Invader ZIM (2001) s01e31 Episode Script


But nobody believed Galileo!
They even put him in jail!
Now if all these people
who just called him crazy
were brought back and shown
just how wrong they really were,
they'd be sorry. Oh, they'd be--
Time's up, Dib. Any questions?
- Yes, Zita?
- You're crazy.
Excellent, Zita. You get an "A".
But that wasn't a question.
Sorry I'm late. My head's itchy.
Ah! Li-i-i-i-ice!
Arrrgh! Itching!
In my brain!
Pff. Whiner.
Level one infestation, ma'am.
A level one.
I am Countess Von
Verminstrasser, the delouser.
For your own good,
you will cooperate.
You have lice!
And until your
condition changes,
you will all be detained
here indefinitely.
You can't really
make us stay here--
You dare question me,
question my methods?
You, who stands to benefit
the most from my work.
You disgust me.
What a nice lady.
All I said was--
Silence! Let the
delousing begin.
Any attempts to escape will
be severely frowned upon,
so don't try!
You have been separated
according to the severity of your cases.
The worst over here
These two have no
lice on them at all.
I'd just like to say that, if I
were a member of an alien race,
which I'm not! Heh, heh, heh,
I'd have to take this
opportunity to say
filthy Earth creatures!
It is clear who the
superior species is,
isn't it?! Isn't it! You stink!
Eh! Huh! Ha! Huh! Heh!
The two clean
ones will be taken to
a special area for
immunity research.
This is insane!
Isn't this a bit much
for just an outbreak of lice?
The rest of you will see my
assistants for your assignments.
We've got to get out of here.
Take your seats, licey children.
You won't get away with this.
Get away with it?
When I'm finished here,
I'll be looked upon as a hero.
You simply do not
comprehend my work here, boy,
and I do not have
time to explain.
Take your seats now!
Your turn.
Countess, you're
required in "B" wing.
So much to do. I'll be back.
Melvin, it's obvious
this delouser
has become mad with power.
You mean she's craaa-zyyyy?
Yeah. We've got to tell
the world what's happening.
The skool-- No, the
world depends on us.
Immunity research? Zim
We'll need skin
samples to find out
what makes you
immune to the infestation.
I'm no different from
the other humans.
I'm loaded with lice.
They are simply, eh
In my belly!
Maybe you should
just put me in with
the normal, filthy,
Earth child group.
Ahhhh, take it from the child.
Ahhh! My skin!
My superior skin!
Pff. Whiner.
Th-that was kind of neat, but--
is it? Make it quick.
Forgive me, countess, but
15 of the test subjects have
Ummm hey!
No, they never would have
made it past the minefield.
They're just gone.
Hey, excuse me.
Leave us. Up the security.
The final battle is upon us.
What are you talking about?
An infestation of this size
provides me with
research opportunities
I could only dream of before.
Some will suffer, yes,
but for the greater good.
Why am I here?
But these disappearances.
This is something more.
Perhaps the proof
I've been searching for.
Why are you telling me this?
Proof of a mastermind
queen louse!
The source of all
lice, and I will stop it!
Can I go now?
A lice queen?
She's crazier than I thought.
We have to stop her. Keep
quiet, Melvin, and we'll--
No! No! Lice queen! Ahhhhhh!
That was not quiet.
What are you doing out here?
What are you doing out here?
Using mind tricks
Come on, while he's distracted!
Continue your studies.
We'll handle this.
We lost her.
I knew you'd be trouble.
I really don't want to be here.
This has to stop.
You don't get it, child.
No one gets it!
But I will show
you -- All of you!
Don't get it? They're just lice!
Look, they don't hurt anybody--
You can't see the full
extent of the problem.
It's much bigger than you know.
Oh, not the lice queen thing!
This place smells.
Can I have a soda?
You just need to open your mind.
You're insane!
There is no lice qu--
What? What is this?
What's going on?
The queen! We found the nest!
I knew it. I was right.
She was right?
Look. It's filling these kids'
heads with lice, just like Melvin,
so they can spread
them to the outside world.
All those years,
searching, waiting.
They laughed at me, told me
I was losing my grip on reality,
but there it is, proof of
everything I've known to be true.
She does this. She
just keeps talking.
Hey, that thing you
were right about,
it's about to eat us.
Boss. This green child.
He is the answer. His skin.
His skin destroys the lice!
Here, use this against them!
Close your eyes, baby.
You were right all along.
I was wrong about you.
Sorry, I guess.
You should be.
Thanks to the
bravery of this child,
the world will never
have to deal with
the threat of lice ever again.
The pain.
Pfff. Whiner.
Future generations will
sing songs about him
and his brave sacrifice
for the fight against head lice.
Good work, child.
He's an alien, you know.
My work here is done.
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