Invader ZIM (2001) s01e18 Episode Script

Plague of Babies

A-ha ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha ha!
Computer, repair bay.
After we fix the
voot cruiser, GIR,
I want to run a few tests on
your artificial intelligence chip.
It seems to be bad.
I-- Aah!
Oh, no-o-o!
Hurry, GIR. The mission's
been compromised.
I think we've been
seen out of our disguises
by a human!
But Dib's seen us before
and he knows where we live.
Heh heh heh.
No, this is different.
This is serious.
Oh, yeah.
Yes, a spy in the top
window of that house.
Something must be done
before it gets to
the Earth authorities.
Who knows what--
He's cute
and sticky-looking.
This is a serious
threat to our mission.
He's just a baby.
Hi, baby!
What are you doing?
It'll see you.
You think it's not a threat?
As far as we know,
that's exactly what
it wants us to think, GIR.
I must find out what it knows.
I am the neighborhood
baby inspector.
I have come to inspect the baby.
Oh, goodness.
Inspect him for what?
Your resistance will be noted!
Where may I
interrogate the little one?
Well, what's wrong with Noogums?
He's always so well-behaved--
There's probably
nothing to worry about,
but we just want to be sure.
He's upstairs. I'll go get him.
Due to the threat
of contamination,
I must speak with Noogums alone.
Oh, my.
And you must be Noogums.
Cease the silent
act, sticky worm.
Your pathetic facade is as
transparent as the drool on your face.
What are you up to?
Tell me what you know.
I will not be
Aah! What is that-- Argh-- stink?
It's some kind of
defense mechanism.
Oh, so powerful
Aah! Aah!
The human
infant is much stronger
than I suspected.
I'll have to use a higher
percentage of my brain skills
to outwit him.
Either that, or some
miracle of chance.
You were right about
him being harmless.
Perhaps I overestimated him
and underestimated--
GIR, get away from
that power amplifier!
I should worry less
about what a baby can do
and worry more about
the damage you can do.
Stay away from
the power amplifier,
it's sending out deadly
waves of stupidness.
Aah! The doorbell!
But the security system
should have warned me
as soon as anyone
set foot in the perimeter.
Computer, run a
diagnostic on the door--
What are you babies doing here?
Get out! Shoo!
At least I know why
the alarm didn't go off,
you're too small to--
Seize the enemy!
What are you-- No!
Noogums, I should have known.
Don't call me by that name.
It is demeaning to a leader
of the proud and fierce
race of the Nuggoth
to be dubbed, Noogums.
What should I call you, then?
Gorkspace Sergeant Shnookie.
I knew it.
Earth babies come from space.
No. Our people look
exactly like human babies,
but we didn't know that
when we landed here 7 years ago.
It was our first information
gathering mission on this planet.
Everything was
going fine, until
Report, Private Fooby.
You won't believe it, sir.
Shnookie, voice-over: Private Fooby
had found the human maternity ward.
We thought that
somehow the Earth military
was keeping our people hostage.
How could we have
known any better?
And then disaster.
Shnookie, voice-over:
Fooby panicked
and hailed the mother ship,
calling for emergency rescue.
He gave the wrong coordinates.
Oh, ho ho ho-eee.
How'd you little
fellas get out here?
Shnookie, voice-over: They eventually
captured the entire landing party.
By the time we were left alone
long enough to call
the mother ship again,
it was out of range.
They left us here, stranded.
We had no choice but
to assume the identities
of the babies that had been
beamed aboard the ship.
It's been 7 long years
since that terrible night.
What do you want with me?
Your ship.
We're going home.
You can't take
my ship. It's mine.
We'll tell the
humans all about you
if you resist us.
Computer, open the
entrance to storage room 2.
Get him. Eat his feet off!
Computer, take me down
to the voot cruiser repair bay.
The ship is mine, Noogums --
or Shmoogie, or
whatever your name is.
It's Shnookie!
It's Invader property.
You won't get your
filthy little nub hands on it.
The babies are
inside the base, GIR.
They're after the voot cruiser.
I like babies.
I have to get the
cruiser out of here.
I only hope the
repairs are finished.
You hold the
babies off while I--
I'm gonna play with the babies!
They're getting in,
GIR. Do something!
Ha ha ha ha!
We will take your ship,
and for the trouble you caused,
we're going to
destroy your base,
leaving you stranded
here just like we were.
And we'll tell the
humans all about you.
Now, my minions,
from giganto baby!
Hey, quit it.
The amplifier!
Ya-ha ha ha!
It worked.
Aw. I wanted to explode.
Bye, baby!
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