cleaned up.
Me? But
Can't I use that sponge?
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