Invader ZIM (2001) s01e36 Episode Script

Walk for Your Lives

Hey, Invader Slacks!
It's Probing Day!
Whaddaya think
of that, huh? Huh?
You've blended in well
with the large-nostriled
people of Booti Nen,
blah, blah, blah
Now, if you'll just show
us a little puppet show
depicting how you plan
to destroy the planet.
Puppet show?
Everyone loves puppets,
except you it seems.
You fail inspection.
You get a pummeling.
Ah! Ah! Ah!
Happy Probing Day,
Invader Slacks!
I shall urggh
Try harder, sirs!
Aah! Ow!
You know, ever since
we became the Tallest
I I dunno
It's neat. And Probing Day
just makes it even better.
Hey, Zim's next on the list.
Should we even inspect him?
I mean, he's not
really an Invader, and
we hate him.
Greetings, my Tallest!
Whaa! Zim?
We didn't call for you!
You know, you're
interrupting a very important--
Today's Probing Day, yes?
Well, I'm ready
for my inspection,
and I think you'll find
that I have prepared--
How about we just
pummel you and call it done?
But you must see this!
I have prepared a
human experiment.
Look, Zim, we have some
pummeling to do, and--
Oh, hurry up. All right.
This bothersome
dirt-child was captured
trying to infiltrate my base.
I've suspended him in a
variable time stasis field.
I made it myself.
Does it not amaze you?
You'll never get
away with this, Zim!
I'm going to
expose you for
the horrible alien
menace that you are and
scoop your insides out--
Well, you look real
busy exploding, Zim.
What a shame. Moving on now.
Yeah! Yeah!
More puppets. Yeah!
The Dib human
He seems to have
been vaporized
Victory for Zim!
Wait look at this place.
Probing Day is ruined!
The Tallest said they
would call back in an hour!
No, they didn't.
Wait! If I can fix up the
base before they call
GIR! Begin clean-up
and repairs now!
I don't wanna!
Hey. Looka that.
S'one of them big head boys.
GIR! Remove
whatever that thing is.
It burns!
Quit playing around, GIR!
I thought I told
you to get rid of this.
Analyze this thing.
Thing is resulting explosion
from destruction
of time stasis field.
An explosion? Why
has it not exploded then?
Tell me now.
Explosion co-bonded
with time stasis field.
Explosion is
exploding really, really slowly.
Explosion cannot
be extinguished.
Explosion must expand to it's--
inevitable size.
What is that size?
And why is my computer coughing?
Yes? Yes?
No nooo!
Enough already! Solutions?
Give me solutions!
Solutions, give me solutions!
Explosion could be
dampened, perhaps--
The city cesspool!
Of course! Of course!
We'll drown this
thing in garbage,
and then get back here
before the Tallest call back!
I didn't say anything
about the city cesspool
Yes! Ingenious!
Come, GIR!
OK. A little to the left.
OK? Step forward. OK.
Look out for the monkey.
Got it. OK. How'm I doing?
OK. Monkey. Got it, OK.
OK? Look out for the
other monkey. OK?
OK. Got it. Oh, no!
Oh, no! Oh, no!
Aaaaah! Aaaah! Aaaaah!
Look out!
We cannot fail, GIR.
Even as a small Irken smeet,
my dream was to pass Probing Day
like a slorr-beast
passes her young
Jiggly and full of juice!
I must oh, we're here.
That was your fault, GIR.
You're bad.
Just another challenge. GIR!
Cross to the Voot cruiser
and work the tractor beam.
I'll hold the explosion here
until you grab it
with the beam. Hurry!
Look what I found!
He smells real bad.
GIR! Stop!
Go beam
Aah! Aaaaah!
Plan "B"!
Uh-huh. We have to hurry, GIR.
It's growing faster.
Must find help!
Huh. Look at him run.
All slow like.
Quickly, GIR, we
haven't much time.
Look! The city cesspool.
Smells like human.
Hey! Come back!
Hey! Come-a-back-
a-with-a-my meat!
Dog with meat! Dog with meat!
Ooh, ooh, oh!
I'll show you not to stand
around and do nothing!
Aaah! Run for your lives!
Well, what do ya make of that?
Run! Aah! Aah! Aaah! Run!
Eh walking's fine, honey.
Evacuate the city!
Um no, hurry, though.
Just you know whenever.
The Tallest are
gonna call us soon.
I just know it!
Base so messy.
Explosion so close.
This is just horrible!
I know whachoo mean.
That's it! Time!
Whachoo say?
If I can bring the time
field around the explosion
back up to regular
speed, it'll fix everything.
No, it won't.
The explosion will blow up
like normal and be gone forever!
But won't it just explode?
Do not interrupt
my being ingenious!
But I'll need another fragment
of the time field as a trigger.
The Dib monkey was in the field!
Too bad he was destroyed.
But, nuh-uh, no, he wasn't.
He wasn't? Good! Let's get him!
Won't the 'sploding hurt?
Do not question Zim!
Almost to police.
Oh poop.
Zim! You're just going
to blow us all up.
This is stupid!
This is stupid!
There. I've accelerated
Dib's time field
to cancel out the field
around the explosion.
Computer, what's
the angle of trajectory?
36 mark 2.
But seriously, Zim,
if you just speed
up the explosion
I don't pay you
to contradict me!
You don't pay me at all.
But if the big
'splodey goes fast,
won't it get all bad?
I am Zim!
Thank you, Invader Larb.
Happy Probing Day.
Well, was that everyone?
I hope that was everyone.
Let's go. I'm hungry.
Well, there is Zim,
but I think he
stopped being alive.
Oh, well, let's see.
Hmmm. OK.
Hello! Hello?
I am here, my Tallest.
My Tallest?!
You jerk.
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