Invader ZIM (2001) s01e30 Episode Script


Wa ha ha ha ha ha!
The Megadoomer
Combat Stealth Mech.
I don't like it!
We didn't build it
so you could like it.
This one's going
to planet Meekrob
to help Invader Tenn conquer it.
Well, I should like it.
Malfunctioning S.I.R. units.
Hey, these things are dangerous.
Anyone using these
could really get hurt.
Send them to Zim.
Ahh! But they'll destroy him!
Ah, let's go eat food.
Irken monsters
conquer my people!
Take our planet,
force us to ship packages.
Can I call myself a man
if I am a slave to
the Irken machine?!
Our futures, crushed
like so many little
nubby packing peanuts!
No! No, I say!
I must rebel!
I will I will
Switch the addresses
on these two boxes!
Let the revolution be--
And then then Dib says
Rghhhh! In front
of the whole class!
Filthy slug!
Miss Bitters called on me!
Filthy squirmy Dib!
What are you talking
about? Who are you?
I can't believe the things that
h-h-human has done to me!
Me! And ooogh!
Ooo-ooo-ooo that Dib!
Why are you following me?
I don't even go to your school.
And the ooogh!
He makes me so mad!
The horrible, puny
brain meat child.
With his little
glasses and his
My name is
Dib with my pointy hair.
Pointy hair!
I eat food and have stuff.
Oh, he will pay.
How he will pay.
Oh, thank you, you've done
the right thing my Tallest
and won't be forgotten
when I rule the universe
thanks to this amazing
battle mech bye!
Incoming transmission
from planet Meekrob.
It's horrible!
They're everywhere!
The Megadoomer, GIR!
The most powerful stealth robot
in the Irken military.
Engineered by conquered
Vort scientists, actually.
They're filthy.
Ah! It's got chicken legs.
Yes, chicken legs.
It also possesses
a new generation
distortion cloaking system.
You know what that means?
That means it turns invisible.
I had no idea.
It's a bit much, but I will
use this to annihilate the Dib.
- I can't wait.
- I'm floatin'.
Hey! Hey! What's the
matter with this thing?
No batteries?!
We'll have to improvise.
Cloaking device activated.
I can still see you.
Silence! My victory
begins now!
Ha ha ha ha ha.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Careful with that power cord.
Now I know you
can't see me, GIR,
because the
cloaking device is on.
Just follow the
sound of the stomping.
The Dib pig won't
see this one coming.
Look at their scared faces.
They hear the terror,
but they see nothing!
Powering down.
GIR? What happened?
The plug thing.
It's not plugged.
Another outlet! Quickly!
Onward to vengeance!
GIR! Outlet! Before
we're noticed.
What I'm trying to say, sirrrrr,
was that he was like
no man I've ever seen.
What he say?
Hey, get out of the way!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Move it! Hey! Hey!
You invoke my wrath?
Victory for Zim!
My robot hits yours
with swarmers.
I counter with the wave pulse.
I'm not playing
with you anymore!
More power!
Give me more power!
Prepare yourself
for the end, Dib!
I've put up with you
long enough, Dib!
Now, fight an enemy
you cannot see!
You're right there.
There. Your mighty
Irken cloaking device
cloaks the robot, but not you.
Now behold the doomcannon!
I can't. It's invisible.
But you can see me?
That's what I said.
Oh, that's stupid!
Really stupid.
You dare agree with me?!
Prepare to meet
your horrible doom!
Warning. Power draw critical.
Chicken. Hee hee.
I'm gonna eat you.
Power emergency!
GIR! Power emergency!
Crop Circles Magazine's
gonna put me on the front cover.
Somebody, take one
with me standing next to it.
Oh, you. You look so cute.
No, GIR, no! Security
Compromised. Must self-destruct.
4 3 2 1
What do you mean, victory?
Your robot exploded
and you didn't destroy me.
It was a trick! Yes!
Eh my plan was to
steal this camera from you,
so that you couldn't
show these pictures. Hah!
Give it back. Come on.
No. Uh-uh. No way. Uh-uh.
Victory for Earth!
You had the lens cap on.
I did not. I-- Arrrgh!
Victory! Victory for Zim!
Well, I liked that camera,
but I guess this
is a victory for me.
Yeah. Or something.
I'm going back to bed.
I am Zim!
Automated signal from
the Megadoomer, sir.
It self-destructed.
With Zim in it?
Probably not. Probably not.
They've eaten everything!
We're all doomed!
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