Invasion (2021) s02e01 Episode Script

Something's Changed

a larger ship has arrived.
Today marks the fourth month
since the aliens invaded our world.
Four long months. The hardest
our world has ever known.
We have suffered. We
have sacrificed lives,
- land, loved ones.
And yet, with millions gone, we
here at the World Defense Coalition
are fighting for you every day
with every resource of every nation.
We are doing everything we can to
understand and overcome our enemy.
We ask for your help. Please
cooperate with the military,
comply with all codes, and
evacuate contaminated areas.
The alien spores have now infected
the air in over 30% of our planet.
We have set up shelter for
refugees from all infected areas.
We are working together, one world,
one coalition, to bring you to safety.
Together, we will win this war.
Together, we will see the
other side of these dark days.
And when that sun rises on
a sky free from our invaders,
it will be the brightest day
our species has ever known.
Don't worry, we are
going to find your mama.
WDC, World Defense?
You're with the Coalition? Government?
- Mitsuki Yamato?
- There are people here in trouble.
- We're not here for them.
- Let go of me!
What are you saying?
Let me go! What are you doing?
Let me go! What are you doing?
We need to help everyone!
You're the Government! Help
everyone! What are you doing?
- Let me go!
Let me go!
Let me down!
Let go of me. Let go of me! [GRUNTS]
Let me down, let me down.
Let go of me.
- We have orders
- People are dying!
- I understand.
- I have to help them.
- We are losing this war.
- [PANTING] Let me down.
Let me down, people are in
trouble and need our help.
We're taking you somewhere
that could help us win
somewhere you could save everyone.
Let go of me. Let go of me.
Where are we going?
India are now spreading
west into Pakistan,
creating a refugee crisis
that aid groups are calling
the worst of the invasion thus far.
The World Defense Coalition
is reporting ammonia levels
rising at an alarming
rate round the atmosphere,
with some areas approaching
200 parts per million.
Supporters from the
fringe group, the Movement,
have continued to cause
problems for the Coalition.
This morning, a supply convoy was
ambushed and stripped of rations
while headed for a survivor's camp
in the [INDISTINCT] region.
- Raids of this nature have increased
- Do you have any candy?
- the food shortage continues to worsen
- What?
Jell-O? Any ice cream?
Kid, we barely have food. We
stopped getting ice a month ago.
make their way to the nearest camp.
[SARAH] Okay, then what
about stuffed animals?
Like a teddy bear? It doesn't
even have to be a bear.
It can be an otter, a seal,
a rabbit on a key chain
Hey. Who brought you here?
[STUTTERS] My mommy.
She's in the bathroom.
- Bathroom?
You need a key for the bathroom.
- You wait right there.
[RADIO HOST] Dubai and Santiago
remain largely untouched at this time,
suggesting that climate
and terrain may play a role.
Luke, we gotta go.
- [CLERK] Hey!
- [WHISPERING] Seventeen, sixteen
- [WHISPERING] Twelve, eleven,
- ten, nine
- [CLERK] Hey! You, out there!
Eight, seven
- [PANTING] Where's Luke?
- [SARAH] He was right behind me.
- [CLERK] Open the damn door!
- Where's your brother?
[CLERK] Open the damn door!
- Luke, what happened to you? Are you okay?
- Mom, I got tools. Look.
Luke, you know the rules.
The moment they move for the door,
you have 17 seconds to get out.
You took more than 30.
You could have died in those
seconds. All of us could have.
But we didn't, okay?
- And we need these.
- Luke, you know the rules!
- Seventeen seconds!
- Yeah.
I know the rules.
[IN JAPANESE] We're almost there.
It's their ship,
the one we shot out of the sky
I know what it is.
coming, Madam President.
Well, I hope you're right this time.
We've had that ship for
nearly four months now.
And if you can't provide progress fast,
the Coalition will have
to take over the operation.
Might I remind you there wouldn't
be an operation without my funding.
So, technically, it belongs to me,
not some United Nations knockoff.
This is not one of your
expensive toys, Nikhil.
And I'm telling you what the
world leaders are telling me.
We need results.
That map was nearly 80% green last week.
Now we're clinging to 75.
There are dead zones
across whole countries.
At this rate, they would have
terraformed our atmosphere in
Yeah, I can do the
math, Madam President.
And you can tell the rest of your
leaders that results are on the way.
[SINGSONGY] Bye-bye.
This way, please.
Welcome, welcome. [CHUCKLES]
I can't tell you how excited
I am to finally have you here.
You speak English, yes?
You know, we've been trying to
track you down for over a month.
We thought we had you
in Kanazawa, but, phew,
you were gone by the time we got there.
Everyone was gone. Everyone but them.
Right. Right. Would you like
a drink? Something to eat?
I have a fabulous chef. He can do
Asian. He can do anything. [CHUCKLES]
What the hell am I doing here?
Oh. Straight to business.
I like it. Okay.
Let's get the pleasantries
out of the way, shall we?
My name is Nikhil Kapur.
I know who you are.
Everyone knows who you are.
[NIKHIL] Right. Right.
Sometimes I forget there
was a world before all this.
Actually, I never forget.
I was just being humble there.
But we don't have time
for false modesty, do we?
You're here because that is here.
And that is here because of you.
It was your codes that
made contact with that ship.
The only communication anyone
has made with the enemy.
Your coordinates made it possible
shoot that ship out of the sky.
You gave us the only win of this war.
It wasn't a win.
It only made things worse.
Did you bring me halfway across
the world to look at a dead ship?
Is that what you think?
It's dead?
You communicated with it before.
We want you to
communicate with it again.
We've tried.
Had some of the world's
greatest minds in and out of it.
And still, there's only one
person who's ever made contact.
Contact. Communication. Connection.
It's the only chance we'll
have to learn what they want.
- Why they're here.
- And how to stop them?
The last time I worked with
the military, they lied to me.
They used me.
Why should I trust you?
Because I'm not the military,
and I don't trust them either.
I've worked outside the
system my whole life,
and the only rule I've
ever followed is
"Make sure you're always breaking one."
What did you mean when
you said it's not dead?
[CHUCKLES] Go inside. See for yourself.
We'll just need to run
a few tests on you first.
- What kind of tests?
- Just standard.
To baseline your psychology
physiology in case something happens.
It's a formality, really,
for your own safety.
What's in there?
Well, if you can answer that
question, Mitsuki Yamato,
we might actually have
a chance to win this war.
Guys, guys. What are you doing?
I said to pack up. Come on!
I like it here. We had
running water for once.
And mattresses, even if
they're a little stinky.
It's two votes to one. We stay.
I'm your mother. It's not a democracy.
It hasn't even been 48 hours yet.
You're not playing by your own rules.
We can't stay because you broke
the rules. It's too dangerous now.
What if that man at the
station called the authorities?
What if there are people looking
for us? We have to keep moving.
I'm sick of running all the time.
If we go any further, we're
going to drive into the ocean.
We're done heading
west. We go north now,
to the top of the continent, as
far as the roads will take us.
Nobody lives that far,
even before the invasion.
Exactly. That's the
point. We will be safe.
From aliens or humans?
It wasn't aliens who took your father.
Please, pack your things. Come on.
Looking for this?
[PANTING] You know we
don't expose that, ever.
Luke, give it to me.
I was the one who found it. It'll
keep us safe so we can stay here.
I am the one who keeps us safe, Luke.
Luke, I said give it to me.
Luke, you need to trust me.
- You need to trust
- Your little voice inside?
That little voice inside has
kept us alive this whole time.
The world The whole world
out there is falling apart.
You, your sister, this
family is my whole world.
I would do anything and
everything to hold it together.
You know, I have a voice inside
too. Shouldn't that count?
Yes, it should. It should.
When your little voice
knows how to drive,
how to cross-stitch a wound in the dark,
how to make a meal out of ration
scraps, how to take care of your sister.
I'm not only protecting you.
I am preparing you, in case
In case what?
Luke, just give it to her. I wanna go
now. Okay? So that's two votes to one.
[LUKE] What if I wanna
stay here on my own?
- This is not an option.
- Where you go, I go. Where I go, you go.
We go together. This is our first rule.
Come here. Come here. [SHUSHING]
[MITSUKI] What are you measuring?
The EEG read is the
summation of the excitatory
and inhibitory potentials
and their constant change.
- Are you a doctor?
- Cognitive scientist.
I'll answer all your
questions after the test.
Endō Shūsaku.
Enchi Fumiko.
Callas. Clinton.
At what age did you
finish graduate school?
The Kremlin.
- I don't know what that is.
- First time you fell in love?
First time you fell in love?
- Three years ago.
- Name of your first love?
- You need to tell me the person's name.
- Why?
- We're creating a memory baseline.
- Why?
I'll explain later.
What was their name?
- Is Hinata back in Japan?
- No.
Imagine that's your daughter.
Life or death situation.
If you had to save her or
Hinata, who would you choose?
Your lover or the baby?
[SCIENTIST] These are sounds recorded
during the collapse of a building.
If you had to save your lover or
your parents, who would you choose?
- Lover.
- A line of innocent people
- Lover. Can we move on?
- Who's with you in the picture?
- My first college roommate.
- Ichiko.
That Hinata?
The astronaut?
Is she the reason you were trying
to make contact with the craft?
- Is she the reason you were
- Yes.
Did you believe Hinata
was alive on that ship?
What is the point of this?
Do you feel like you were
responsible for killing Hinata
when that ship was shot out of the sky?
- Do you hold yourself responsible
- I heard the question. What is your point?
- Do you hold yourself responsible
- This has nothing to do with
I need you to answer the question.
Do you hold yourself responsible
for the death of Hinata Murai?
Fuck you.
Is that your answer?
That's our key word for
when you're in danger.
wanna learn any more Farsi.
We didn't have to before.
- We have to now.
- Why?
It may save our lives one day.
I'm not good at it.
That's why you practice.
Okay. [SIGHS]
I'm going to go inside and ask
them where the next gas station is.
- You guys stay here, okay?
- I'm hungry, Mommy.
I'll ask if they have food.
- Or we could ask them for some.
We stay away from the military.
- You know the
- The rules.
Who do we have?
Each other.
What do we need?
- Nothing else.
- [SARAH] Nothing else.
That's it. Okay. [SPEAKS FARSI]
That's gas.
Let's play a game. I spy.
I spy with my little eye
something beginning with a G?
- Luke, don't go, please.
- I'll be right back.
- Mom said stay with
- I heard her, Sarah.
I promise I'll be right back. [SIGHS]
- [SOLDIER] Hey. Who wants another one?
- [SOLDIER 2] I'll take one.
[WHISPERS] Now. Go now.
[SOLDIER 3] Hey, kid! What
are you doing with that?
[SARAH] Mom.
- Mom.
- Hey, hello.
- Mommy, don't go!
Excuse me. I'm I'm his mother.
We just ran out of gas.
I went to the store to ask
for the next gas station.
And he clearly did something desperate
and stupid, but he's just a kid
and we're a long way from home.
Sam, put the cans down.
Give them back to these good
people that are keeping us safe
- and say you're sorry.
- I'm sorry.
You see, he's sorry. [CHUCKLES]
Kids make mistakes, but I assure you,
he's not going to make this one again.
You wouldn't happen to be
with the Movement, would you?
The what?
I don't know what you're talking about.
We're a family. He's just a child.
Then you won't mind
if we check your car.
Like you said, our job
is to keep people safe.
You're just going to scare the kids.
Your boy should've
thought of that before
he tried to steal government
property, ma'am.
- Hands up.
- What?
I asked you to raise your hands
so I can check you for weapons.
- I'm a mother.
- You'd be surprised what we've seen.
- [ANEESHA] No, I wouldn't.
- Gun! Got a gun here.
- Search their car.
- Yes, sir.
[ANEESHA] That gun was for
protection, to defend my family.
Please, just let us go.
- Sam, say you're sorry.
- Sorry.
- [CAPTAIN] He said that already.
- [ANEESHA] Just
- Hey!
- [SARAH] Mommy!
- Don't touch her. Don't touch her!
Listen, just take the
gun. Keep it, okay?
Just let us go, I beg you.
- We're just a family trying to survive!
[LUKE] I'm sorry. It's all my
fault. Please, just I'm sorry.
- [SOLDIER] Cap!
- [LUKE] Please, just don't hurt us.
Let us go. Okay?
- Please, just stop.
- What is this?
- I don't know.
What is your name?
Ana Lewis.
Get the electromagnetic field meter.
[SOLDIER] Yes, sir.
We're on the lookout for
a lot of things these days.
But one of them is a
family with something
the government thinks could be a weapon
against the aliens.
I don't know what you're talking about.
This is just a piece of
- [SOLDIER] Cap.
[CAPTAIN] Aneesha.
Aneesha Malik.
Load them and all their
things into the convoy.
- All right. Be gentle with her.
Come here.
- [SOLDIER 1] Fall in!
- Hello.
[SOLDIER 2] Let's move it!
[SOLDIER 1] Let's go.
Hurry up. Hurry up.
You don't need to be afraid.
[SOLDIER 1] Let's move. Let's go!
At least not of me.
- [SOLDIER 2] Let's go!
[SCIENTIST] She failed the test. [SIGHS]
Badly. She's easily overstimulated,
goes into fight-or-flight mode
in a matter of nanoseconds,
and her response time is
the quickest I've seen.
Also the most reckless.
Well, I think we could use a
little recklessness at this point.
Progress requires radical thinking.
Be that as it may,
you know what happened to the scientists
with stable baselines who went in there.
Yeah, yeah, they gave us nothing.
I'm talking about what happened to them.
I know what you're talking about.
But she might be my best
chance of saving the species.
- Your best chance?
- [GRUNTS] Good, good.
I don't pay you to psychoanalyze me.
So save it for the job.
Look, she's the reason that
thing's sitting here in the Amazon
instead of up in space.
[SCIENTIST] Which she doesn't
see as the same victory you do.
Nikhil, this woman wasn't just
out in the field saving lives.
She was out there to
atone for taking one.
She's operating from a
place of anger and guilt,
which are two of the
most volatile motivators.
You put her in that ship, and there's no
way to predict how she'll act or react.
You don't care about her?
Think about the mission.
Your mission.
Okay, let's go tell her.
says you, uh, failed the tests.
At least the ones you cared to complete.
She says you're not psychologically
stable enough to go inside the ship,
which is why Dr. Castillo will
be accompanying you into the ship.
- No.
Yeah. I know you two got
off to a a rocky start.
Had a bit of a ding-dong, didn't you?
So you may not feel all
all warm and fuzzy about this,
but I'm a big believer in
not caring how people feel.
Feelings get in the way.
It's really one of the great
failings of our species,
and may well be why
we're losing this war.
So, with that in mind, I'm ask
Well, really, telling both of you
to put whatever feelings you have aside.
Go inside that ship to see if
you can make some magic again.
You got into their hive mind once.
I'm betting you can do it again.
And to help cover that bet, Maya
will be there to monitor your mind.
- I don't need a monitor.
- Yes, you do.
Maya's job is to map traces of
consciousness inside the ship.
She can map your consciousness
and make sure you remain stable.
Or as stable as your baseline,
which, as we've established,
is not very stable.
Great. That's settled then.
So, should we stand here
while the world's burning?
Or should we get you suited
and booted to help save it?
Watch your step.
The suit is coded to your biometrics.
I'll be monitoring your
vitals at all times.
If you detect any
malfunction, abort the mission.
Word spreads fast. They
know you're going in.
[PERSON] Maya. [IN SPANISH] You good?
We delivered the samples
to your lab, okay?
Thank you.
meet Tomas, our lead chemist
and master sample collector.
Welcome to the belly of the whale.
The walls have microscopic
neural pathways.
The ship is like an operational limb,
which is why we can study
how it transmits data.
- [IN SPANISH] She's going in?
- Nikhil approved it.
we're just living or dying in it.
[SCOFFS] This way.
What are these?
That's how the first wave
of aliens came to Earth.
That's why we never saw them coming.
We still don't see them coming.
We're hoping you can help with that.
My name is Clark, by the way.
- And you are?
- We don't talk to strangers.
I'm not a stranger. I
just told you my name.
- Where are they taking us?
Not far, I can tell you that. [SIGHS]
You're very calm for a man in handcuffs.
Hardest prison to
escape is your own mind.
- English teacher in the before times.
- Mom?
- What are you now?
- Same as you.
A survivor. [INHALES DEEPLY]
And if you wanna stay that
way, I suggest you trust me.
The definition of trust requires
you to relinquish that word.
But, uh, I guess you
could say the answer is
'cause I'm not really a prisoner here.
Not everything is what it seems.
[SOLDIER] Come on. She looks hurt.
- Hey, kid, are you okay?
- Whoa, what happened to you?
You're gonna be all right.
- [SOLDIER] It's okay.
- Hey. Hey, hey!
- All right. Okay.
- [AMBUSHER 1] You lie down. Get down!
- [AMBUSHER 2] Hey!
- [AMBUSHER 3] Out of the truck!
- [AMBUSHER 1] Get on the ground!
[PANTING] What's going on?
Stay calm and stay behind me.
- [AMBUSHER 3] Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sit tight!
- [AMBUSHER 1] On the ground, face down!
[AMBUSHER 3] Hey, give us the zip ties.
- [AMBUSHER 4] Do it!
[AMBUSHER 1] I got you.
You're gonna be okay.
- Cover your ears.
[AMBUSHER 4] Watch
yourselves! Fire in the hole!
Come with us. Come on.
Trust me.
They called it in!
- We need to move out!
[SIGHS] Now or never.
[PANTING] We need to get
the things they took from us.
- Get their things. Everything.
- Come on.
[AMBUSHER 4] On the hunt! On
the hunt! Get in the truck.
- [AMBUSHER 1] Get off.
- [AMBUSHER 6] Hustle!
[AMBUSHER 1] Okay, let's go. Go, go, go!
[AMBUSHER 1] Fall in!
We're fighting a war
against the same enemy.
You guys start acting that way,
maybe it's a war that we can win.
[AMBUSHER 1] Take the bags!
[CLARK] Leave their
coats. Keep 'em warm.
[AMBUSHER 4] Let's go! Let's go!
[AMBUSHER 1] Yeah, that
front one right there.
Do final checks here.
- [AMBUSHER 1] All right, let's go!
- [AMBUSHER 4] Come on!
[AMBUSHER 1] Good work. Let's go.
Okay, let's go!
- Ryder.
[CLARK] Good work.
[AMBUSHER 7] Load it up, here.
[AMBUSHER 4] Pack it up.
Are you okay?
[AMBUSHER 1] Pack up! Let's go!
Good old-fashioned Heinz 57.
- [AMBUSHER 4] Let's go!
Like I said, not everything
is what it seems.
[MAYA] Here we are. [SIGHS]
Yeah. It's bigger than Canada in there.
You saw it?
You have live video?
No, it, uh, distorts the feed.
[MITSUKI] What's in there?
An enormous power source. [SIGHS]
But we can't get past
her to find out what.
Follow me.
You should know, everyone who's
entered this room suffered memory loss.
And the last person to go in
suffered severe neurological damage.
- What sort of damage?
- I don't know yet.
He hasn't regained consciousness.
I wasn't trying to
hurt you with that test.
I was trying to help you.
Are you sure you want to do this?
Protocol is 15 minutes and out.
Higher functions check
every two minutes.
Got it.
I can't guarantee you won't
forget your mother's face
- or the taste of your favorite food.
- I said I got it.
- Tether port.
[ELECTRONIC VOICE] Tether connected.
Press this if you need
emergency extraction.
In case you can't speak.
Helmet on.
Why don't you tell us where we're going?
Told you already. [SIGHS]
Somewhere safe, warm.
Get some food and sleep.
Then we keep moving.
Thank you, but we will
just get our things and go.
Mmm. That wouldn't be wise.
Then again, you were in the
back of that military van.
I know who you people are.
The orange colors.
You call yourself "the Movement."
- Anarchists.
- Activists.
[ANEESHA] We don't want any
trouble. We just want our things.
- I mean, it's cold out there, Mom.
- Doesn't matter.
[WHISPERING] Mom, I'm hungry.
Comin' up.
[GUARD] The gate!
Let's go!
[GUARD] Hold!
We're the only warm place for miles.
I know because we
scouted the next 50 miles.
It's what we do.
Help people. Keep them safe.
People like you.
Here you go. [SIGHS] All your stuff.
- [ANEESHA] Thank you.
- [CLARK] You can get a good night's sleep,
and we'll take you
to the closest refugee
camp in the morning. How's that sound?
Is that hot chocolate?
Yes, it is hot chocolate. You want some?
those who thinks it's safer
not to make any connections.
The truth is the opposite.
Connections are the only
thing keeping us alive.
Go get some hot chocolate. Go.
Here we go.
[MAYA ON COMMS] Yamato, check-in.
First phone number. College
roommate. What color are my eyes?
02-555-0876. Ichiko. Green.
Good, good. You're doing great.
Tracking neurological
activity throughout the ship.
All the frequencies you requested
are loaded onto your wrist interface.
- [NIKHIL] It's responding to her.
This is crazy.
[IN SPANISH] What the hell?
What the hell's happening?
- It's almost time to pull her out.
- No.
Fifteen minutes and out. It's protocol.
To hell with protocol.
If we sever this connection
now, we may never get it back.
You don't know that.
If we leave her in there,
we might not get her back.
Yeah, that's an acceptable risk.
- It's not your risk.
- She stays in until this connection breaks
or she does.
[IN JAPANESE] Let's try this.
- Luke, what is it?
- [LUKE] Can you hear that?
Hear what?
[IN FRENCH] What's going on?
It started a few moments ago.
I thought it was just
another tremor, like
the others. But the others were random.
This tremor is rhythmic,
it has a pattern.
It's different this time.
Something's changed.
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