Invader ZIM (2001) s01e32 Episode Script

TAK: The Hideous New Girl

Wa ha ha ha ha ha!
No, no. No!
You'll pay for this one.
Class, despite my moral outrage,
the school principal is
allowing you to celebrate
Valentine's Day this year.
Go ahead, pass out your
Valentine's meat slabs.
It's traditional.
I left my meat at home.
Sorry, I sorta forgot it.
Get that outta my face!
Miss Bitters, I
read that long ago,
people used to give out cards
and candy on Valentine's Day.
How did the whole
meat thing get started?
You don't wanna know.
I had a Valentine once.
Ugh, another one?
To celebrate
overcrowding in school,
a new student will
be joining the class.
Hi. My name's Tak.
I'm new here.
Hello, Tak.
My dad's the head of the
Deelishus Weenie Corporation.
That was his jet out there.
So I brought Valentine's
wieners for everyone! Ha ha ha ha!
Yeah, wieners!
Wieners rock!
Except that kid.
Weenies schmeenies!
Zim needs no meats.
For him, I have prepared a poem.
Looks like Zim has a girlfriend.
It's not nice to
embarrass people.
You should apologize and
eat your eraser.
Yes, Tak. I'm sorry, Zim.
"For longer than I can remember,
"I've been looking
for someone like you.
"Someone with a head like yours
"and a torso, too.
Birds sing, and you're
gonna pay. The end!"
Here's some meat
covered in barbecue sauce!
Thank you, Tak.
That was horrible.
Now, you'll need a place to sit.
You! You're being transferred
to the underground classroom.
And you, I'm just tired of you.
Miss Bitters, are there
really underground classes?
Sure, whatever.
My Tallest, please
excuse my appearance
I mean no disrespect.
A new child
You're not dirt!
Be quiet!
My Tallest, a new child
attacked me with meat.
My conclusion,
she's in love with me!
Tee hee hee!
This may prove valuable
as I can use the child
to learn more about
human affection!
Which, from what I have
been able to determine,
is pain-based.
Oh, ha-um, that's great, Zim.
Sounds great.
Ha ha ha ha!
Don't worry, that's just my arms
flailing and giggling.
Dah! Dat-dat!
And once I am
done with the child,
I will destroy her.
That should be neat.
OK, Zim, well
We have another call.
Ha ha ha ha!
We really do have another call.
No, it's just that I'm
not used to people
actually being interested
in my paranormal studies.
As for Zim, well Ah!
I have come to accept
your feelings for me.
I congratulate you for
acknowledging my superiority
in choosing me as your love-pig.
Feel honored!
Ah ah aaahhh!
Maybe you really are
an alien like Dib says.
A horribly disguised,
disgusting, horrible one.
Despite his huge head the
Dib-monkey is quite stupid.
My head's not big!
Now prepare your brain,
filthy beast of meat and hair,
your magical love
adventure begins now!
Heh heh heh heh!
Heh ha ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha ha!
You're on fire.
Am I?
Oh, well
GIR, I feel I now know
enough about human affection.
I hate it! Especially
the part with the beans.
Our friend Tak is no
longer useful to me.
I'm glad you stopped by.
It gives me a chance to
end our hideous relationship,
and enjoy your shrill cry
in having been rejected by Zim!
You have got to be kidding.
I assure you I am very serious.
Now cry! Cry like
you've never cried
Wha you.
You're Irken!
What is this?!
You're a bigger
fool than I imagined.
You're a bigger
fool than I imagined.
You're confused.
Allow me to explain.
It was 50 years ago
on the Irken military
training planet Devastis.
I'd been waiting years
to take my final test
to become one of
the Irken elite soldiers,
and should the need arise,
to be one of the Invaders.
No! No!
Somebody, help me!
The door's stuck!
I'll miss my test!
Mmm, snack.
You blew the power block
for that entire half of the planet,
but the testing went on
uninterrupted on the other side.
I pleaded with the control brain
to let me take the test.
But she said I'd have
to wait another 70 years.
I was placed on a
janitorial squad
and then sent to planet Dirt.
I escaped, and I
began my long search
for the mysterious person
who caused the blackout
and ruined my life!
I eventually tracked
you to this horrible place
and took that rich weenie
human as my false father.
Yes, yes, so you blame
me for your horrible life.
Blah, blah, big deal!
This is about taking
your mission, Zim,
not revenge.
You're after revenge?
No! It's not about revenge.
It's about taking
what is rightfully mine.
I should have been an Invader!
I should have been part
of the great assigning!
I didn't have to be stealing
this planet from you!
You're after my robot bee!
No! Listen to me.
Listen carefully.
Mmm, mmm, mmm. Mmm.
I'm a better Invader
than you could ever be.
I'd blend in perfectly.
The plan I have in
store for this nasty rock
will so impress the Tallest,
that they'll have no choice
but to make me an Invader.
What is this?!
And what is this plan?
Heh heh heh heh!
Yes, yes, I'm a
master of comedy.
Now tell me this plan.
Part one involves
crippling your base
so that you can only watch
as I ruin your life!
My beautiful base!
Part two is
No! My beautiful base!
Part two is
Noooo! My beautiful base!
Part two is
- Part
- No!
- OK, I'm
- No!
OK, I'm leaving now.
But you didn't
tell me your plan.
Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!
Doo te doo!
What a horrible adventure
with that ham demon! Whew!
But I've made no progress in
figuring out what Tak's plan is.
The base is still
repairing itself.
And the only other person
with the facilities to
I won't even consider it!
But that's just the
way it worked out.
Yeah. No, I know what you mean.
Good morning, son.
Your little foreign
friend is here to see you.
Dad, that's the alien!
The alien!
Of course he is.
You two have fun.
What's going on, Zim?
It seems the enemies have
a common enemy Tak.
She's Irken and she's
after my job and your planet.
Oh, come on. I like Tak.
And she hates you.
You're just jealous of
This has nothing
to do with jelly!
I've been trying to
figure out her plan,
but it's been difficult.
She's good.
Not good like me,
but still good.
This is just stupid.
48 hours of trailing Tak
and all I could come up with
are these photos I
wrestled off that ham demon.
They're of a giant,
evil weenie stand
her father has constructed.
But that's nothing.
Hmm giant
weenie stand is weird,
but that doesn't say
anything about Tak.
Giant weenie stand.
That's worth a look.
I knew this was a bad idea.
She'll destroy your world!!
I can't believe you're
even saying this!
Your voices are making me sick.
And when the Earth
is a smoking ruin,
you'll wish it had
been me who did it!
Aaahh! It burns!
It burns! Aaahh!
Thanks, Gaz. He
was really gaaaaahh!
Deelishus Weenie!
Uhhhhhh. What'll it be?
Be quiet. I wanted
to let you know
that my brother is trying
to break into this building
through some secret entrance.
Uhhhhh we have chili beans.
I just thought it'd
be kind of funny
to see him get
beaten up by security.
Ya know, I don't think
there is a secret entrance.
I work here and
this is all I've seen.
This place is kind of big for a
hot dog stand, don't you think?
Huh? Oh!
Uh now that I think of it
there is that secret
entrance around back
where they deliver all that
alien-looking machinery.
Oh! Yee, man!
What is this place?
It's a hot dog stand.
Gaz? How did you get?
No pictures, please.
Tak? What?
Um look, I can explain.
No need.
In a second, you won't even
remember having seen any of this.
Hmm. You must be
smarter than the rest of them.
Let's see about your sister.
You're behind this?
No! He is.
Or at least his resources.
I only let him out when I
need to keep up appearances.
Kind of like Zim's robot
parents only good.
You can't do this!
People will know something's up!
I mean, look at this
place! It's enormous!
The great thing
about your people, Dib,
is that most of
them don't notice.
All they see is another
faceless corporate venture,
not a plan for world conquest.
Wait, is there
really a difference?
It's over, Tak!
The Earth is mine to devastate.
And I already promised
the moon to GIR.
Zim! How did you
know we'd be here?
I placed a tracking
device on you.
A tracking device?
Where? Huh? Huh?
Your head smells like a puppy.
This won't stop me
from keeping my
promise to the Tallest.
Mimi! Attack!
Ah! Mimi ah cat cool it!
Ugh! You ruined everything, Zim!
I was about to find
out what her plan was.
Me? You're the
one who refused to
Hey, what's this thing?
That's a S.I.R.
unit's memory disc!
It probably has
Tak's plan all over it.
No way! It's ours! Back off!
I'm the only one here with the
technology to decode the files!
And we're the only ones here
with the files to be decoded!
And I'm hee ha hee hee hee!
I don't know.
Your base. Our disc, Zim.
Let us see the base.
As soon as we destroy Tak,
I'm going to feed your
brains to my robot.
Yay! Brains!
Ha. This is your base?
Don't touch anything or I'll
Melt your face off or something.
My leaders, I offer a gift to prove
my worthiness as an Invader.
I have created a magma pump
to hollow out the
Earth's molten core.
I could do that.
Once empty, I'll fill
the planet with snacks
as an offering to my Tallest.
Your leaders are just
taller than everyone else?
You never even considered
Earth valuable at all.
But I shall make it valuable.
She stole this plan from me!
No, she didn't.
Be quiet!
It's starting.
Ready the Voot! I must stop Tak.
Her little joke has
gone far enough.
Wait! You have to drop
me off at the weenie stand.
Someone has to
shut the pump off.
Are there any video
games around here?
No, not really.
I guess I'll help
save the Earth then.
Deelishus Wweenie!
Heh heh heh heh heh!
How do you shut this thing off!
So this should work?
If Tak's S.I.R unit is
within range of its memory disc,
it can be controlled
through a remote host.
We can remote control it.
OK. You, do things.
Make Tak's robot crazy.
Only if you dance with me.
No. Never. Never!
Oh, come on.
Give up, Zim! I
built this ship myself!
Doo Dee doo Dee doo Dee doo Dee!
What are you doing?!
Stop! No, stop!
No, stop! Mimi!
You're ruining
You're a worse
pilot than I am! Wait.
Nooo! No no no!
How did I miss that?
No one takes Zim's mission!
No one!
I don't know how
you did it, Zim.
You're not even an
Invader, you know.
The Tallest lied to you.
Your mission's all a big lie!
I'll come back and uh aahhh!
Eehhhhh ha ha ha ha!
Tak's plan was ruined.
The humans
helped out, but, uh
They were hypnotized
by Me into doing so!
You should have heard
the lies she told about you.
Well, all that matters is that
Tak's evil snack plan was stopped.
I like snacks.
He likes snacks, Zim.
I know you do. I know.
Look at it, Gaz.
We've only seen what's
come to us from up there.
Don't you want to just
fly out there and see it all?
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