Invader ZIM (2001) s01e24 Episode Script

Future Dib

The whole ignorant world watches
as Professor Membrane
prepares to make
the greatest
announcement he's made
since last week.
Man, Dad's finally done with
whatever he's been working
on for the past few months.
Maybe we'll finally get
to see him in person.
Now, now, son, brush
your teeth and don't steal.
Daughter, feed the puppy.
Oh, yeah. We used to
have a puppy, didn't we?
And now, the man without whom
this world falls into chaos
and the inventor
of super toast
Professor Membrane!
That's my dad!
Psh. So?
Thank you, mankind.
As we all know,
every source of
energy requires fuel.
Psh. I didn't know that.
So I got to thinking,
why has no one
invented a power source
that needs no fuel?
So I made the perpetual
energy generator,
or, as I call her, "PEG".
Tonight, I activate it.
If it works, we never have
to worry about power again!
If it doesn't,
it'll send out a wave of doom
that will destroy
all life on Earth!
Wave of doom?
Any questions?
Yeah. What was that
last thing you said?
Oh, there's only
a minimal chance
of anything going
wrong with the generator,
especially with the
stepped up security
we've installed
around the premises.
Hee hee hee hee.
Ah ha ha ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha ha!
Ahem. I love Earth!
Look, Gaz, Zim's
definitely up to
Excuse me, kids?
I'm with the
Membrane organization.
The professor has
asked that his roommates
attend tonight's unveiling
of the "PEG" generator.
You mean us?
You live with the
professor, right?
Be ready at 7:00.
Hmm? Mm.
Wow! We're gonna
be on TV with Dad!
My dad can fit a
potato in his mouth.
Wha--? You look like me.
I am you.
Listen to me
- I know how--
- What's going on?
How is this possible?
Zim he he broke
into Dad's compound
He got to the generator.
This doesn't make any sense.
Listen! Zim sabotaged
the generator.
Ah ha ha ha ha ha!
I tried to stop him, but his
incredible power was too much for me.
And he undid the
security system.
The "PEG" sent out a
horrible wave of energy
just like Membrane
said it would.
But the energy opened
up a spacial time rift
and I found myself
in some kind of
crazy spinning time thingy.
It sure was crazy.
The rift dropped
me here, in the past,
giving me a second chance.
But I'm so weak from the fight.
It's up to you.
Wow! I'm boring!
Do I always explain
everything like this?
Here, take this watch.
We can use it to
communicate remotely.
Once I defeat Zim, you
can stay here with me.
We'll be an unstoppable team!
Yes, yes.
It will be magical.
But you must go!
Zim's at the warehouse
by Dad's compound.
There's a broken window
above a stack of crates.
Ha ha ha ha ha!
He's gonna drill into Dad's
compound from below.
All you have to do
is sabotage that drill.
Ah ha ha ha ha!
Gullible stink-creature.
I knew I could trick you
with my Dib-robot spy.
Agh. You're gonna use it
to walk right past security
at the generator, aren't you?
Ah. What?
Oh. Oh, yes!
Yes, I am! Ha ha ha ha!
But if you use the robot
to blow up the generator,
you'll be destroyed, too.
Your explanations bore me.
Also, I'm safely controlling
robot Dib from Earth's orbit.
When "PEG" explodes, I'll
be thousands of miles away.
Good-bye, Dib.
Come on, Dib.
It's time to go.
OK, Gaz, I'll be right there.
Do not do anything
weird tonight, Dib.
If you do, you
will suffer horribly.
No, Gaz! That's not me! It's a--
I would never--
Horrible suffering.
Of course, my scary sister.
I obey.
Of course, my
scary sister. I obey.
No! I have to do something!
Man, am I doing something.
Hacking probe enabled.
I only hope the Irkens
just happen to use
the same operating system as me.
Aren't you excited, little boy?
Of course.
But not so much as to
provoke my terrifying sibling.
What are you doing?
You've been
acting weird all day.
Even weirder than usual.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
I don't know what you're talk
Look, aliens! And
over there Bigfeets!
That's more like it I guess.
I'm glad you two have arrived.
The ceremony-- Wait!
Where's your brother?
He went running after Bigfoot.
I need you to find him, Gaz.
And make sure he doesn't
do anything embarrassing.
Gah! He made it passed security!
Now all I have to do is
get control of this thing.
Not likely, Dib!
My lockout programs
will prevent you from--
I'm already breaking
through the vocal circuits, Zim.
Soon, I'll control
the whole robot.
Why aren't the lockout
programs working?!
GIR! GIR! Unleash the monkey!
Access vocal circuit?
What are you doing?
here he is Professor Membrane!
Before we get started,
I'd like to introduce
you all to my kids, who
Oh. Well, we'll start
"PEG's" warm up procedure
while we wait for them.
I don't feel very well.
I think I'll just watch
everything from down here.
Fine, Dib.
I guess there's less chance
you'll do anything crazy
if you're not up there with us.
Override vocal circuit?
No! Gaz! Come back!
It's a trap!
Help! No! The monkey!
Okay. I warned you.
Ah aaahh!
You're just asking for it, Dib.
Ah! Ah! Ah!
It's in my brain!
Hey, where's my free power, huh?
Does that thing even
work?! Huh? Huh?
Aw! Doh! Boo!
Help me, Gaz! Ahhh!
Good work, Gaz.
What you've been
fighting is actually a robot
controlled by Zim.
Now you've got to rescue me.
I'm at the warehouse. It's 25--
Very funny!
Okay, if you people don't want
to take perpetual energy seriously,
then fine! No power for you!
Aw, your little
robot boy's broken.
Well, let's go look
at the monkey.
A robot?
It's good to see you
two getting along.
Ha ha ha ha!
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