Invader ZIM (2001) s01e34 Episode Script

Dib's Wonderful Life of Doom

Blaaah! Blaaah! Aaahh!
Delicious. I'm normal!
How am I still the only
person to see Zim's an alien?
I mean, come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Why do you have to have a head?
Gaz, I want you to see this.
Today, things're gonna change.
I'm gonna do something.
I'm not just gonna sit back
and watch Zim
get away with his
his things he do I mean
"Things he do?"
What's your problem?
Oh, you know what I mean.
I'm just I have to
do something about it.
Something new! And soon!
What?! Who?!
That that was horrible.
Who did this?!
Who dares to soil my
normal boy-head with this
Pork cow?!
That's a stinkin' muffin!
Whatever this is, I will
find the beast who threw it
I will find you!
Sleep peacefully now,
for it is the last peaceful
sleep you will know
from this moment on!
But we're not asleep right now!
Actually, that
was kind of funny.
Thank you, Mr. President.
What? What's happening?
Who--what, what are you?
And why did you
transform into giant shoes?
We are beings of pure energy.
This is merely a form your
human brain can understand.
But you just looked like aliens
before you turned into shoes.
Yes, but you couldn't
comprehend that.
Yes, I could.
Oh, forget that already.
Now, Dib Dib
Whatever your last name is
That's right.
We are the meekrob,
and we have a common enemy, Dib:
The Irken empire.
We are busy fighting
them on our own planet,
but have come
to offer you a gift
that can aid in your
battle with them.
Aah! Aarrggh!
Ow! It hurts!
Ha ha! Yes.
You now have the power to
defend the Earth like never before.
Why did you choose me?
You are the worthiest, Dib.
And no one else had
a head large enough
to accommodate so
much power. Now, rest.
A dream? Was it a dream?
I feel
What an amazing
morning, isn't it?
No, really.
Something's different.
It wasn't a dream.
I really was chosen.
Son, you're looking
in good spirits today.
You must have
finally seen the light
about studying real science!
No, Dad. These alien
shoes came into my room
and gave me some kind of gift.
I know how that
sounds, but it's true.
Those aliens were
demented hallucinations,
but your DNA does
seem to have evolved
beyond that of
normal human beings.
I guess I'm sorry about
being so mean to you
all those times, then.
This is
This is just incredible.
I should
I should see if
this whatever it is
really will help
me deal with Zim.
I'm gonna head over to his base!
Hey, I'm speaking
out loud to myself
in an unnatural
manner. Oh, well.
I am Dib!
Oh, man! That was great!
Time for some serious notes.
No! I'm sick of
waiting and watching.
I should take action!
I'm talking out loud
some more. Odd.
I'm going for it!
I've got a few things
to tell you, Zim.
And that's all I have
to say about that.
Eh ok.
I can't argue with that, Dib.
You've won. I'm giving myself up
to the Earth authorities.
It's been nice
working with you, GIR.
Now, self-destruct.
Finally! Hee hee hee hee!
This feeling, the power!
It isn't going away!
Things really are going
to be different for me!
At last! Yah!
You've opened the world's eyes
to the existence of aliens, Dib!
Now what?
There are many other
mysteries still unsolved.
I figure you know
I'll do some of that.
Ladies and gentlemen ghosts!
Hey. How're you doing?
Dib rocks!
I love you, Dib!
And to prove that the
Lake Spooky monster is real,
this task force has
granted me permission
to drain the lake.
What's left to be
discovered now, Dib?
It's been years, Zim.
20 of your years to be precise,
enduring these indignities!
The only reason I
have not tried to escape
is because it amuses me.
Amuses you to what?
Ah, yes! The invasion!
I didn't ask you
about the invasion.
Oh, you didn't?
Well, you were supposed to.
Eh well, they'll be here!
The armada will come
and there's nothing
you can do about it.
We'll see, Zim, we'll see.
To better study the
coming alien menace
I am proud to open the Dib
Institute of Paranormal Studies-
slash-School of
Paranormal Tolerance-
slash-Museum-slash-Snack Bar.
They're coming!
The massive, the
armada capital ship!
The side pods are
filled with snacks!
It's their weak spot.
You'll be bringing
down the massive!
But, Dib sir
Who'll lead Alpha squadron?
Our snacks!
It's over!
And that's how I was awarded
the greatest person
ever to live award.
You've lived quite a full
life, haven't you, Sir Dib?
Yes, Alan.
It was everything I
could have hoped for.
And more.
And I even got to ride a moose.
And who could forget that day?
Yes, well, we thank you
for sharing your
incredible life with us,
and for allowing the
human race to survive.
Oh, yes. You're welcome.
And, uh
Oh, if I may say,
there's one final
question that would
settle the curiosity
of your many fans.
Did you throw the
muffin at Zim's head?
Heh heh heh.
Wow, that's going
back a long ways.
As a matter of fact
I did.
I knew it!
I knew it was you!
What? There aren't shoe aliens?
Get out.
Oh just one more thing.
You stink, Zim.
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