Invader ZIM (2001) s01e19 Episode Script

Bloaty's Pizza Hog

This is it, Gaz.
Months of spying on
Zim's freakish little house
are about to pay off.
I know every outer defense
and just enough
of the inner ones
to actually make it down
into the real base underneath.
And once I get in there, I'm
Man, am I gonna do something.
I'm trying to
draw a little piggy.
Can't you see I'm trying
to draw a little piggy?
Be quiet.
Don't you care that Zim's
trying to destroy all mankind?
But he's so bad at it.
You-- you just don't get it.
Gaz, it's the annual
family night out,
and it's your turn to
pick where we eat.
The time for choosing is now.
What's the matter?
Do you know where you--
Bloaty's. We're going
to Bloaty's Pizza Hog.
Pig commands me.
That sounds fine.
I'll be home at 8.
I'll be home in time
for Mysterious Mysteries.
You know, Dad's
taking us out tonight.
I picked Bloaty's.
This is bigger than pizza, Gaz.
This is the fate of all mankind.
You and your mankind.
Uh-huh. Whatever.
Look, if I'm not home in time,
call this number and tell them
"the mothman is caught
in the spider's web."
They'll know what you mean.
But like I said, I'll
probably be back
before the Mysteries
theme song starts.
You can go now.
Welcome, truth-seekers,
to Mysterious Mysteries
of Strange Mystery.
Kids, I'm home.
Are you ready to go?
Where's your brother?
He's out. Let's go.
No, no. It's family night.
That means everyone.
If he doesn't get back soon,
we'll have to put
it off till next year.
What about the
rest of this year?
Hmm. Well
Simmons, how does
my schedule look
for the rest of this year?
Busy, sir. Very busy.
Wait, something just
opened up for September.
No, scratch that.
It just filled up.
No good, honey.
It has to be today.
And I've got a cure
to discover at 9:30,
so if he's not home soon,
we're going to have to
cancel the whole thing.
Dib, on radio:
Gaz? Come in, Gaz.
There you are, Gaz.
Looks like you'll have
to tape the show for me.
I made it in.
It's incredible.
There are things down here
I've never even dreamed of.
I'm gonna try and blow it up.
Come home now, Dib.
Your weird obsessions
are not gonna mess
today up for me.
I just wanna go out
and eat with Dad,
that's all.
Stop playing with
Zim and get back here.
You're breaking
up. I can't hear you.
I-- What?
Zim, you'll never
get away with--
You got away
with it for now, Zim.
But you won't get
away with it for long.
Gaz, make sure you don't
record over any old episodes!
Well, hello, little boy.
How embarrassing. Oh!
I'm guarding the house.
Kids, on TV:
Come out to Bloaty's Pizza Hog.
We got games. We got party.
We got pizza.
What more you ask for?
We love you, Bloaty.
I love you, kid.
Where is Dib?
None may pass.
You are an intruder.
Where is Dib?
Right down there.
You're sure they took this one?
Wait. Mm-mm.
Impressive that you
got inside my base, Dib.
If you hadn't made
the stupid mistake
of trying to transmit a message,
I may never have caught you.
But I did catch you!
And by the Irken rules of war,
you are my prisoner.
You'll do your species
the honor of being
one of the first to
be experimented on.
Just one experiment,
then I go rescue him.
Aha ha ha ha!
Now, Dib, let's see
what you look like
with all your organs
on the outside!
Ha ha! On the outside!
Get it? The outside!
OK, Dad. We can
go to Bloaty's now.
No, no, no. We can't go
anywhere with him like that.
Family night is cancelled
until his organs
are inside him again.
That's enough of that.
Come on, Dib.
What is this?
Is this some kind of a joke?
Dib, you've really sunk low
if you think your little
sister can help you.
I made that containment
chamber myself.
I would destroy you right now
if I didn't expect to get
so much amusement
from watching you
try to get him out.
Hmm. Oh!
Gaz, you rescued me.
Yeah, yeah. Now let's go.
We can't leave now.
We can stop him
once and for all --
you and me as a team.
What do you say?
What are you doing?
We can't leave him like this.
He's vulnerable!
We can stop his reign of terror!
All I want is to
have some pizza,
hang out with Dad,
and not let your
weirdness mess up my day.
Reign of terror,
Gaz! Reign of terror!
You can't escape by
teleporter, little Gaz.
I've cut the power.
Your pitiful rescue attempt
is nothing but
a pitiful failure.
Stupid, stinking humans.
Doesn't this station
have escape pods?
Of course. They're
right over there.
Stupid, stupid
Come on, Gaz,
you'd sacrifice
the entire planet
just for some pizza?
Look, you got to pick
what we ate last time,
and now it's my turn.
Why can't you just go tomorrow?
You just don't get it, do you?
Try to outrun me in
one of my own ships?
Dad, it's me.
Did you find your brother?
Yeah, I'm going to
meet you at Bloaty's, ok?
All right.
I've got to go, Dad.
Dib's little friend
is bugging us.
Too easy.
Hold on to something.
I can't.
All right, this is
gonna be rough.
I eat too many pizza.
Please, Gaz. Listen to reason.
He's still out
there. He'll be back.
He's gonna--
Oh! No more pizza.
Make sure that you keep a
close eye on the pressure,
and I'll be back in the
lab in about an hour.
I had him. I had him, Gaz.
If you hadn't rescued
me, I would've--
There he is! Gaz, unstrap me.
Now, Dib, we finish
this once and for--
What form of Earth
monsters are these?
Aah! Aah!
There. See? You won.
Eat your pizza.
I can't.
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