Invader ZIM (2001) s01e29 Episode Script

The Sad, Sad Tale of Chickenfoot

In the end,
even Mysterious Mysteries
doesn't know what, or who,
is haunting this fork.
Maybe it's this guy.
The truth is a mystery.
Wow. What if it is that guy?
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The mysterious, the horrible
Wait. It looks like a guy
in a Mr. Chickylicky suit.
You can see the zipper!
Aaahhh! Aahh!
That is a guy in a
Mr. Chickylicky suit!
What kind of idiots
do they think we are?
Hello, son.
I'm giving these world
leaders a tour of our home.
Wow! Ooh!
Ah! Ooh!
Who is the big-headed boy?
This is my son, Dib.
The future of the
Membrane empire.
Actually, I'm a
paranormal investigator.
He's a bit insane at the moment,
but he'll get over it.
Dad, paranormal investigation
is a legitimate field of study.
We asked a
legitimate paranormal investigator
what he had to say
about Chickenfoot.
Chickenfoot is
not a real chicken.
He's a space chicken.
From a planet where
pig-demons rule.
Paranormal investigator?
Your son believes these things?
Are the rest of the people in
your country crazy like this boy?
Ho ho ho ho ho!
We'll discuss this later.
But I don't believe
in Chickenfoot!
Mysterious Mysteries is
getting desperate for ratings.
This Chickenfoot story
is undermining everything
that serious paranormal
studies stand for,
that I stand for.
It must be stopped!
I want my slaw!
You have your slaw, sir!
I want my slaw!
You have your slaw, sir!
I want my slaw!
You have your slaw, sir!
I want my slaw!
What kind of chicken
you want, mister?
You have your slaw, sir!
I want my slaw!
Actually, I want some
information about Chickenfoot.
Don't say that name 'round here.
He is the demon beast.
We've lost three chicken
cookers since he come around!
Chickenfoot ate them?
No. They got better jobs.
But I hate that chicken-beast!
Get out!
Get out now,
before you get
a better job, too!
Maria, don't make a scene!
Young man
Perhaps you should try
a Mr. Chickey meal.
Are you thirsty for chicken?
Eehhhh! Don't try
to throw me off track.
No, no.
The chickey meal.
It comes with a
dirty chicken toy.
The head comes off,
and can be used like
a little grappling hook.
That's a weird thing
for a chicken to do.
That dirty chicken
has a seeee-cret.
OK, what's the
secret of Chickenfoot?
Ask the dirty chicken.
What is the secret
um dirty chicken?
Quit it. Quit that.
Chickenfoot is a
mass of chickeny evil!
He has come back to avenge
the souls of all his chicken brothers!
Oh, come on! It's a
guy in a chicken suit.
Don't you have any hard facts?
I want facts!
Don't hurt me.
They say Chickenfoot lives in an
apartment building on Third Street.
The mass of chickeny
evil has an apartment?
Govern, Rodriguez, Trueheart
Smackey no Chickenfoot!
The old man lied to me!
Excuse me.
Hey wait!
Wait! Come back!
Stop! Stop!
Give up, chicken! Oof!
Give up, Chickenfoot!
I've got you!
Wait. You want Chickenfoot?
Ho, ho. See, I'm Turkeyneck.
Chickenfoot's two doors down.
Why did you run from me?
I thought you were
one of those darn kids
after me lucky neckmeats.
They're always after me
neckmeats, doncha know?
You see, my neckmeats,
they're lucky.
Huh? Go away!
Don't look at me!
I just want to talk.
Don't look at my face!
My horrible face!
What happened to you?
It's a sad, sad
revolting tale
I was once a man, just like you.
I worked in a chicken
restaurant, just like you.
I don't work in a
chicken restaurant.
Don't look at me!
I wasn't-- Oh--
Just go on.
My name is
Chewy Rodriguez.
I lived
I laughed I loved!
But one fateful day,
my destiny collided with a
defective microwave oven
of doom!
Potatoes are bad!
These potatoes are great!
Potatoes are bad!
These potatoes are wonderful!
The potatoes are nasty and bad!
These potatoes are the
best potatoes in the world!
They are not!
They're bad, nasty,
bad potatoes!
I survived,
but the accident had
caused an unholy fusion
of man and chicken.
And now
I must survive on
the fringes of society,
neither man nor chicken!
Something in-between it.
A chickeny man!
The explosion probably
just stuck the zipper.
I could pull it loose.
You speak madness, boy!
Every day that goes by,
I become more grotesque!
That's because you don't bathe.
I can't even leave the
apartment anymore.
Now the Chickymeal
toys are my only friends.
My one regret
is that I never got
the dirty chicken toy.
You mean this?
Give me that!
Give me eeeuugh!
Hold on!
Only if you promise to
come to the hospital with me.
I think we can put an
end to this once and for all.
Yes, send a news
crew right away.
I have the real
Chickenfoot story.
Oh, let's go over it again.
OK. Here's the chicken head.
Here's your head inside,
looking out the
hole in the mask.
See? Right there. OK.
You see, Chewy,
it's just a costume.
Let us take it off
before you make
a total mockery of
paranormal studies!
No. It's not true.
Is impossible!
We can just unzip the back.
You taunt me!
I'm a freak!
I'll always be a freak!
It's really hard to
wanna chase somebody
who smells that bad.
Chickenfoot! Come back!
You're not a freak!
You're just stupid!
Uh Chickenfoot.
I-- I just wanna
Chickenfoot rocks!
The curse is lifted.
Thank you.
It was just a costume!
Chickenfoot was
a fraud all along?
This just proves that
paranormal studies
isn't a bunch of crazies
believing in anything.
We also disprove the frauds.
I bet this means
Bigfoot is a fraud, too!
And UFO's!
And hobos.
No, wait.
Those are real!
Except the hobos.
Wait, no, they're real.
I-- I guess.
What's wrong with you people?
And so the legendary Chickenfoot
has been exposed as a fake,
calling into question all
other monster sightings.
Well, that didn't turn
out like I planned,
but at least
it's finally over.
Oh ho oh!
I'm a taco!
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